Global-warming theory setting a dangerous precedent

I recently read “Student’s passion for recycling merits praise” in the April 9 Kent Reporter.

I recently read “Student’s passion for recycling merits praise” in the April 9 Kent Reporter.

At this late date in spring while watching the news reports of record low temperatures and snowfall, I can’t help being angered over how society is being duped and manipulated by various interests invested in the fictitious notion of global warming.

These same interests silence dissent and are also subverting the educational process by using our schools as environmentalist propaganda mills.

We are losing our prosperity, choices and freedom. This is wrong and must be stopped.

Since the theory of global warming was first proposed and now so heavily publicized most notably by former vice-president now global-warming entrepreneur Al Gore, we now have an entrenched fear-mongering group of scientists, legislators, bureaucrats and businesses whose careers and financial futures rest on promoting this unproved notion.

Their efforts have resulted in distorted markets, in-efficient land use, exorbitant food and fuel prices and higher taxes.

Global warming is a hypothesis questioned by dozens of experts including Roy Spencer, NASA’s chief climatologist. Their research has led them to conclude that Earth may in fact be entering a cooling phase leading to a mini ice-age.

These dissenting experts however are silenced by threats of termination, loss of tenure and professional ruination by entrenched scientists, businesses, politicians and others whose careers and financial interests are vested in global-warming theory.

Nuclear power safely electrifies about 70 percent of France and would probably be the best alternative to all other electricity production methods, but these same closed-minded environmentalists and government bureaucrats view this most viable energy source as competition to the inefficiencies and falsehoods they are invested in.

Why is this happening? Just follow the money that the “green revolution” produces.

The most despicable and dastardly aspect of the global warming question is that the debate in schools has been squelched by the “green cabal.” These same people now control the educational process from kindergarten through college.

Schools like Cedar Valley Elementary are no longer places of learning and discourse. They are now propaganda mills where pupils are learning how to be tools and stooges for those who would ultimately destroy our choices, our freedom and our society.

We must not allow our society be victimized by power-mad, greedy environmentalists and politicians.

We cannot allow this “green cabal” to control our education system such that it becomes a propaganda mill.

We cannot allow them to promote their agenda through fear and superstition. Our fortunes, freedoms and lives are at stake.

John Kohler


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