Just what is racist?

A recent letter writer asked Trump supporters for assurances we won’t support the president-elect’s racist policies.

When conservative voters supported enforcing our immigration laws as they exist today and did not want unvetted people from countries with a history of terrorism, who don’t speak our language or have marketable job skills coming here, the progressives called us racist.

Your candidate lost the election. Progressives whined and squealed, protested, blocked traffic, broke windows, blamed the Russians, blamed the FBI, blamed fake news, ran to safe spaces looking for play dough and therapy puppies.

You called conservatives a basket of deplorables, racist, bigoted, uneducated, Nazis, fascists and white supremacists.

Now the letter writer wants assurances we won’t be racist. Isn’t that cute?

A racist used to be someone who despised people of a different ethnicity from themselves.

Now, a racist is just anyone who disagrees with any aspect of a liberal progressive agenda.

When a progressive screams “racist” now, all I hear is a whimper cloaked in self-pity and victimhood.

– Dennis Doucette

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