Keeping it safe and sane

I hope Kent was much quieter this Fourth of July because of the city’s ban on fireworks.

I enjoy a good fireworks display. There is a certain artistry as each explosion is followed by something more spectacular leading up to the grand finale. Fortunately, there are several free fireworks displays in the area. I know my neighbors have enjoyed creating their own displays.

I go to bed early, so am not bothered by the explosions. I do know several have mentioned how their pets are traumatized by the displays. I also am thankful for our metal roof that has not caught fire when fireworks have landed on it. I have also noticed that we usually had a police car across the street from our home during the evening. I assume they were available in case any serious incidents occurred since we usually had lots of fireworks set off in the neighborhood.

I understand that our fire department devoted significant resources putting out fires started by fireworks, resulting in a higher risk of not being able to respond to a home or business fire. Hopefully this was not be the case this year.

I would particularly like to call out City Council member and mayoral candidate Jim Berrios for leading the way on this issue. He listened to the people and followed it through to the end. I appreciate Jim’s great example of public service.

– Chuck Stockton

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