Kent dealing with frustrating traffic mess

I was taking 228th Street to go to work. When they closed 228th Street for major construction project I had been taking James (240th Street). Now they have closed James for construction till Aug. 9, I am having to take 256th.

Fortunately, I work odd hours. Still, I have to face the traffic mess. I feel sorry for those who are in the major traffic jam every day. Washington state has not figured out a way to get rid of this traffic mess. There is no regular bus service that goes in roads. I live 1½ miles from the bus line.

We have voted those in office who do not seem to do anything. Probably, they never have to deal with this traffic mess. These people seem to be unconcerned about the burden we have to face. It is frustrating for the common person. It is not just the high gas prices alone, but the wear and tear on our vehicles. And sadly, I see no end to it.

Is Kent showing us the way? Start working on two projects at the same time? When my child wants to work on a different project, I tell him to complete one thing before starting on another. Kent doesn’t seem to realize this simple thing.

Please, I will like to appeal to the decision makers: to look at other projects before starting a new one. Complete the 228th Street project before starting to tear James down.

Kent residents: we need to vote those who are willing to take care of us. Who are facing this mess every day with you.

– Sarab Singh

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