Let’s support the school bond for our children

I offer my full-throated support for the 2016 school construction bond.

I offer my full-throated support for the 2016 school construction bond.

I have served for many years now on the Kent City Council and before that was a proud member of the Kent School Board for 17 years. I am serving now as the Chair of Citizens for Kent Schools, a nonprofit group advocating for the measure’s passage.

However, I write this letter not as a city leader, not as a district leader and not as a civic advocate. I am writing as a parent of five children, all of whom graduated from a KSD school. My children received excellent educations in KSD and have all gone on to receive a college and careers of their choice.

Choice is a powerful word. Children who go through poor school systems that do not enjoy local support can often find themselves without it.

I know how hard our school district works for each and every child, and I know that every citizen benefits from that work whether they have kids in the district or not. Think of it.

Do you go to the doctor? Was your home designed by an architect? Do you drive a car designed by engineers? Have you ever flown in a plane designed and manufactured by my co-workers at Boeing?

If you answered yes to any of those questions – and I know you all did – then public education is a critical part of your life, your health, your safety and your future.

The 21st century requires an educated workforce and Kent School District is recognized across the country for its excellence and accomplishments.

And finally as a taxpayer, let me say simply, I am happy to see my tax rates remain the same and still see new schools built and maintained. Since the new bonds replace expiring ones, we will not be raising our taxes … just our children.

– Bill Boyce

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