Library makes impact by serving all

In response to Shawn Mickens’ letter (“Library providing more than it should”, Kent Reporter, Feb. 10):

I am a Caucasian grandmother who patronizes the Kent Library with my American grandchildren. The library’s early learning programs (story and play times) are wonderful and include all nationalities. Americans, Eastern Europeans, Asians, Iranians, Indians, Africans, Bosnians, Latinos and many more. This gives us an opportunity to interact and experience many different cultures other than just our own. In fact all their programs are inclusive.

The summer is the only time they feed children. They are one of many locations that distribute lunches to children 18 years and younger. These lunches are provided by the Des Moines Food Bank or the United Way. The King County Library System does not pay for the lunches. This is to replace the school lunch program that kids get during the year.

The library has great opportunities for classes to enrich lives of all ages (adults, teens and children) of all nationalities in the community. Come by and visit the library. Story time is on Wednesday, from 10:15 to 10:45 a.m. and 11 to 11:45 a.m.

The library puts out a list of classes available the 1st of each month. These classes are not just for one group of people. There is something for all age groups. This is a great use of their facility and they do a great community service.

The English as a second language class includes all nationalities, which also helps them to be productive U.S. citizens.

– Carol Thomas

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