Online school keeps us sailing

We enrolled our son, Alex, in Washington Virtual Academy in Kindergarten (WAVA) to embrace his independent learning style. WAVA has freed up our family’s schedule to pursue his passion – sailing.

Alex experiences rigorous curriculum, more one-on-one interaction with teachers and the flexibility to move at his own pace.

Sometimes it’s challenging for Alex to complete his school work, so we can accommodate weekday practices and leave on Fridays for sailing regattas​, but it’s worth it to spend that extra time on the water. We are so appreciative that WAVA has taught and rewarded him with the valuable life skill of time management.

Education is so important. I know from my own son that academics is not a “one-size fits all approach.” We should make every effort to provide options for all our children to thrive in their own best environment. I want every Washington family to know they have choices and hope Washington state continues to protect our family’s school choice for Alex.

– Vanessa Zaputil

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