Schrier is strongest candidate for Congress

Are you angered by what is being done by the Trump administration? Do you want to stop it? Here’s how: Help flip the House of Representatives to a Democratic majority by voting for the Democratic candidate most likely to defeat Dino Rossi in the upcoming 8th District primary election on Aug. 7.

So which Democrat is most likely to succeed? Since most of the Democratic candidates have similar positions on the various issues, we need to vote for the one who already has the tools to win. That means money and endorsements. This is not one of those beauty-pageant elections where you pick the candidate with your favorite mix of stances on issues. This is a must-win election for Democrats so we need the strongest candidate. That candidate is clearly Kim Schrier. She is leading her Democratic opponents in fundraising and endorsements, and is running a smart, hard-hitting campaign that stands the best chance of getting the job done.

Voting has never been more important. Please vote for Kim Schrier in the upcoming 8th district primary election. She needs the support of every person who wants to stop what is being done by the Trump administration.

– Tedd Hansen

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