Stuck with unfair vehicle tabs

I know it’s been on the news, but many of you will be shocked at the huge RTA (regional tax authority) tax coming on your car tabs.

Example, our 2014 Ford Focus was taxed $175 extra, plus the $25 tax that funds “transit and other transportation needs.” And since we have a Ford F-150, it was taxed $78 extra.

I don’t recall the Voters’ Pamphlet explaining this clearly, or I bet it wouldn’t have passed. The Department of Licensing uses the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) vehicle price, and 5 percent less each year for its calculation.

No one pays MSRP, and how much does a car depreciate, when driven off the new car lot? They should be using Kelley Blue Book or NADA (Used Car Guide) values, whichever is lower. And also, there should be only one RTA tax per household; computers can easily sort these schedules out. And how long will we be taxed for this?

Something else to consider: many people have no cars or vehicles; they will be the ones most likely to use this RTA system. These people have no tabs to tax, so how are they paying their “fair” share?

People that use RTA should bear the brunt of its cost, much like a toll system. Why are we, (who will never use RTA) and other vehicle owners having to be assessed so much?

When we see sneaky actions like this, its no wonder people distrust and dislike their government immensely.

Another DOL scam, do you notice on license renewals, there is a $5 fee added to your bill for state parks? This is an “opt out” situation. Many see only the total, and inadvertently pay this $5. This should be an “opt in” situation, and total should not include the $5 fee. Another ripoff.

I would urge all of you affected by this tax to do as we did – contact the DOL, your state representatives, state senator, the state Office of the Attorney General, and demand they fix this fairly.

We need a voice. Something must be done to reign in this out-of-control government entity.

– Richard Schurk

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