Tax torpedo would damage our state

Regarding the Feb. 3 Reporter’s editorial, “Change in property tax formula seen as revenue stream”:

Very revealing – to the elected officials of this state, the citizens are mere “revenue streams.”

It concerns HB1764, reportedly going to committee next week.

Here comes another tax torpedo coming right down the pike. It would blow the lid off property taxes. According to the Reporter, it has the support of Democrats and Republicans. Why are they doing this? According to a “staunch fiscal conservative,” John Koster, “The world has changed. We give counties more and more to do and not a way to pay for it.”

Perhaps the truth is different: governments just do too much. Time to take a hard look at the “mission statement.”

No, it is not a good idea to lift this lid. First, it is demonstrably against the will of the people of this state. Second, how will working people – much less retired people – afford this? Can you imagine trying to budget for a 5 percent increase every year? Who gets that kind of wage/salary increase? Not me. Not most people.

This will have an adverse impact on the ability of this state to attract and keep business.

I have very little trust in governments, and the King County government is pretty close to the top of that list. There is essentially zero accountability there. Every screw-up, every scam, every “critical public program” is papered over with taxpayer money. I do not trust them at all.

I urge the readers to not support this mess. Contact your legislators and tell them to put the kibosh on HB1764.

I couldn’t care less that the bill may have bipartisan support. That does not mean it is a good idea.

Mr. Columnist, how will your family pay for this – where will the Cornfield family carve the money out?

Is there any wonder at all why Donald Trump won the election?

– Ted Reinhart

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