TeamUp2CleanUp a big success

The Kent Downtown Partnership (KDP) wants to thank all of you who came out to help freshen up downtown Kent at our and the city of Kent’s annual TeamUp2CleanUp event.

Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. The name the city of Kent came up with, TeamUP2CleanUp, is appropriate because it takes a team of people to get a job this big accomplished.

We had people from the city of Kent, Pam Clark and Dana Ralph and Shawn Ralph. We had youth and families and students from Green River College working together to get the job done. People from Republic Services and the Meridian Kent Kiwanis Club and our very own KDP board members were there to be sure they helped with this effort.

Many thanks go to the city of Kent for its organization of the East Hill TeamUp2CleanUp efforts. Additional thanks go to our sponsors: Kent Lions Club, which provided food and beverages; Republic Services, which provided Dumpsters at both locations; and Sue Froyd of Maggie’s on Meeker for allowing us to use the former Down Home Catering building to feed people. Kent Station contributed gift cards and the city of Kent provided plants that we were able to give away at our lunch, prepared by our favorite chef, Frankie.

We also want to thank Garry Stewart, owner of the Doorman Service, for organizing the tools with the city, and All Pro Building Maintenance and its family and staff who are still out there cleaning sidewalks in downtown as their contribution to beautify our downtown. They all made quite a team.

Thank you all for making a difference in downtown. We couldn’t have done this without your volunteer help.

– Barbara Smith, KDP executive director

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