Trump tax plan poses devastating consequences

President Trump’s new tax proposal will have devastating effects on my family.

I have primary progressive multiple sclerosis. I am a quadriplegic, with use of my right hand and limited use of my right forearm remaining, as well as full use of my head and neck.

My wife earns about $45,000 per year. I have been on Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and complete disability since February 2002. When we lose our deductions, in particular the medical deductions, our taxes will go from a refund of $200 to $600 per year under the current system to an income tax of either $2,000 per year at the 10 percent level or $5,000 per year at the 25 percent level, allowing for not taxing the first $24,000. This would send us immediately into abject poverty, if not jail, as we have no means to pay any such level of taxation.

My wife and I have been independent but mostly Republican voters for many years. It used to be because Republicans were often the better choice, but lately it has been by default of no other choices worth voting for.

I do not know whom we will vote for next time, but if this tax plan stands, it will certainly not be the Republicans. My wife and I wholeheartedly agree on this matter.

– John Mudge

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