Trust in Ralph

Dana Ralph stands out among my council colleagues as the one who best-understands the big picture. She is both a businesswoman and a long-time advocate for parks and recreation. Dana knows how to manage the bottom line, and just as importantly, she knows our city belongs to the people who live here.

Kent residents, whether they’ve been here for four months or forty years, need well-maintained parks and streets. We need to be safe in our homes and around the city. Dana has always fought for these priorities. I’ve watched her work hard, reaching out to solve problems and collaborate. She will meet with anyone who asks. She shows up on time, prepared, asks good questions and keeps an open mind to find the best solutions. That’s why Dana Ralph will be an excellent Mayor.

I trust Dana Ralph to be a good manager of the City of Kent. I trust her to listen humbly to everyone, and I trust that her decisions will be made with the needs of the whole city in mind. Most of all, I trust her to engage our citizens, inspire our employees, improve our city and make us all proud to call Kent our home.

– Dennis Higgins

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