Useless, expensive light rail system

Wow. I just received the invoice from my car tabs and was shocked.

My tabs increased significantly as a result of ST3. This is so people of the westside can have their light rail. Of course, this will allow people to leave their cars in the garage and at home – e.g. James Dow Constantine, the King County executive, and others.

Constantine endorsed the $53 billion ST3, knowing it would not help the people of the eastside – the East Hill of Kent, Renton, Covington, Auburn, etc. But we are being asked to support this useless or troublesome light rail system that is far too expensive to local taxpayers, and this is for 25-plus years.

Some people who pay for this rail system will not even be alive to partake in it when it is completed. It probably will be obsolete by 2040, at which time county leaders will ask for more tax dollars to shore up the aging light rail system.

I can only hope that the people on the westside and those who voted 53 percent in favor of ST3 will be happy with a useless rail system.

– Clyde Davis

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