Kent officers bust bar-fighting brothers on East Hill

Man punches security guard in face at Sam’s Sports Bar.

Kent Police arrested two brothers for investigation of assault, obstructing an officer and resisting arrest after multiple officers responded to a fight at Sam’s Sports Bar on the East Hill.

A security officer had one man in custody at about 2:05 a.m. Dec. 10, in the bar parking lot, 23803 104th Ave. SE, according to the police report. The security employee told officers another man near the Jack in the Box parking lot had punched him.

Police located the man near the Jack in the Box. The man reportedly punched the security officer several times in the face as he restrained his brother, who had started a fight inside the bar.

Officers arrested one brother for investigation of fourth-degree assault for reportedly punching the security officer. Police arrested the other brother for resisting arrest and obstructing after he allegedly tried to escape from officers who had taken him into custody.

When police arrived at the bar, they found the security officer with a rifle strapped around his neck. Officers took the rifle to the man’s vehicle to secure it.

Police also found a gun in the bushes near where one of the brothers stood. The gun turned out to be stolen from Puyallup.

Reckless drivers caught on Benson

Officers arrested two men for investigation of reckless driving after they reportedly sped up to 90 mph while racing each other along Benson Road South and 104th Avenue Southeast.

An officer saw two cars slow down well below the 40 mph speed limit while southbound on Benson Road at about 9:20 p.m. Dec. 10 near the Kentwood Apartments, according to the police report.

The officer then saw the two cars accelerate, so he began to follow them as it appeared they were racing. The officer noted he reached 65 mph and the cars were outrunning him. Speeds then reached up to about 90 mph before the drivers turned into a parking lot near the Hookah Bar, 23600 104th Ave. SE.

A driver of a 2014 Dodge Charger reportedly failed to cooperate with police by not providing his vehicle registration. The driver of a 2004 Infinity G35 cooperated with officers. He told them a man in the parking lot owned the Infinity and he was thinking about buying it from him so he needed to see what the car could do.

The man said he slowed down and asked the Charger driver if he wanted to race, and the man agreed to speed down the highway.

Man refuses to drop beer can

Police arrested a man for investigation of obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct after a Taco Bell employee reported an unwanted subject at about 11:35 a.m. Dec. 10, in the 300 block of Washington Avenue South.

Officers found the man walking in the nearby Safeway parking lot, according to the police report. Police asked the man to sit down on a curb. When the mat sat, an open can of malt liquor fell out of his pants pocket and a second can fell out of his jacket pocket.

The man started to drink the beer when an officer told him to drop the can. The man refused to drop the can. The officer said he feared the man might hit him with the can or dump beer on him, so he forced the man to the ground where other officers helped handcuff him.

When police transported the man to the city jail, he asked them for a beer. He also asked the jail booking officer to bring him a beer.

A Taco Bell employee called 911 because the man came into the restaurant demanding food and refused to leave. A Safeway employee also spotted the man drinking beer and staring at customers near the store’s gas pumps.

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