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Mental Health was always a challenge for humanity. Still, its identification and treatment have become part of regular treatment in recent years. Due to this newfound popularity and recognition, many mental health resources are now offered online. There are various programs and therapies to suit people of all ages and issues.

While it may provide us with many options to choose from for our course of treatment, it may leave us confused as to which program is authentic and which one has value for money.

The authentic online therapy services offer some of the best-individualized treatment plans for patients with different concerns. Locating them among the large pool is tricky. Therefore, after consulting lots of online platforms, consultants, and users, we have narrowed down a list of the best online therapy programs for you.

The Best Online Therapy Programs of 2024

Finding a program that benefits you instead of robbing you of your hard-earned dollars can be daunting. It can be tricky to identify a good program, especially for somebody who has never considered online therapy before. Since we have to pay first and then wait as the program progresses to identify if it is working for us, it can stress the best of us.

After conducting intensive research, here is how our team has ranked the best therapy platforms of 2024 available online:

  • Talk Space
  • Better Help
  • Regain
  • Calmerry
  • Brightside Health
  • Health Sapiens
  • MyWellbeing
  • Online-Therapy
  • Faithful Counseling
  • Pride Counseling
  • Teen Counseling
  • Cerebral
  • Doctor On Demand
  • MDLive
  • Self-Therapy Journey
  • Bonus Online Therapy Program: Neuro Balance Therapy
  • 7Cups

Talk Space

Talk Space is an excellent online therapy platform with a proven track record and patient satisfaction. The unique feature of this platform is that it provides you instant access to the right therapist and an immediate treatment plan. Additionally, you can contact your therapist any time, day or night. The 24/7 availability option is a hot selling point of Talk Space.

New users have to do a quick 60-second online assessment and get matched to the most suitable counselor. You can tailor your therapy program around your treatments needs, budget, and type of support you need.

We researched Talk Space user satisfaction. We found that most patients reported improvements in their conditions within six to eight weeks of using the platform. This progress is much faster than during the traditional face-to-face therapy method. Reaching the same results in a similar time frame, 44% of Talk Space users reported clinical effects during the first eight weeks. At the same time, only 25% of traditional therapy users reported the same level of change.

Better Help

Better Help is another excellent service that provides online therapy to users. It is one of the best online platforms for couples, teens, and individuals. Their panel consists of some of the most renowned and accredited therapists from all over the world. They provide therapies for various mental health issues: anxiety, depression, insomnia, trauma, grief, etc.

Users of the platform claim the same level of personal attention and satisfaction of seeing a therapist while using Better Help. The success rate of the service is amongst the highest ranking in all the current online therapy programs.


ReGain has many licensed and accredited therapists on its panel. It has provided treatment to many people across the globe with great success. People with various mental health issues have reported positive results within weeks of therapy through the platform.

It boasts one of the world’s largest online networks of clinical professionals. They have helped individuals and couples alike to get better. It employs a similar method of assessment as other top therapy services. You have to do a quick online test to get yourself matched to the best therapist according to your needs. Moreover, in the case of couple therapy, you can have your partner take the test as well.

You can customize your treatment plan according to your needs and budget. Besides, there are flexible and various modes of communicating with your therapists, such as phone, message, or video chat.


Calmerry is one of the premium online therapy programs specializing in treating people with anxiety. Its treatment options cater to various anxiety issues: social anxiety, PTSD, OCD, etc.

Suppose you are one of those battling with any phobia or anxiety. In that case, Calmerry may be the best therapy option for you. Also, its panel of licensed practitioners offers an effective treatment plan. All plans are based on the user’s lifestyle and evidence-based results.

Another great feature of Calmerry is its affordability. You can get the best treatment for your anxiety in as little as $42 a week. During the initial assessment, you have the flexibility to tailor your treatment according to your budget and lifestyle choices. The evaluation comprises a survey that you need to take, after which you choose a subscription plan for your therapy. They match you with a therapist within 24 hours based on your input. Thereon, your treatment begins. Calmerry is an attractive, no-nonsense, friendly on-the-pocket option for online therapy for anxiety.

Brightside Health

Brightside Health is another excellent therapy platform with an 85% success rate within 10 to 12 weeks. As its tagline goes, “therapist in your pocket,” it gives a similar experience to the user. They match you with a therapist based on your initial online assessment and will be from your state. All the therapists at Brightside are thorough professionals and experts in their fields.

The platform offers individualized and customized plans to its users based on their requirements. Once treatment begins, users can download and use the Brightside app. The app is a USP of the company. It enables you and your therapist to track the progress and effectiveness of the treatment. You will not find such a facility in other online therapy platforms.

Health Sapiens

Another great option to consider for therapy is Health Sapiens.

It is an online network of physicians and doctors available 24/7 for all your needs. The feature that sets this portal apart from others is that it caters to mental health and all aspects of physical fitness.

Through Health Sapiens, you can access a doctor through your mobile. You can avoid the hassle of booking appointments and commuting to physical clinics. Many choose it due to its convenience of use and accessibility of immediate treatment. Hence, Health Sapiens enjoys an excellent reputation amongst online therapy and treatment portals.

They provide several medical services to patients over the phone or the web. In the case of mental therapy, they assign users to suitable therapists and give therapy options in under a few hours. They match the level of care to an in-person conventional treatment method.


Each option we have suggested here has a unique feature that sets them apart. MyWellbeing, in this case, matches a new user to the three best therapists. You will undergo a crossmatch process once you do their quick online assessment. Based on your responses, they will suggest the three most relevant therapists for you. Once you select the three, you have the added option of free phone call consultations with the shortlisted therapists. It helps you choose a therapist who maximizes your comfort level. Additionally, you can have your partner join the therapy program.

MyWellbeing offers treatment options for people with various physical and mental health issues. It addresses anxieties, depression, stress, and chronic physical illnesses. It is an excellent option for people who can’t make up their minds about a counselor and need more variety of options to choose from.


Online-Therapy is a wholesome program that offers therapy for various mental issues. They have a complete dashboard to gauge each stage and facet of your treatment. As a service user, you have your worksheets, live sessions, journal, and an activity plan. Treatment is further promoted with yoga.

The platform uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) as its driving tool to treat patients suffering from different mental health issues. CBT is a helpful method that therapists worldwide use to help people feel better. Plus, it is a re-adjustment of one’s behavior and thinking patterns.

You can access Online-Therapy through any device from anywhere. Thus, you have professional help at your fingertips. Also, you can access other therapy-related activities like yoga and worksheets.

Faithful Counseling

As the name suggests, Faithful Counseling is a premium therapy platform created for Christians. It follows a religious approach to mental health by providing therapy imbued with spiritual healing. It focuses on improving your connection to God. Moreover, it helps you reach mental clarity with the help of religious teachings.

Suppose you are among those whose life religion has always played a central role. In that case, Faithful Counseling may offer the right approach to therapy for you. The assessment method is like other platforms. You take a brief quiz to get connected to a suitable therapist. Only here will your therapist have a religious profile as well.

You may connect with your therapist through one on one sessions, as well as receive text therapy whenever the counselor is available.

Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling specializes in providing therapy to people from the LGBTQ community. It accepts people from every gender, orientation, and identity. The therapists on the panel at Pride Counseling excel in LGBTQ mental health-related issues. They hire licensed specialists with backgrounds in mental health and therapy.

It would help if you went through their online assessment. After that, it will match you to a therapist most suitable to your needs to get started. Likewise, the platform offers the flexibility of therapy schedules. It also provides different communication mediums with your therapists, such as video chat, message, or calls. Pride Counseling is an ideal option for specific communities to gain professional help.

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling is a platform geared towards dealing with issues faced by teenagers. Users get the best treatment from licensed therapists. The platform has a network of over 11,000 therapists trained to provide therapy to teens.

Though there are many online therapy portals nowadays, only a few provide specialized treatment to teens. Many teenagers suffer from identity crises, social anxieties, bullying, drug abuse, etc. Hence, they need the help of trained counselors to help deal with such problems. At Teen Counseling, you can find a panel of experts who provide therapy through phone, message, or video.


Cerebral is a professional therapy platform that provides treatment for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and ADHD. It offers online prescriber visits, care counseling, and delivery of prescriptions direct to your doorstep. Users get access to regular assessments and video or phone appointments with their counselors. Sessions are correctly planned out for continuous therapy sessions.

The platform has fantastic subscription deals on its website. You can start as low as $30 for the first month and have the flexibility to cancel your subscription anytime.

Getting started is also quite simple- first, fill out an emotional assessment form. Then you have a video or phone chat session with a prescriber who helps determine your treatment plan. There on, you start your therapy sessions with your counselor. Plus, you have monthly updates with your counselor and prescriber. There are also the monthly mail shipments of your medication.

Doctor On Demand

As the name suggests, Doctor On Demand provides you with a doctor or therapist 24/7. Connecting with a specialized physician or therapist is convenient and takes only a couple of minutes. The best thing about this service is its availability. Unlike other platforms where you get access to doctors only during working hours, at Doctor on Demand, you can get medical help at any hour of the day. Also, doctors are available during weekends and holidays.

This platform provides a range of medical care facilities, such as urgent care, preventive care, mental care, and chronic care. It has partnered with different health care providers to give its users virtual care solutions. Patients have rated the health care providers at Doctor on Demand 4.9 stars out of 5. Moreover, it has added e-prescriptions and referrals to suitable labs at the portal.


MDLive is also an established A-list service like other premium online therapy providers. It connects patients to the right doctor or therapist within minutes. The registration process is similar to other platforms, following three steps: creating an account, scheduling an appointment, and getting treatment.

MDLive is a hassle-free, no-nonsense service that provides excellent health care efficiently and conveniently. There are no hidden costs that may surprise you at any point. Depending on your budget, you can get treatment options in various categories, including mental health. You can pay anywhere between $0 to $284 for the service. The platform also has a mobile app which makes connecting to a healthcare provider timely and flexible.

Self-Therapy Journey

Self-Therapy Journey is a complete resource to get treatment for psychological issues. Not only that, but they also help improve the person’s wellbeing and self-worth. You can find many self-help materials and resources such as quizzes and checklists on the website.

The service provides customized reports, guided meditations, and a tracking system. It has an online support community to ease your healing process. Using the Self-Therapy Journey can help you identify your psychological problems. Hence, you can increase your self-awareness and become more stable and healthy.

Bonus Online Therapy Program: Neuro Balance Therapy

Neuro Balance Therapy is a unique program unlike any other mentioned above. Here you pay a one-time fee and get a package of eBooks and videos, which you can use to practice physical therapy techniques by yourself.

The program primarily aims at people looking to improve their neuro balance, which gets weaker with age. However, consulting a specialist can be a heavy amount on the pocket. With the Neuro Balance Therapy program, you can become your therapist. You can start by practicing the self-help techniques in the e-books and videos provided.

Also included in the package is a spike ball, which you can use during your therapy session to improve your balance and stability. The best part is that you get package options for the program based on your budget, and these are between $47 to $77.


7Cups is a perfect option for those who may not be sure about primary therapy but want a listening ear. It is a comprehensive platform with volunteer listeners on its panel in its support chat rooms. Before proceeding to traditional treatment, you can always chat with others in the support group. Moreover, this service is free of cost.

There are also self-help guides and resources like tips and advice available on the 7Cups website. Additionally, there are professional therapy services available for a monthly fee. You get matched to licensed professional therapists at an affordable cost.

7Cups is a successful therapy platform with many options. It has a 90 % success rate and track record of helping over 25 million people feel better.

Ranking Criteria For The Best Online Therapy Programs

With so many online therapy platforms available, we had to sift the better ones. We chose them regarding effective treatment, patient satisfaction, and flexible approaches. Hence, we selected our top programs based on the following criteria:

Professional Profiles of Therapists

An important thing to consider while choosing therapy programs is to check professional profiles. Always look at the list of therapists on each program’s panel. A superior therapy platform will only use accredited, certified, and licensed therapists. Such experts can provide a professional level of care and treatment options to their patients. Check if their therapists specialize in a particular type or category of issues. Thus, you should consider therapy with only a licensed counselor if you want the best results.

Custom Matching Option

The best therapy programs will match your profile with the most relevant therapist they have. For example, if you need treatment for PTSD, they will connect you with a trained professional who deals with PTSD patients. Thus, a standard therapy platform should have a range of specialists on its panel. It should have counselors with individual expertise to deal with various issues. Most of our suggested therapy programs crossmatch you with a therapist who can deal with your set of requirements.

Flexibility in Communication

The convenience of online therapy is that it provides you the flexibility to get treatment from home without the hassle of commuting to the clinic. We based this on the flexibility of the therapy program’s communication options. It would be best if you could take your sessions through video chat or phone calls. In addition, texting and email should all be options available at your fingertips on the device of your choice.

Cross Matching Based on Demographics

We only considered therapy programs that matched patients’ profiles to their therapists based on demographics. It will help if the platform offers services to a specific age, gender, race, etc. Demographics can be a primary concern for patients when choosing a therapist. It is related to their comfort level and personal preferences. Thus, a good therapy program should provide its patients with such choices.

User-Friendly Interface

The website should be easy to use and navigate. Since the central part of the therapy is done online, the platform should be accessible to anyone. It should be user-friendly since online self-assessment, diagnostics, therapy sessions, and scheduling are done on the portal.

Patient Reviews

The success and effectiveness of a therapy program are reflected by the number of positive reviews its users give it. While choosing the best programs, we paid particular attention to the quality of reviews. Hence, we selected only those programs that had received lots of positive patient reviews. We also considered portals that have high satisfaction levels.

Supplementary Tools and Resources

The main component of online therapy is the one-on-one session with the therapist. However, a good program provides its users with many tools and resources. These resources include journals, quizzes, support group channels, self-tracking worksheets, etc. Professionals made them help ease the treatment process.

Price and Value For Money

One’s budget is a crucial consideration while choosing a therapy program. While many services claim to provide the best treatments, one must see which program is most effective and not a dip on the pocket. It is challenging to select programs that offer the best and fastest clinical results within a reasonable budget. Thus, all the programs on our list provide good value for your money. All have a proven track record of success within the first few weeks of therapy.

Money-Back Guarantee

When we choose a therapy program, we are willing to spend our dollars on it to get an effective treatment and feel better. Hence, that is when we consider the money well spent. Sometimes one may think that a specific treatment plan is not working for them, and they need to change their therapy provider. In such a scenario, a good quality program offers its customers a full money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. The patients should always have their options when choosing a program.

Availability of Counselor

Most patients need the comfort of knowing their therapist is a phone call away. Whether it is an odd hour at night or the holidays, access to your therapist is crucial during treatment. Though not all the programs listed here provide a 24/7 availability option to the user, some do. Nonetheless, this is a significant concern when selecting a therapy program.

Convenient Scheduling of Appointments

We all want to be easily and quickly connected to our therapists without delays and long waiting periods. Thus, our therapy service providers must work towards convenient scheduling session appointments. Treatment is only effective if it is regular and on a need basis. Long gaps and waiting periods can be detrimental to the success of therapy.

How Online Therapy Works

Many online therapy programs follow a similar procedure. First of all, you have to register with the program, and they need you to do a brief online assessment. It can be in the form of a questionnaire or a test. In this, they crossmatch you with the best therapist who fits your requirements. Crossmatching is done based on individual issues as well as demographics.

After you are matched with a therapist and have chosen a subscription plan for your treatment, your therapy sessions begin. The schedule of the sessions varies in different programs, and they can be weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Also, you can choose the medium of communication for the session, from video calls to phone calls or text messages. Moreover, you can choose different subscription plans to pay weekly or monthly.

Therapy options are available to individuals, couples, and teens. A user can mention what sort of therapy they seek when signing up. The duration of the treatment again differs in different users. Another great feature of the online treatment is getting a specialized program based on religion, mental issues, and sexual orientation.

What Mental Health Issues Can Online Therapy Help With

The good news is that online mental therapy provides treatment for almost all psychological issues. They offer the same services as regular therapy but without going to an actual office. Online therapy engages therapists with specialties in different fields. You can find professionals to help with schizophrenia, bipolar, ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc. Following are a list of some of the mental ailments that people can get online therapy for:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • Insomnia
  • Eating Disorders
  • Anger Management
  • Couple Counseling
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • And others

Advantages Of Online Therapy

Online therapy has several advantages over traditional treatment. It offers affordability and is available to people in all parts of the world. There are some disadvantages also, but the advantages outweigh these in most cases. Let us look at the benefits of online therapy below:

More Effective Than Traditional Therapy

In most cases, online therapy has proved to provide faster results and more favorable outcomes in a shorter span. Though its nature is different from a physical session, it has proven to be an effective medium for most users.

Multiple Communication Methods

As opposed to conventional therapy, in online treatment, patients have the choice and flexibility to talk to their counselors on the phone or through text messages. To get a feel of a face-to-face session, users can also communicate through video chat. Conventional therapy, on the other hand, is limited to face-to-face interaction.


One of the apparent advantages of online therapy is the cost, and it is much cheaper than conventional therapy. It can be a blessing for people who desperately need treatment but cannot afford regular sessions for traditional treatment.


Another highlight of online therapy is its accessibility to people living in remote areas. Such areas often do not have access to a mental health clinic, but its residents may have the same issues as people living in other places. For them, online therapy is a relief. Moreover, it provides them access to a therapist or counselor via the internet or phone.

Treatment At Home

Online therapy is an excellent option for disabled patients or those with compromised mobility. Such patients can still get the best mental health facilities from the comfort of their homes.

Saves Times

Since online therapy schedules your appointments within minutes, you do not have to wait long to meet your therapist. Also, you can cut down on time it takes to commute to the therapists’ clinic and stay there for your turn each time.

24/7 Access

Unlike conventional therapy programs, where you have to wait for your next appointment to talk to your therapist, online therapies offer 24/7 access. Mental health patients usually require support or assurance from their counselor at odd hours of the day or night and off days. Hence, such constant access is quite beneficial to them.


Though therapies always follow a strict confidentiality protocol, physical therapies need you to be present at the therapist’s office. Besides, you have to schedule a leave at work and let your family know where you are going. Thus, you are in therapy and have become common knowledge to those around you. Some may be ok with this, but others prefer that nobody knows their treatment. In such a situation, an online therapy program is the best solution. Here it would help if you had your device or phone to connect to your therapist from the privacy of your room without the world knowing what you are doing.

Therapy On-the-Go

You do not have to worry about canceling your sessions during a holiday or other commitment if you do online therapy. You can have your phone or tablet with you as long as you have your online treatment. Moreover, it is usually not possible in a conventional therapy session.

Professional and Certified Therapists

You do not need to worry about finding professional and licensed therapists online just as qualified as those in physical therapy programs. All credible online platforms engage fully licensed therapists and experts in their fields.

Disadvantages Of Online Therapy

Although online therapy has several advantages and benefits, it has a few downsides, which we consider wise to mention here.

Not Covered By Insurance

Online therapy may not accept insurance as a payment method, depending on which state you reside in. It can be a disadvantage when you pay the fee right out of your pocket.

Lack of Physical Interaction

Sometimes, bodily cues and gestures are integral for a therapist to decipher the patient’s condition. Usually, online therapies lack physical interaction between the patient and the therapist. Body language has a role to play during treatment, and thus you cannot eliminate its importance.

Not Recommended for Chronic Psychiatric Illnesses

Online therapy is beneficial in treating most psychological illnesses, and it may not be recommended in severe mental health issues like schizophrenia. For such problems, in-person facet-face care is essential.

State-To-State Limitations

State laws regarding mental and physical health treatment differ from state to state. Some states may not allow a therapist from another state to treat a patient in their jurisdiction. It can be severely limiting in a situation when a good therapist is not available in your area.

Cost of Online Therapy

Online therapy is a cheaper option as compared to conventional therapy. There are just session charges that you pay monthly or weekly, depending on your subscription plan. Moreover, there are no hidden overhead costs involved. It enables you to enjoy an excellent quality of treatment, as good as the conventional ones, but at a lesser price.

Most online therapy programs cost between $60 to $100 per week. However, you can customize your treatment option according to your budget. Lower-end options can be as low as $50 to $75 per month, and premium options can be for $300 to $500 monthly.

Does Insurance Cover Online Therapy?

Since the pandemic, when staying home had become the norm, most insurance companies included online therapy in their plans. However, some companies have reverted to their older policy of not including online treatment while others still offer it. So it depends on your insurance coverage and company, whether they will cover it or not.

Insurance companies like United Healthcare and Blue Cross still cover online therapy in their plans. Sometimes area-specific locations are a factor, though, like in the case of Blue Cross. Blue Cross covers online treatment in certain areas and through certain providers only. In contrast, United Healthcare has a broader coverage without limitations.

Some online therapy programs allow you to pay for coverage through tax-advantaged accounts. These are FSA/HSA eligible programs. On the downside, some online therapy portals may not accept insurance as payment, even if your insurance covers online therapy. Thus, it is always good to check this aspect before choosing your therapy program.

Benefits Of Online Therapy

Considering all its advantages, choosing an online therapy program and starting your treatment today may be an excellent option for many suffering from mental health problems. Mental health does not have to shout out “chronic illness” for one to take it seriously. Even healthy people suffer from mild forms of anxiety. Many suffer from sleep disorders, work and relationship-related issues in their everyday lives.

Online therapy can be a quick and convenient option for such people. Below are some of the benefits you can avail yourself if you start your online therapy now:

A Reliable Listening Ear

We all need that friendly ear who can listen to us ramble about our lives. Sometimes, we need a listening ear to ease everyday worries, stresses, and anxieties related to relationships, health, and work. Different online therapy programs offer various communication mediums. You can choose volunteer listeners to prescribers, counselors, and professional therapists. Thus, you have other communication options about everyday issues, both major and minor.

Systematic Treatment

Like conventional therapy and physical ailments treatment, online therapy works similarly. Online therapy provides systematic guidance and offers an organized treatment plan. You can track your progress and see effective results with regular sessions.

A Relevant Option In Today’s Time

Since the pandemic, many healthy people have gone into therapy. Coping with such stressful times has become challenging for the best of us. With so much uncertainty and unpredictability, we need to talk to someone about our anxieties and maintain our sanity. Conventional therapy is the best option for everyone. Not with the hassle of locating a suitable therapist, paying a hefty fee, investing time and energy commuting to the clinic. Thus, online therapy is a much more relaxed, hassle-free, and suitable way to deal with everyday stress and pressures.

Method Backed By Scientific Data

Researchers have made several studies comparing online therapy and in-person therapy. Results show that online treatment is as effective in treating psychological illnesses in people as regular therapy. In fact, at times, its effectiveness is better than traditional in-person therapy methods.

A 2018 study published by The Journal of Psychological Disorders showed that online therapy is beneficial. Online cognitive treatment was considered acceptable, effective, and practical healthcare. It proved effective in treating panic disorders, social anxiety disorders, and major depression. Online therapy brought about the same improvements in the patients that regular treatment did.

A 2014 study published in Behavior Research and Therapy found online cognitive therapy to treat all sorts of anxiety effectively. The patients showed marked changes in their conditions and could sustain the changes long term.

One research carried out in 2020 compared the effects of online cognitive therapy with face-to-face therapy. The study panel consisted of experts in the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy. They analyzed 17 different case studies, including online and in-person programs. The results showed that online treatment was as effective in treating the patients as a regular therapy. It was also preferable and recommended to patients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Therapy

Q: How much does online therapy cost?

A: Online therapy is cheaper than conventional face-to-face therapy. However, the cost varies depending on the program and treatment plan. On average, though, online treatment can cost anywhere between $50 to $250.

Q: Who is online therapy recommended for?

A: Online therapy is for everybody, individuals, couples, or teens. It is a flexible, inclusive option for people with disabilities, minorities, and people living in remote areas.

Q: Can cognitive behavior therapy be done online?

A: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) is an effective tool to treat many psychological problems like anxiety and depression. You can easily use CBT tools and resources such as worksheets online.

Q: Does insurance cover online therapy?

A: Some insurance companies cover online therapy, and some do not.

Q: Are online therapists as good as ones in conventional therapy?

A: Online therapy programs engage highly qualified and licensed therapists only. The same therapists may do both face-to-face sessions and online therapy.

Q: Can I choose the therapist of my choice during online therapy?

A: Most platforms match you with a therapist based on your online assessment results. This matching is done on psychological concerns and demographics. However, some venues may have the added feature of letting you pick the therapist of your choice.

The Best Online Therapy Programs of 2024 Conclusion

Online therapy was considered a novelty or an experimental concept back in the day. However, with the fast-paced tech-based lifestyles of today, using the internet for treatment has become common, convenient, and practical.

The pandemic played a two-fold role in promoting online therapy. First, being at home was no longer a choice. Treatment could be provided in your bedroom’s comfort, which appealed to many. Second, the pandemic in itself has played havoc on the mental health of several people across the globe. More and more people are going to therapy to help cope with the uncertainty of the times. Conventional treatment in such a scenario may not be for everyone.

The significant advantages of choosing online therapy are cost-effective, time-saving, immediate, and hassle-free. Moreover, scientific research has backed it up to provide results just as fast as conventional therapy. Thus, online therapy is a safe and reliable option to feel better. Try a top online therapy program above today!


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