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The last several years have been exciting ones for the hemp industry. Not only has CBD taken off as a popular wellness supplement, but decriminalization and legalization of THC has spread like wildfire. For centuries, THC had been considered a medicinal plant with many amazing health benefits. Then in the early 20th century, political smear campaigns demonized the plant as a hard drug that sent teens on a path to destruction.

Fortunately, we’ve come full circle, and once again the public has embraced cannabinoids while scientists delve into research to prove decades of anecdotal claims. But the landscape can be a bit overwhelming to people that are new to THC. In this article we’ll examine Delta 9 THC gummies–the science behind them, the potential benefits, and most importantly how to find the safest and most effective products on the market.

What Makes Delta 9 THC Different From Other THC?

What many laypersons don’t know is that THC isn’t the name of just one compound. It’s the shorthand term for tetrahydrocannabinol, which refers to a whole variety of analogues. A chemical analogue is a family of compounds that share the same chemical formula but have a few structural differences.

THC 9 is the form of THC formed when the cannabis flower is burned. This chemical reaction changes the non-psychoactive THCa into its psychoactive form, THC 9. This is the THC that offers users the classic “high” feeling. Far from being dangerous, science has not been able to determine a lethal dose of THC 9. However, if you use too much you may experience side effects like dry mouth, increased appetite, or paranoia.

The Use of Delta 9 THC in CBD Products

While THC 9 has long been popular with regular cannabis users, it’s now showing a great deal of promise when paired with CBD products. More and more large scale CBD companies are offering CBD + THC edibles like gummies to promote relaxation, pain relief , and sleep.

Benefits of CBD + THC

While strong anecdotal evidence and preliminary studies have demonstrated the promising effects of both CBD and THC, they have been shown to work better together. The compounds found in cannabis and hemp (including over 100 cannabinoids, and a variety of terpenes, fatty acids, and trace chemicals) work synergistically. This means that when used together, the positive effects are stronger, while any negative effects are decreased.

There are several potential health benefits to both CBD and THC that are currently being researched (some with stronger evidence than others). Here are just some of them:

  • Pain relief. Because of the inherent anti-inflammatory effects of both CBD and THC, many people use them for pain relief . And in fact the strongest study demonstrating a link between pain relief and cannabinoids used a combination of CBD and THC.

  • Neuroprotective properties. Use of CBD and THC are being studied on chronic neurodegenerative illnesses like Parkinsons, and there is already an FDA approved CBD medication called Sativex that is used to control seizure disorders such as Dravet’s that are resistant to traditional medications.

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Studies have shown that THC and CBD are highly effective in the treatment of agitation, depression, nightmares, and:

  • Insomnia. Insomnia gets its own category, because this is a common issue that individuals use THC to treat. The deep relaxing effects of the compound can help lull the body into sleep.

  • THC is also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects

Is Delta 9 THC Safe to Use?

As we mentioned earlier, there is no fatal dose of Delta 9 THC, however if taken in large amounts you may experience unpleasant side effect like:

  • Lightheadedness

  • Dizziness

  • Paranoia

  • Increase in appetite

  • Red eyes

If you’re taking delta 9 THC as an ingredient in legal to purchase online gummies , then it’s highly unlikely that you’d experience any adverse effects. The THC is present in amounts that will cause a mild, relaxed psychoactive effect, especially when paired with CBD.

Is Delta 9 Legal to Purchase in the United States?

This isn’t any easy question to answer, as there are a lot of difficult-to-navigate rules and regulations surrounding delta 9 THC. In the United States it is considered a Schedule 1 drug, so the short answer would be “no, but.”

Obviously THC has been declared legal in a number of US states and territories for recreational use, and there is no problem there. In some other states it’s legal when you present a medical use card from your doctor.

But what about states where it isn’t legal? How are online companies able to sell CBD + THC gummies with delta 9 THC? Savvy companies have been able to work around the law after the advent of the US Farm Bill. In this bill it allows for a very specific ratio of THC (0.3% of the product by dry weight) to be used with THC, so long as it is extracted from hemp and not cannabis.

Keep in mind, these guidelines are extremely strict. Any CBD company working with THC 9 is subject to a lot of regulation to ensure that the amounts don’t exceed the law, and that their THC is hemp-extracted.

Guidelines for Purchasing the Safest, Most Effective Delta 9 THC Gummies

While it’s very exciting that delta 9 THC products are becoming widely available, this very availability makes it essential to vet your products carefully. CBD is considered a supplement, and as such is not subject to regulation. As with any extremely popular wellness product, there are any number of shady companies that try to take advantage of demand by flooding the market with ineffective, adulterated, or just plain unsafe products.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choice, and unsure of what is safe to purchase. But don’t panic, there are some easy rules of thumb to follow when buying THC. First, never purchase THC or CBD products anywhere but from a reputable dispensary (if you are in a legal state), or online from a well-known brand.

What makes an online brand trustworthy? Next we’ll break down some best practices for selecting a company for your THC gummy needs .

Only Purchase From a Reputable, US Company

This one sounds a bit obvious, but there are some ways that you can determine whether an online company is sound. Start by doing a little internet research. Has this company been mentioned in major national media outlets? Look for any write-ups on their products.

How long has the company been in business? While there are some newer companies that make the grade, it’s far easier to deal with a brand that’s been in the hemp industry for at least a few years. This will have given them time to build a reputation for quality.

Determine whether this company has a name in the hemp industry. Are they a part of prestigious professional memberships like The Hemp Roundtable, or the American Hemp Growers Association? If a brand hits all of these marks, you’re likely looking at a company you can trust. Next, you’ll move on to one of the most important features to look for: lab tests.

Check for Independent Third Party Lab Testing

It’s essential to only purchase your THC from a company that is completely transparent about what they put in their products. And the only way to determine this is to have access to third party testing from an independent lab.

Some companies will state that they follow rigorous testing procedures, but don’t offer any proof of this. And if they don’t specify that they use an independent third party lab, then there can be bias in the results, even if they are posted.

The results from these third party lab tests should be easily accessible from either the product page or the website itself. They should test for potency and purity, ensuring that the amounts of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids and terpenes are what is advertised, and that there are no additives, impurities, or other unwanted compounds.

Read the Reviews

When you’re feeling confident about the transparency of your company, it’s time to focus on the reviews. Start on their website and find out what customers are saying about the products. Do they find them helpful? How is the taste ?

Another important thing to determine is how the company handles customer service. If someone is unhappy, do they acknowledge the issue and make it right? Checking social media reviews is an even more effective way to check for this.

Finally, look at third party websites. What are they saying about the gummies? Do you see the product popping up a lot on “best of” lists? The more feedback you can find about the products, the better.

Buy From a Company that Shares Your Values

If we were to make a Venn diagram of people who take THC and CBD products, and people who care about what they put in their bodies, there would be significant overlap. So for a lot of individuals it’s important that a THC brand offer clean ingredients in their gummies.

Check the ingredient list (this should absolutely be posted on the product page–it’s a red flag if not). What are the inactive ingredients in the gummies? Is it sweetened with natural flavors? Are there any artificial colors and flavors? Typically the less ingredients the better.

With gummies, you may also want to be careful if you’re vegan. Some brands will use gelatin (a compound made from animal hides and hooves) to thicken their gummy products. If you are a vegan, look for that designation on the page, and then double check to make sure that they are thickened with an alternative like agar.

Finally, some products are made with organic ingredients, or are even certified USDA Organic . Look for this seal if organics are important to you, but keep in mind that the USDA Organic seal can be expensive, so some companies may use organic products but not have this designation.

Find Out Where They Source Their Hemp

Another important factor is the hemp itself. This is where you get your active ingredients: cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and other trace elements. Only buy from a company that sources their hemp from U.S. farms (these farms will be regulated). Some companies are even proud to share that they source hemp locally from their own state.

While not a non-negotiable, it’s always a good thing when a company works with farms that follow sustainable and organic farming practices.

Look at the Return Policy

Finally, a simple way to determine whether a company is legitimate is to examine their return policy. If a brand believes in their product, they won’t be afraid to offer returns or money back. Shady companies just want to make the sale, and will generally not offer a return policy.

Your best bet is to purchase your THC gummies from a company that offers a full money back guarantee on their product.

Final Thoughts

Now that the doors have been opened, online delta 9 THC edibles are here to stay. This is an exciting new development, and yet it’s more important than ever to really vet your products. While the health and wellness benefits of CBD +THC gummies are great, you only get their effects with quality, effective, and safe products. If you are new to THC, don’t dive in without first following these tips to find a pure and reputable product.

Finally, start slow. Everyone’s body is different, so look at your edibles guidelines for dosage, and start at the smallest dose to see how your body reacts. You can then increase the dose as needed to get the desired effects. If you have a chronic illness or take medication, talk to your doctor before starting a CBD or THC regimen. Your healthcare professional may even be able to help you find an appropriate dose.

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