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The growth of online therapy services introduces countless benefits for psychotherapists and their clients. Therapists can now provide their services through messaging, phone calls, or video sessions to clients who live far away from them, without any obstacles whatsoever.

Therapy sessions from the comfort of your home have never been more popular. Studies show that online therapy is already as effective as traditional sessions, and it will only become better in the future.

Therapy is a great tool for those who want to improve their mental health. However, it can be hard to find the right therapist whose schedule will match yours and who can offer affordable prices — especially if you live far from big cities with fewer options available. Fortunately, online therapy has made it possible for clients from all over the country to find therapists licensed in their states and get help with no need to commute to a therapist’s office.

Top 5 Picks of Online Counseling

Here are our top picks for the best online therapy platforms:

  1. Calmerry – Overall Best Online Therapy Platform on The Market
  2. ReGain – Affordable Online Couples Therapy Sessions
  3. BetterHelp – Trusted Online Therapists for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  4. TalkSpace – Reliable Mental Health Professionals for Virtual Therapy
  5. – Most Popular Web Therapy Sessions for Anxiety

#1. Calmerry – Overall Best Online Therapy Platform on The Market

Calmerry is a relatively new company that aims to make therapy accessible and affordable for everyone. The company was founded by entrepreneurs from Europe and America who recognized that the need for telehealth services during the recent pandemic created an emerging market opportunity in this niche.

Calmerry states that its mission is “to provide peace of mind through high-quality treatment,” which can be delivered via online chat or video call sessions.

If you’re feeling lost and alone, Calmerry can help. This platform has an extensive network of therapists available throughout the United States with different packages to suit your needs. Whether it be live one-on-one sessions to deal with depression or online relationship counseling, you can get the necessary help whenever you need it.

The website allows users to communicate with therapists directly through messages so that they never feel too far away from their therapists no matter what else is going on around them during these difficult times.

Calmerry is the only company that offers a one-week plan for new users, and you can also opt for three-month packages if you can invest more time in your mental health. They also have promotional discounts on their site, so make sure not to miss them out.

When you make the payment, your secure virtual therapy room unlocks automatically. You can then chat with a therapist through this platform. Usually, therapists reply once or twice a day. Phone notifications will let you know when they respond so the whole process is simple and convenient.


Sign-Up Process: Signing up for Calmerry therapy is an easy process. You can sign on to the website or through their mobile app and provide some basic information, like your email address and password. After this, they’ll send you a verification code and all the necessary information on how to get started.

Ease of Use: Calmerry has a user-friendly website and apps for Android and iOS users so that it is easy to use no matter where you are. The platform provides many features, including messaging with therapists, live video calls, and even free self-care tools, such as a journaling tool and mood-tracking chatbot.

Therapy Options: There is no universal treatment for all mental health problems. The variety of approaches available through this app allows users to find the right combination that works well with their lifestyles and personal preferences.

Therapist Qualifications: Calmerry is a platform that provides licensed therapists in your state who are familiar with your problem. The therapists’ training and certification vary based on the therapy modalities they specialize in, such as couples’ counseling, anger management, etc. You can find someone who meets all of your needs through one app.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Calmerry is compliant with the most recent privacy laws, which makes this platform a safe haven for your personal information. You communicate with therapists using only nicknames so that the whole therapy experience is private and safe.


  • First-month discount
  • Unlimited messages
  • Licensed therapists
  • A variety of subscription plans
  • Multiple communication methods
  • Availability in all 50 states
  • Scheduled live sessions
  • Educational resources on the website
  • Free self-care tools
  • Free therapist switching


  • Shorter live sessions
  • No free trial

#2. ReGain – Affordable Online Couples Therapy Sessions

The founder of ReGain is motivated by what he sees as a need in today’s society — therapy of different levels and types. He wants people to have access to couples therapy regardless of their level of income. The convenience of using an online platform is that you don’t have to waste time finding a therapist yourself. Instead, the algorithm will match you with any available provider.

The website is easy to navigate, and the sign-up process is smooth. Categories are well-organized so you can quickly find what exactly suits your needs. You can also access some helpful resources dedicated to relationship problems by visiting the Advice tab in the top menu bar.


Sign-Up Process: To sign up for counseling, the first thing you have to do is complete a quick survey. This way, the company will get familiar with your needs and issues to take them into account when matching you with a therapist.

ReGain Room: You will be able to communicate with your counselor in a secure private room. The messages that you send are stored permanently, so there is no need to worry about losing them. You can access the room at any time.

Privacy Policies: ReGain lists privacy and confidentiality as their top priority. It protects clients’ personal data and doesn’t share it with third parties. Besides, you can delete all messages anytime you want.

Counselor Qualifications: The counselors at ReGain have the necessary licenses along with experience in helping couples overcome their difficulties.


  • Unlimited messaging
  • Secure and private
  • Flexible weekly plans
  • Affordable
  • Licensed therapists
  • 24/7 access
  • Easy-to-use platform


  • No therapists bios on the website
  • No free trial


#3. BetterHelp – Trusted Online Therapists for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

BetterHelp is one of the largest online therapy platforms in America. The company offers phone calls and video session options for individuals who seek professional mental health help. It also provides group sessions, as well.

The BetterHelp platform allows users to talk to therapists about various mental health issues. For example, you can connect and consult if you suffer from stress or if anxiety has taken over your life. There are also depression specialists available here.

Their therapists can’t see your browsing history or what sites you’ve been visiting. You’ll never have to share any personal information, like email addresses, phone numbers, etc., which means that they keep everything safe.


Therapy Format: You can choose different communication methods. For example, you can send unlimited text messages and have one live call, phone conversation, or video chat session each week with different therapists depending on their availability.

Counselor Matching: Betterhelp’s algorithm will match you with therapists based on your symptoms. Usually, clients of this company get matched with therapists who have some experience in dealing with their kinds of disorders.

Therapists’ Expertise: BetterHelp has over 40,000 professional therapists, all of which are licensed to work in their field. All therapists have the necessary clinical experience.

Payment Options and Financial Aid: The company offers financial aid to those who cannot afford to pay the full price of services and meet certain criteria. If you’re interested in financial aid, make sure to check your eligibility during the sign-up process.


  • Flexible billing methods
  • It is affordable
  • 24/7 access to therapists
  • Easy to change therapists
  • An extensive network of counselors


  • Not for kids and teens
  • A limited scope of services

#4. TalkSpace – Reliable Mental Health Professionals for Virtual Therapy

TalkSpace is an online therapy company that offers flexible unlimited messaging plans with licensed therapists. They’re one of the most well-known companies in this industry, and they have enough therapists to help their clients overcome a vast variety of mental health issues.

The website is easy to navigate. It features a video that demonstrates the services available on their platform, along with an FAQ section that might help you if you need answers to any questions.

TalkSpace has a convenient app. It allows you to communicate with your therapist through text or voice chat, and it also offers live video sessions if you want to have a real-time conversation.


Flexibility: TalkSpace is an easy-to-use mobile app with a variety of communication methods to contact therapists: online messaging, phone calls, and audio/video calls.

Therapists’ Focus Areas: TalkSpace is a great way to find a perfect therapist for you. They have therapists who specialize in different areas, including CBT and psychodynamic therapy.

Medications: TalkSpace Psychiatry can connect you with psychiatrists in your state, which is a good option for those who need both therapy and medication management.

Reliability: TalkSpace takes your privacy seriously and ensures that all of the clients’ chat data is securely encrypted. However, you cannot delete any transcripts from the server because they might be used for your future cases.


  • Offers couples therapy
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • Medication management services are available
  • Psychiatry services available
  • Flexible plans


  • No group counseling
  • It has age restrictions

#5. – Most Popular Web Therapy Sessions for Anxiety is a perfect place for those who are looking for CBT therapy online at an affordable price. The website offers a variety of tools that can help you find a therapist, book sessions, and manage your account from one place. The platform is user-friendly and functional.

The therapists offer a variety of mental health services. For example, you can try counseling for anger management or talk therapy for anxiety attacks with licensed mental health professionals.

The app features an easy-to-use dashboard with sections for live sessions, messages with a therapist, activity plans, etc. The platform uses tests to evaluate clients’ progress every few weeks or so, which can be quite helpful if you want to track your success.


Subscription Plans: offers three plans to suit your needs: the basic plan, standard subscription, and premium service for those who need extras like an instant chat or phone calls.

Therapist Qualifications: You can find a vast variety of therapists on this platform, from newly licensed professionals with 2,000+ hours of clinical experience to PhD.-level psychologists.

Ease of Use: This platform is very simple and easy to use. A convenient mobile app ensures ease of communication. If you need any help, the support team will quickly answer any questions.

Types of Sessions: The standard subscription plan features one 30-minute chat session per week, while premium subscribers can enjoy two weekly 60-minute video chats, along with unlimited text messaging.


  • All therapists are licensed
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • A convenient app
  • Multiple communication methods
  • Therapists from 27 states
  • Therapists’ profiles are available on the website
  • Discount on the first month


  • No group therapy or couples therapy
  • Therapists are available on weekdays only

How We Made the List of Talk Therapy Platforms

We know that everyone’s experience with online therapy services is unique, which is why we took our time and did some research before we ranked popular online therapy platforms. We considered many factors, including customer reviews, to determine what platforms offer the most benefits while being flexible in terms of services and prices.

We looked for companies with licensed psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists so that you can receive treatment that meets your needs. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, but you will likely find the best therapy platform for you in it.

What We Looked For

When evaluating platforms that provide online therapy, we looked at the following factors:

Accessibility: We all know how difficult it is to get an appointment with a therapist when you need one. That’s why we looked closely at what kind of services offer same-day appointments so they won’t have any problems with getting help right away.

Simple Sign-up Process: You’ll be able to find your perfect online therapist with just a few clicks. The websites we’ve chosen for reviews offer an easy sign-up process and clutter-free interface so they are easy to use.

Licensed Therapists: With licensed and experienced therapists available, these companies offer a wide range of mental health issues. If you need help with depression or anxiety or are looking for grief counseling, you’ll find it on these platforms.

Communication Methods: We focused on flexible services that allow clients to choose how they want to communicate with therapists, including video chats, messaging, or phone calls.

Option to Switch Therapists: Online or in person, having a poor experience can be frustrating. So, we selected platforms that allow clients to switch therapists, and some of them even offer this feature for free.

How to Choose the Best Therapist Online

It’s important to find the right platform that will fulfill your specific needs, so we suggest that you consider the following factors when choosing an online therapy provider.

Qualification of Therapists

To get the best online therapy, you must look for a platform that has professional therapists who are licensed to work in their states and have the necessary clinical experience.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Reputable online therapy services will not share your information with any third party. In addition, the best platforms allow you to communicate anonymously and also enable clients to delete their chat history if they want.

Communication Methods

To find an online therapy service that’s right for you, make sure to consider the types of communication that they offer. For instance, if video chat sessions are your preferred type of communication but live phone calls would also work well for you, then you may want to choose a service with both options available.

Matching Algorithm

The most common way to find an online therapist is through a platform with human matchmakers. Such platforms collect your data, including the questions that you ask and information on the areas that need more attention to match clients with therapists who have the necessary specialty and experience.

Some people prefer having someone who understands their problems working alongside them during therapy sessions, while others would rather go directly into counseling without any unnecessary talk. In this case, algorithmic matching is definitely a quicker and simpler option.

Number of Therapists

When you’re looking for a therapist, the more options you have, the easier it is to connect with the one who suits your needs best. One of the main advantages of online therapy is that you can get matched with a therapist who knows your problem, and if you’re not satisfied with your experience for some reason, you can just try another therapist.

FAQs: Online Mental Health Counseling

Q1. Is online therapy safe and secure?

Online therapy platforms are safe. Reputable companies are transparent about their policies and operations. They carefully select therapists and make sure to encrypt and protect their clients’ personal data.

Q2. Is online therapy effective?

Online therapy has proven to be as effective as traditional therapy when treating many kinds of mental health disorders, and it also allows you to save time. With a live video conference, you can talk to your therapist with no need to worry about waiting hours in line or traveling long distances to visit them.

Q3. Does insurance cover online therapy?

Although online therapy is usually cheaper than in-person sessions, its cost may still be too high for clients with limited budgets. The good news is that some insurance providers cover the cost of online therapy. Besides, some online platforms offer nice discounts or financial aid for clients who meet certain criteria.

Q4. Who is online therapy good for?

If you are unable to meet with your therapist in person, online therapy can provide the same benefits. It is also beneficial for those who live far away from their therapists, have strict work schedules, or have other obligations that make it difficult for them to leave home often.

Q5. Which type of therapist is right for me?

There are many types of mental health specialists, including therapists, social workers, relationship counselors, and psychiatrists. After you describe the problems that bother you, an online platform will match you with a professional who has the necessary specialization. The matching process can be manual or algorithm-based.

Q6. Are online therapists licensed?

Our review of the top 10 online therapy platforms only features reliable online therapy services with experienced therapists who are licensed to work in their states.

Q7. What is the cheapest online therapy?

When you’re searching for the cheapest online therapy service, look out for promo codes and financial aid. Packages that only feature text messaging or audio recordings may also be more affordable than live video sessions with a therapist.

Q8. What is text therapy, and is it effective?

Some people say that communicating with therapists through text messages is more convenient for those who feel uncomfortable when talking about their problems. There are many online platforms that offer text therapy but it has certain limitations, so you may want to opt for live phone calls and video sessions for a more personal experience.

Q9. What types of mental health issues can online therapy help with?

People with various mental health issues can find relief through online therapy. The main thing is to find a good therapist who will come up with a therapy plan tailored for your specific needs.

Q10. Which is the best communication method for online therapy?

When you need to speak to a professional about your mental health, there are many options available. The most popular form of online therapy is phone sessions because many people feel comfortable discussing their problems on the phone, and also because this is the oldest format of telemedicine.

However, thanks to the internet, you can exchange messages with your therapist (on most platforms, therapists respond once or twice a day), and you can also imitate traditional in-person sessions thanks to video calls. Choosing the format of therapy is up to you — just think of how much time you can dedicate to therapy and what setting would be comfortable for you.

Wrapping Up: Looking for the Best Psychologist Near Me

Gone are the days when you needed to make time for an appointment in person. Thanks to online therapy platforms, clients can access therapy in the most flexible way. They provide a more comfortable environment thanks to a variety of communication methods.

The internet has made it easier than ever to find a therapist that meets your needs. Whether you need one-on-one sessions with an expert or prefer group therapy, there are plenty of options available online, and we selected the best ones.

We’re a review site that doesn’t receive any compensation from the companies included in our lists of best services. Our opinions are independent (and unpaid). If you want to learn more about the companies from our list of top online counseling companies, you can check out more detailed reviews on

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