Feeling isolated, frustrated on the West Hill

Congratulations, the mayor and the City Council, you have finally succeeded in cutting the West Hill of Kent off from the rest of the city.

You have ignored us for at least the 40-plus years I have lived here. The utility department, the street department, the police department, etc. The only department that never forgets us is the billing department.

Meeker and Willis street roadways are jammed right now, and the big “development” is barely beginning. So we take out a beautiful little golf course that kids, seniors and beginners love, and see how much worse we can make the traffic. How do you plan to move traffic after all this is completed? And are we building a new bridge over the river? That should be real cheap, and yet we apparently don’t have enough money for fire and police.

I’m sure going to vote to spend more of my money so that the city can figure out more ways to throw it away.

Maybe we on the West Hill should annex to Des Moines, SeaTac or even Federal Way, which is where we will be shopping.

– Connie Welker

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