Large trees are a safety hazard to some homeowners

So somebody in the city wants to plant more trees?

They need to develop a plan to take care of the ones they already have. Currently, they simply ignore them until they fall, often damaging houses or personal property.

I live in the Erin Glade area and we have had to endure broken windows, damaged roofs and siding, but the city will not assume responsibility for them.

One home has several, 150-foot trees standing just a few feet from their back door, and a high wind will bend them dangerously close to the house. There will come a time when they will blow down. It’s not a matter of if, but when, and when they do, possibly two homes will be shattered.

When the city is notified and concern is expressed, they will take a look then pronounce them in good shape as they are, without looking at their potential danger.

During a windstorm, we have a lot of people praying as broken limbs rattle their roofs or siding, breaking windows or even a satellite dish.

The city has their eyes shut and their ears plugged, but they want more trees to put more people in danger.

– Jim Pemberton

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Large trees are a safety hazard to some homeowners

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