Let’s look at a balanced, fair tax code

Washington tax laws are unfair and unproportioned.

The 1 percent pay 3 percent, and the working poor pay around 18 percent. This affects me and the majority of the rest of Washington state.

As my property taxes increase at a rocket rate and food and gas increase weekly at times, the state is becoming unaffordable. The tax cuts for the rich is making life miserable for most of the population here in Washington.

The tax code needs to be balanced. Fixing the tax code is not about increasing the taxes again and again, it’s about making the tax code more fair. The working families tax credit will do this. The tax credit provides an income boost to working people in the form of a tax credit somewhat like the earned-income credit, which many low- and medium-income households receive.

I feel this tax credit can help and move toward abolishing systemic poverty.

– Pamela Bailey

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