We need efficiency with our tax dollars

It would appear that our local government and service agencies are not particularly adept at heeding their own recommendations to the citizenry.

In another example of “a hand full of gimme and a mouth full of much obliged,” we are again asked to do more – or at least the same – with a little less by the city of Kent and the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority. They both request tax increases.

For those on limited incomes or less than adequate wages, these repeated increases can be more impactful than what local officials may realize.

The city says that expanding the police force is a safety issue. I like safety, and a data mailer states that aggravated assaults and crimes per officer are on the rise. Yet I see no provision in Prop A to expand community outreach, counseling or crime intervention programs. Simply throwing more cops at these problems does not address the root causes and is not a cost-effective answer.

The RFA needs to re-balance its finances.

Both of these entities need to do a much better job of using existing funds more efficiently. There is only so much blood to be squeezed from the turnip for many residents.

Try taxing every coal and oil train that passes through Kent. Allow legal marijuana businesses to open and contribute state tax-share money and B&O taxes. Find viable alternatives to “people” taxes.

Before you vote on April 24, ask yourself one question: Are my elected officials doing an expeditious job of spending the taxes we already provide? I say no.

– Perry Sobolik

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