7 Websites Where You Can Ask Someone to Write My Essay

Writing essays can be a daunting task, especially when you have a heavy workload, academic pressure, and a low grade point average. With those factors combined, it’s not uncommon for students to feel overwhelmed and seek help to complete their assignments.

That’s where essay writing services come in. There are dozens of websites where you can ask someone to “please write my essay!” We’ll discuss 7 such options that students commonly choose. These websites provide a range of services, from custom writing to editing. They make it easier for students to get the help they need to succeed.

Top 7 Services to Help Me Write My Essay

  1. EduBirdie

EduBirdie is one of the most creative and popular services that students use when they wonder: “who should I hire to write my essays?” The company has been in operation since 2015, and it’s estimated to serve thousands of students per month.

The service boasts a large team of professional writers who are skilled in different fields of study. This diversity allows them to handle various types of assignments, from simple essays to complex dissertations.

Why Do Students Choose EduBirdie?

These are the main advantages that make EduBirdie a go-to service for many students:

  • Reputation – The company has built a solid reputation over the years by delivering high-quality papers. This has earned them the trust of many students who continue to use their services.

  • Excellent writing team – The team is made up of experts who have undergone rigorous training and have vast experience in academic writing. This ensures that every paper is of high quality and meets the client’s requirements.

  • Range of services – Students can count on custom writing, editing, proofreading, and rewriting. Regardless of the assignment’s type and complexity, they can get assistance anytime.

  • The way it works – The fact that it’s a bidding service is one of EduBirdie’s unique features. When a student places an order, it’s made available to the writers on the platform. Then, they bid on the project. The student can choose a writer based on their bidding price, rating, and previous work samples.

You might be wondering: are there any disadvantages?

  • EduBirdie is a very busy service. If you collaborated with a writer before and you want to hire them again for another project, they might be busy working for other students. The good news is that the site has a big writing team, so someone will always be available.

What’s the Price?

The pricing on the EduBirdie website varies depending on the type of assignment, level of complexity, and deadline. You cannot use a fixed price calculator that would allow you to estimate how much the exact cost of your order is before you place it.

Once you place your project as an order, the writers will be allowed to set their own price. The minimum is $13.99, which is very low for highly professional academic help. Most writers will bid higher than tha.

You’ll find more details about the pricing system and their services in this elaborate EduBirdie review for students. We’ve tested the service several times to conclude that the price these writers offer is worth paying for.

Is EduBirdie a Good Writing Service?

EduBirdie is one of the most reliable services that students use when they decide: “I’ll hire a writer to write an essay for me!” The quality of papers is excellent. Its team of professional writers, range of services, and reputation make it a top choice for many students.

The bidding system is a distinct feature that offers several benefits to both the student and the writer. It provides greater flexibility and control for the student, and encourages writers to offer their best work at competitive prices.

  1. StudyClerk

StudyClerk offers all types of academic assistance to students worldwide. One of the key features that make this service stand out is its bidding system, which allows students to choose from a pool of writers who place their bids for each assignment.

Since the service was founded in 2018, it quickly gained a reputation as one of the most popular choices for students who wonder: “Who should I trust to write my essay for me?”

Why Do Students Choose StudyClerk?

We directly tested the service and analyzed dozens of online reviews from students who used it. These are the most important advantages of StudyClerk:

  • Direct communication with the writer – This is a crucial feature of the service, as it provides an opportunity for students to monitor the progress of their work and offer feedback to the writer in real time. This direct contact with the writer ensures that the final paper meets the student’s requirements and specifications.

  • An experienced writing team – The writers have a diverse range of expertise. This team is skilled in handling different types of academic papers, including essays, research papers, dissertations, and more.

  • Quick turnaround time – StudyClerk is known for delivering papers on time, even when the deadline is tight. This is possible because the platform has a large pool of writers, who are ready to handle assignments at any time.

  • Easy ordering – The ordering form makes it easy for you to provide the details of your project, no matter what type it is and what area of study it belongs to. All you need to do is explain what your professor expects to see, determine the deadline and number of pages you need, and wait for the writers to make their offers.

All services have disadvantages when compared to other top choices, and this is what we can say for StudyClerk:

  • When compared to other writing services, the prices that StudyClerk writers charge are slightly higher. Nonetheless, the quality of work they deliver justifies the cost. The company also offers a money-back guarantee in case the paper fails to meet the client’s requirements or specifications.

What’s the Price?

Traditional writing services calculate the cost of a paper based on the complexity, deadline, and type of project. StudyClerk works in a different way. In addition to those factors, the price is also dependent on the writer’s bid. You’ll need to place an order and agree with a writer: “I’ll hire you to write me an essay!” This means that you’ll accept the price they offer.

The starting price that StudyClerk sets as a minimum is $13.99 per page. Most writers will bid higher. That’s expected, especially if the author has experience and education specific to the essay’s area of study.

Is StudyClerk a Good Writing Service?

In conclusion, StudyClerk is a reliable online writing service that offers quality academic assistance to students. The bidding system, direct communication with the writer, quick turnaround time, and a diverse team of experienced writers are the key strengths of this platform. Although the prices may be slightly higher, the quality of work delivered is worth the investment.

  1. AResearchGuide

AResearchGuide is not your typical writing service where you can go and say “I need you to write my essay online!” Instead, it is a free online resource that offers students tips and advice on how to write different types of academic papers, with a focus on research papers. The website was founded in 2000 and has since helped thousands of students across the globe to improve their academic writing skills.

Why Do Students Choose AResearchGuide?

Regardless of your decision to hire an academic writing service or not, you can benefit from AResearchGuide. The website has several advantages for all students who seek assistance in academic writing:

  • Wide range of tools to help students develop their writing skills – These resources include step-by-step guides on how to write different types of research papers, detailed instructions on how to properly cite sources, and tips on how to conduct effective research.

  • Writing prompts – Students can find interesting writing prompts in the blog section. They can help them generate ideas for different papers.

  • The service is free of charge – Students can access all the resources on the website without paying a fee. This is a significant advantage, particularly for students who cannot afford to hire a professional writing service.

  • Resources on how to prevent plagiarism – If you want to write your own academic content but you’re worried about plagiarism, this website is very helpful. The articles teach you how to use resources and cite them properly, so you’ll avoid the copying trap.

Are there any disadvantages of this service?

  • You cannot get direct assistance with writing assignments here. You can only read the free resources and apply the knowledge gained to your writing assignments independently.

  • The website is a bit difficult to navigate through. However, there’s a search function that easily delivers results, as long as you know what you’re looking for.

What’s the Price?

As mentioned earlier, A Research Guide is entirely free. All the resources on the website are accessible without having to pay anything. You don’t have to register for a profile, either. This makes it an excellent option for students who are looking to improve their writing skills without spending any money.

But it’s important to remember that you cannot get original work here. Plagiarism-free papers written from scratch are never offered for free. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can go through our list of best websites that students label as: “The best place where I can pay someone to do my homework ” and learn about the most popular homework services for college students.

Is AResearchGuide a Good Essay Writing Resource?

This is a valuable website for students who want to learn how to write academic content, particularly research papers. Although the website doesn’t provide direct assistance with writing assignments, the resources and tools available on the site are comprehensive and easy to understand. Additionally, the fact that it’s entirely free of charge is a significant advantage. You only need some time to explore the resources and follow the tips. There’s nothing to lose.

  1. EssayVikings

EssayVikings is an online writing and editing service that has been around since 2015. The company primarily focuses on providing editing assistance to students, ensuring that their assignments meet the highest academic standards. The website is easy to navigate, and the ordering process is straightforward. It’s an excellent option for students who need editing help.

Why Do Students Choose EssayVikings?

This is a unique service that offers academic assistance. It has several advantages:

  • Professional editing assistance – This includes correcting grammar and spelling errors, improving sentence structure, and ensuring that the paper meets the academic standards required by the professor.

  • Plagiarism checker – In addition to improving the structure and contents of your work, the editors will also run the content through a plagiarism checker to make sure it’s original.

  • 24/7 customer support – You can get in touch with the customer support team at any time of day, whether you have a question about the ordering process or need help with an ongoing order.

  • Easy ordering process – You’ll need to fill in a brief order form to explain what you need. Then, the editors from the team will come to you with their offers. When you agree with someone to do the work for you, they will need you to upload the paper you want the editor to revise.

As for the disadvantages, there’s one thing to consider:

  • EssayVikings is primarily an editing service. While you can place an order saying “write my essay 4 me,” the team’s focus is on editing and improving the quality of a student’s work. If you want a paper written from scratch, there are better options to consider.

What’s the Price?

So far in our experience of reviewing academic services, EssayVikings is the only editing service that operates on a bidding system. There’s a team of editors, and the ones who are interested in working on your project will bid on it. You can then choose the editor you feel is the best fit. You can review their profile, which shows their experience and expertise.

The bids will depend on the complexity of your project. For most essays, you can expect to pay around $10 per page for editing if the deadline is 10 days.

Is EssayVikings a Good Service?

EssayVikings is an excellent option for students who need professional editing help for their academic assignments. While the website also offers paper writing services, its focus is on editing and improving the quality of a student’s work. The 24/7 customer support is a significant advantage, as is the bidding system, which allows students to choose the editor that best fits their needs and budget.

  1. SameDayPapers

SameDayPapers is an online writing service that specializes in delivering high-quality academic papers to students within a short period. The company was established in 2016 and has since become one of the most reliable sources for students who need their papers written and delivered within a tight deadline.

The best part is that even if you order a paper with a deadline under 24 hours, the quality will still be great, and there will be no plagiarism in it.

Why Do Students Choose SameDayPapers?

SameDayPapers is appealing for several reasons:

  • Meeting tight deadlines – All writers have been trained to work under pressure. They are aware of the importance of due dates, and the service guarantees that the projects will be delivered on time.

  • Experienced team of writers – The writers from this team can handle various academic disciplines and topics, ensuring that students get relevant work all the time. When you post a project, only those who are knowledgeable and qualified to complete it will bid on it.

  • A wide range of writing, editing, and proofreading services – You can practically order any academic paper, including custom essays, research papers, and dissertations. Editors are also available in the team.

  • The bidding system works well – Even if you need a paper ASAP, you can easily hire a writer within an hour here. As soon as you place an order, the writers will start bidding on it. They are trained to be fast and effective.

  • The customer support works around the clock – There’s an agent available to attend to you via live chat anytime. You can contact them before placing the order, so you can get informed about anything regarding the process.

We noticed one disadvantage, so you might consider it before hiring SameDayPapers:

  • Limited pricing information – The website doesn’t provide any information about the prices that the writers charge. This can make it difficult for students to determine if the service is within their budget. However, they can still place their order without paying anything. Once the writers come with their bids, they will decide who to hire and what price to pay.

What’s the Price?

If you allow SameDayPapers to choose a writer for you, the service will cost you $9.99. However, it’s not clarified if this is the price per page you would pay for a certain deadline, or an additional fee that you pay for the company to choose you a writer.

In general, we found that the writers from this service bid a bit higher when compared to the previous companies we listed. They are focused on meeting tight deadlines, so that’s the main reason for their higher prices.

Is SameDayPapers a Good Writing Service?

SameDayPapers is an excellent option for all students who think: “I need someone to write essay for me ASAP!” The service’s ability to meet urgent deadlines is one its greatest strengths. While the prices can be relatively higher in comparison to the competition, the quality of the work delivered is excellent.

  1. GradesFixer

GradesFixer is a writing service that offers both custom writing services and access to a database of free essay samples. The website has been in operation for several years and has established a reputation as a reliable provider of academic content. One unique feature of GradesFixer is its combination of custom writing and free resources, making it an attractive option for students who want to improve their writing skills or need help with assignments.

Why Do Students Choose GradesFixer?

When we tested this website, we noticed a few obvious advantages that distinguish it among competitors:

  • The website is easy to navigate – The user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to order a paper or find a sample that’s relevant to your needs.

  • Free samples are available – There’s a decent database of free papers that students can use as a guide when writing their own papers. The samples cover various subjects and topics. With such a wide range of resources to choose from, you can find inspiration when you face the writer’s block.

  • The writers are real pros – There are over 200 writers in the team. They are all experts in different fields. The writers are qualified and experienced in delivering sophisticated papers that meet the highest academic standards.

  • The service has a great variety – All academic subjects and essay types are available. You can get help with virtually any assignment you may be struggling with. Essays, research papers, case studies, literature reviews, and other projects are available. The writers also offer assistance with graduate-level projects, such as theses and dissertations.

We have to mention the disadvantages, too:

  • Slow support system – Although there’s a live chat support feature. If you try to contact the support via email, it might take up to a day to get an answer.

We must also warn you not to fall in the trap of plagiarism! GradesFixer provides free samples, but they should never be used as original papers as they will lead to plagiarism issues. They can only serve as inspiration for your own work. If you’re not able to complete the paper without assistance, you can hire a writer for an affordable price.

What’s the Price?

GradesFixer is a service based on a bidding system. The price of your assignment will depend on the academic level, type of service, and deadline. Once you place the order, the writers will have access to its instructions. The ones who are qualified, available, and interested to work for you will make their offers.

In general, the writers on this site bid below $20 per page for an essay with a deadline of 10 days. However, the exact bids will depend on the type of project you order and your expectations. The good news is that there are no upfront payments to the writer. As with most other bidding services, the money will be reserved from your account. You will fully approve the transaction to the writer when you’re happy with the work they deliver.

Is GradesFixer a Good Writing Service?

GradesFixer is an excellent website for students who need help with academic assignments written in English. The website’s user-friendly interface, professional writing team, and free sample database make it an attractive choice among competitors. However, the lack of consistent customer support is a drawback you should consider. The prices are affordable, so it’s a great option for students on a budget.

  1. Eduzaurus

Eduzaurus is a relatively new online writing service, which immediately attracted attention with its unique design and great database of free samples. With a team of experienced writers, Eduzaurus aims to simplify the process of getting academic help. It does that by letting you communicate directly with the writer once you order a paper.

If you’re not ready to order yet, you can go through its database of free resources. All samples have been written and shared by students. You can use them as inspiration for your own work.

Why Do Students Choose Eduzaurus?

Although students are mostly attracted by the free samples, there are several other reasons why they choose Eduzaurus as a writing service:

  • High-quality papers – Eduzaurus hires experienced writers who can deliver papers that meet high academic standards. In most student reviews we evaluated, the customers are completely happy with the quality they get.

  • Free samples – The website has a large database of free samples that can help students get a better understanding of how to write different types of papers. These samples can be used as a source of inspiration, but not as original papers. We don’t recommend using them as a reference, as sample essays are not the type of resource your professors want to see in an essay’s bibliography.

  • Great confidentiality – Eduzaurus takes the privacy of its clients seriously and ensures that personal information is protected. The website uses SSL encryption to secure all transactions and communications.

  • Apple Pay is available – It’s offered among the variety of other payment options. So it’s easy for clients to pay for their orders using Apple devices.

We noticed two disadvantages that you might want to consider before ordering a paper here:

  • Limited writer profiles – Eduzaurus doesn’t provide detailed profiles of its writers. That makes it challenging for students to choose the best writer for their needs. You’ll have to interview all authors who bid on your assignments and specifically ask for their qualifications and experience.

What’s the Price?

Like most other services we recommended in this article, Eduzaurus is also a bidding service. The writers are free to set their own rates. Their judgment depends on your requirements, the project’s deadline, and topic complexity. In general Eduzaurus is a reasonably priced service. The writers’ quotes rarely go above $20 per page for a deadline of 10 days.

Is Eduzaurus a Good Writing Service?

Overall, Eduzaurus is a decent writing service for students who seek affordable writing assistance. While the free essay samples and bidding system are significant advantages, the student-written samples and limited writer profiles are notable drawbacks to consider. We must emphasize the availability of Apple Pay as a payment option, as it makes the ordering process really easy and fast.

How to Choose the Best Service that Writes Essay for You

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy writing service can be a daunting task. With so many options available online, choosing a random service without doing some research can be a big mistake. There are certain criteria that you can look for to ensure that you choose a great writing agency.

  1. Transparency

Firstly, it is essential to look for a service that offers transparency and open communication. This means that you should be able to easily contact the service, and they should provide you with clear and concise information about their pricing, guarantees, and policies. Additionally, you should be able to communicate directly with the writer assigned to your project to ensure that your instructions are followed correctly.

  1. Quality

It’s not easy to predict the quality you’re going to get from a particular service, but there are a few tricks to help with that. First of all, you should be able to see samples of the writers’ work. Then, you should read customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of writing you can expect. Our independent reviews are designed with the purpose to estimate the quality and overall experience with different services.

Search for a service that employs professional writers with expertise in your subject area. You should also check that they offer proofreading and editing services. This means that the writers and editors are capable of delivering error-free content.

  1. Timely delivery

The turnaround time the service guarantees is also important. If you have a tight deadline, you need to be sure that the service can deliver your content on time. A reliable company should offer guarantees for timely delivery, as well as refunds in case anything unexpected happens. You must be sure that the writers take deadlines seriously.

  1. Pricing

The prices are an important consideration when choosing a writing service. While you should avoid companies that offer extremely low prices, as they may not provide quality work, you also need to ensure that the service you choose is affordable for you. Look for a service that provides transparent pricing, with no hidden fees or charges.

With bidding services, it’s hard to predict what the exact price will be before the writers start making their offers. But that’s good, since you’ll get different bids. You’ll be able to choose an offer that works for you. The price is not the only factor to consider, though. Students must be guided by the writer’s experience and expertise. On top of those criteria, the price should work, too.

  1. Reputation

Finally, you should consider the reputation of the service. Look for a website with a track record of delivering high-quality content and providing excellent customer service. Check online reviews and ratings, and ask for recommendations from friends who have used writing services in the past.

Our website is an excellent source of detailed reviews that help you make a decision!

How to Choose a Writer from a Bidding Service

Bidding services are a popular choice for students who want to hire a writer because they offer a competitive pricing model. In this type of service, writers bid on the project, and the student chooses the writer who fits their budget and requirements. However, choosing the right writer from a bidding service can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the process.

Here are some tips on how to choose a writer from a bidding service once a few make their offers:

  1. Check the writer’s profile

Before you hire a writer, make sure to check their profile. Look at their experience, education, and skills. If the service features ratings on their profiles that’s been provided by real customers, it can be helpful for you. Pay attention to the writer’s reviews from previous clients. A high rating and positive reviews are good indicators of the writer’s reliability and quality of work.

  1. Interview the writers

The best thing about these services is that you can message a few writers before making a decision. This is your chance to ask specific questions about their experience with your type of assignment, topic, and subject area.

  1. Communicate with your writer

Once you have selected a professional writer to work on your paper, make sure to communicate with them about your project requirements, deadlines, and expectations. Ask questions to see how they plan to approach your project. A good writer will be responsive to your questions and concerns, and will be willing to work with you to ensure the content meets your standards.

  1. Set clear expectations

It is essential to set clear expectations for your project from the outset. Be specific about the scope of the assignment, the required format, and the deadline. Make sure to communicate any special requirements, such as a particular citation style or sources to be used. By setting clear expectations, you can ensure that the writer understands what is expected of them and can deliver a quality project that meets your needs.

  1. Monitor the writer’s progress

Once the writer has started working on your project, it is essential to monitor their progress. Check in with them regularly to ensure that they are on track to meet the deadline and that the project is progressing as expected. If you notice any issues, such as missed deadlines or poor quality work, address them immediately.

  1. Pay attention to the payment process

Finally, make sure to pay attention to the payment procedure. Bidding services typically reserve the payment upfront, so make sure you’re comfortable with those terms before you hire a writer. Check the service’s refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the work, and make sure to keep a record of all payments and communications with the writer. The final payment will be released to your author once you completely approve their work.


  1. Who can write my essay ASAP?

There are many online essay writing services that can help you with urgent assignments. They usually have a team of professional writers capable of delivering great content within tight deadlines. You can search for such services online and check their customer reviews, prices, and delivery times. Some of the best options for urgent papers include EduBirdie, StudyClerk, and SameDayPapers.

They offer detailed reviews and recommendations based on our direct experience with writing services.

  1. How can I pay a writer to write my essay?

First, you should choose a reliable company with a track record of delivering decent work on time. We recommended 7 great writing services above.

When placing an order at the website you choose, make sure to clarify the deadline and provide all the necessary instructions and requirements. This will help the writer to deliver an essay that makes you proud to submit as your own.

It’s also a good idea to communicate with the writer and monitor the progress of your assignment to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

  1. What’s the price for someone to write my essay online?

Essay writing services don’t necessarily charge high prices for original work. You need to choose an affordable website with a competitive writing team. When several writers bid on your order, you’ll be able to choose a qualified one who offers a price that works for you.

Generally, online writing services charge per page. The price can range from as low as $10 to as high as $50 or more. The cheapest option may not always be the best quality.

Ultimately, the price you pay for someone to write your essay online will depend on your specific requirements and the service you choose. It’s important to do your research and compare prices and reviews before making a decision.

  1. Are “do my essay” services legit?

Yes; these services work as registered companies that follow the laws and regulations in their states. It’s perfectly legit for professional writers to offer their assistance. The websites work similarly to tutoring services.

The idea is that you use the original work to improve your writing skills in the long term.

  1. What’s the most affordable service to write my essay?

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable agency that still delivers impressive work, EduBirdie is a good choice. Its prices start at only $13.99.

Keep in mind that most writers will bid higher than that. However, the final price is usually more affordable when compared to what other services offer.

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