Best Beet Powder Supplements of 2023

Red beets are commonly referred to as “nature’s candy,” but red beets have several proven health benefits despite this nickname. Over the past few years, red beets have exploded in popularity thanks to their ability to fight inflammation, support cardiovascular health, enhance cognition, and improve athletic performance.

For these reasons, red beet powder supplements are quickly rising in popularity. They are frequently used by athletes, individuals with high blood pressure & cholesterol, and individuals looking to improve their overall health.

If you are looking for beetroot powder supplements, then look no further. Our editorial team has researched hundreds of red beet powder supplements and compiled a list of the very best beetroot powder supplements for 2022.

The Best Beet Root Powder Supplements for 2022

Our dedicated research team examined dozens of red beet powder supplements, combed through lab reports, and explored customer reviews to determine the very best beetroot powder supplements. These were our findings:

  • Simple Life Nutrition Beet Root Powder Capsules
  • HumanN BeetElite
  • Viva Deo Pure Beets
  • Sunfood Organic Beet Root Powder
  • Zhou Nutrition N.O. Pro
  • Bulk Supplements Beet Root Powder
  • Nova Nutritions Certified Organic Beet Root Powder
  • NatureFuel Power Beets
  • Force Factor Total Beets
  • KOS Organic Beet Root Powder
  • Premium Miracle Beets
  • Havasu Beet Root Powder+

Simple Life Nutrition Beet Root Powder Capsules


Our best beetroot powder supplement for 2022 is Simple Life Nutrition Beet Root Powder Capsules. Each capsule contains 650mg of premium organic red beet powder sourced directly from the United States. The manufacturer claims their red beet powder is highly concentrated so that you can maximize the number of nitrates in each capsule in a simple, convenient manner.

We chose Simple Life Nutrition Beet Root Powder Capsules because their product checks all of the boxes on our list of essential things to look for. They use organic red beet powder, source their product directly in the United States, routinely test for purity, potency, and quality, and are reasonably priced. It has hundreds of positive reviews from real customers as well.

Simply put, Simple Life Nutrition Beet Root Capsules have everything you want. If you’re going to experience all of the benefits of beetroot powder, then your first choice must be Simple Life Nutrition’s beetroot capsules.

HumanN BeetElite


BeetElite from HumanN is a beetroot-based pre-workout supplement purportedly used by over 120 professional and collegiate teams in the United States. According to HumanN, BeetElite has been clinically proven to increase athletes’ endurance up to 18%.

Each serving of BeetElite contains the equivalent of 6 average-sized red beets, which provides you with a healthy dose of nitrates. HumanN is flavored with natural black cherry flavoring to reduce the often earthy, bitter flavor associated with beets.

BeetElite products start at $25 and come with a money-back guarantee. If you’re specifically looking for the performance-boosting benefits of beets, then BeetElite may be right for you.

Viva Deo Pure Beets


Viva Deo Pure Beets is a popular red beet powder supplement that improves energy levels and heart health. Each tub contains 17.5oz of premium red beet powder that is organic, has no artificial flavors, and has no added sugar.

One of the main benefits of Pure Beets is the overall value it provides you. One tub costs only $36.99, which is a little over $2/oz, more affordable than most products on our list. They also give steep discounts on multiple tub orders to give you even more bang for your buck.

Havasu Beet Root Powder+

Havasu Beet Root Powder+ is a black cherry flavored beetroot powder supplement designed to promote athletic endurance, enhance workout recovery time, and increase your peak powder.

Each serving of Havasu beet powder contains a high dose of 8000mg of pure red beet powder, along with essential vitamins, minerals, and performance-boosting ingredients.

One 9oz tub will cost you $27, which is on the pricier side. Still, there are hundreds of happy customers, and the complementary ingredients in Havasu Beet Powder+ should help you experience a real improvement in performance while you work out.

Sunfood Organic Beet Root Powder

Sunfood Organic Beet Root Powder is one of the best organic beet supplements on the market. Each serving in the 8oz bag contains roughly the equivalent of 2-3 medium beets, giving you plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nitrates.

Sunfood claims their beetroot powder can support athletic performance, stamina, and recovery – all typical benefits of red beet powder. However, Sunfood takes the time to certify their beet powder organic & non-GMO, without harmful pesticides or insecticides.

One 8oz bag of Sunfood beet powder will cost you $16.99, just over $2 a serving. This is on the more affordable end of the scale, and given Sunfood’s reputation for formulating high-quality products; their beet powder seems like a steal at this price point.

Premium Miracle Beets

Premium Miracle Beets is a potent beet powder supplement found on Amazon. It has hundreds of reviews and remains one of the top options on Amazon for beetroot products.

The only downside to Premium Miracle Beets is that the exact dosage of red beet powder isn’t known. Premium Miracle Beets has a “proprietary blend” of ingredients, so the precise dosage of all the ingredients in Premium Miracle Beets. Ideally, we’d like to know the exact dosage.

Although Premium Miracle Beets is well-rated and reviewed, it cannot be ranked higher because of the lack of dosage information.

Zhou Nutrition N.O. Pro

N.O. Pro from Zhou Nutrition is specifically designed for men and women looking to improve their athletic performance. It is the second encapsulated beetroot product on our list next to Simple Life Nutrition’s beetroot capsules.

Zhou Nutrition contains beetroot powder as the main ingredient and other natural ingredients like amino acids supporting nitric oxide.

The only real negative thing about N.O. Pro is that it could have a higher dose of beetroot powder. It only contains 160mg of beetroot powder, which is lower than the recommended dosage used in clinical studies. Still, the reviews speak for themselves and N.O. Pro is a solid choice of beetroot powder supplement, especially if you want the convenience of capsules.

Bulk Supplements Beet Root Powder

Bulk Supplements Beet Root Powder is a top option for beetroot products if you’re looking for a bulk selection of beetroot powder. Like all of the other products sold by Bulk Supplements, there are zero fillers, artificial ingredients, or additives in Bulk Supplements Beet Root Powder. Instead, there is only 100% pure red beet powder.

If you want a larger supply of beetroot powder, then Bulk Supplements is a fantastic choice. They offer some of the largest packagings sizes up to 5kg. This is why they offer some of the best bulk beetroot powder and some of the best bang for your buck on a per ounce basis.

Nova Nutritions Organic Beet Root Powder

Nova Nutritions Organic Beet Root Powder is a 100% certified organic, vegan, natural, gluten-free, and kosher beetroot powder supplement.

Each serving of Nova Nutrients Beet Root powder contains 4g of certified organic beetroot powder giving you a healthy dose of beetroot powder every day. It can easily be mixed in gravies, sauces, soups, or smoothies to help you reap all of the benefits of beetroot powder.

The best part about Nova Nutritions Beet Root powder is the price tag. Each one-pound bag is priced at only $16.99, making Nova Nutritions Beet Root powder the best-valued product on our list at roughly $1.05 per serving. You simply won’t find a more affordable beetroot powder on our list.

NatureFuel Power Beets

NatureFuel Power Beets are a beetroot-based superfood supplement designed to support circulation, natural energy, and improved stamina. It is manufactured by NatureFuel, one of the premium supplement manufacturers primarily focused on Amazon.

Power Beets come in a delicious acai berry pomegranate flavor and is arguably one of the tastiest beetroot powder supplements on our list.

Each serving of NatureFuel contains 4.3g of organic beetroot powder. With 60 servings per container and a price tag of only $21.99, NatureFuel offers you some of the best bangs for your buck. If you’re looking for a flavored beetroot powder supplement, then NatureFuel Power Beets might be right for you.

Force Factor Total Beets

Total Beets from Force Factor is one of the best-selling flavored beetroot powder supplements on Amazon. Each tub contains 30 servings of beetroot and betaine nitrate (NO3-T®), a patented compound known to support healthy nitric oxide levels.

In each serving of Total Beets, there is 3000mg of beetroot powder and 2000mg of NO3-T® to help enhance nitric oxide levels. According to Force Factor, taking Total Beets can improve energy levels, endurance, stamina, and blood flow to help you perform your best while working out.

One tub of Total Beets will only cost you $16, which is barely over $.50/day if you take it regularly. Therefore, Total Beets is another reasonably priced beetroot product and provides excellent bang for your buck.

KOS Organic Beet Root Powder

KOS Organic Beet Root Powder is a popular beetroot powder made from organic beets. According to KOS, its’ beetroot powder is primarily intended to provide cardiovascular support and boost energy levels.

KOS Beet Root Powder comes in two different forms – an unflavored powder and a goji berry popsicle flavor. Each tub is filled with 12.7oz of premium red beet powder manufactured right here in the United States.

The main benefit of taking KOS beet powder is the value it provides. A 12.7oz tub costs under $25, less than $2 per ounce. This makes KOS beet powder one of the best-valued products on our list and one worth considering if you’re on a budget.

How We Ranked The Best Beet Root Powder Supplements

Our research team put considerable time and effort into ranking the best beetroot powder supplements. We used several ranking factors to determine which beetroot supplements are worth buying, which include:

Ingredient Quality

The most important factor we considered was ingredient quality. We preferred beet powder supplements that used organic beetroot powder sourced from the United States. We also looked at the actual powder to ensure that the beet powder used was vibrant red, a sign of high-quality beetroot powder.


Beetroot powder has been used in various clinical trials and has numerous health benefits at specific dosages. This is why we preferred beetroot powder supplements with a dosage within the range used in scientific studies. This is why our beet supplements contain a dosage between 650mg and 2g of beetroot powder per day.

Complementary Ingredients

Most people use beetroot for its’ ability to increase nitric oxide levels. There are other proven ingredients known to support nitric oxide levels. While we didn’t require companies to include these additional ingredients, we did give credit if a company also had complimentary ingredients proven to support nitric oxide levels in addition to red beet powder.

Company Reputation & History

Some companies have a proven history of manufacturing high-quality supplements using dosages from clinical studies. Other companies are simply trying to capitalize on the hype surrounding beetroot. We preferred companies with a history of developing high-quality supplements that are effective for customers.

Price & Overall Value

Beetroot supplements should provide you with numerous health benefits without breaking the bank. However, we felt they might use fillers or low-quality beet powder if a product was priced at only a few dollars for a 30-day supply. On the other hand, products that cost $30, $40, or even $50+ seemed to be simply gouging customers. We focused on products that were reasonably priced and provided excellent value.

Money-Back Guarantee

No supplement has a 100% satisfaction rate. If you are unhappy with your experience with a supplement, you should be entitled to receive your money back. This is why we prefer products with a clear refund policy of at least 30-days.

Customer Reviews

The best way to determine the best beet powder supplements is to read customer reviews. This is why we examined hundreds of customer reviews to assess the average customer’s experience. Did the customers see noticeable benefits? Were there side effects? Would they recommend the product to their friends or family? These are all the questions we asked when researching beet supplements.

Who Can Benefit from Using Beet Root Powder Supplements?

Beetroot powder has several health benefits, and therefore it can be used by a variety of people. However, most of the benefits of beetroot are associated with its’ ability to dilate blood vessels by enhancing nitric oxide production. This makes it easier for blood to flow throughout your body.

This is why athletes, bodybuilders, or adults with high blood pressure can benefit from beetroot especially. Athletes and bodybuilders can improve their athletic performance and muscle recovery by enhancing blood flow. In addition, dilating blood vessels helps those with hypertension keep their blood pressure levels in check.

Beetroot powder has plenty of other benefits, which is why virtually anybody can benefit from taking beetroot powder. If you’re looking to improve your blood pressure levels, cognition, or overall health, then you can benefit from adding beetroot powder to your daily regimen.

Science-Backed Benefits of Red Beet Powder Supplements

Red beets and red beet powder supplements have several proven health benefits. Best of all, more benefits continue to be discovered every single year. There have been plenty of clinical trials surrounding red beets as well. We’ll review some of this evidence below:

Red Beets Are an Excellent Source of Nutrition

Red beets are nutritionally dense root vegetables, and your body will absorb all of these nutrients when taken as a supplement. Red beets are rich in various vitamins and minerals, such as folate, iron, vitamin c, potassium, manganese, and dozens of others.

Red beets also have several polyphenol compounds like violaxanthin, betanin, inorganic nitrates, and several others. These polyphenol compounds support a healthy immune system, digestion, inflammatory response, and cognition.

Red Beet Powder Can Balance Blood Pressure Levels

Next to diabetes, hypertension is one of the most common health conditions affecting adults in western countries. Hypertension can lead to stroke, cardiac diseases, and even death when unchecked. Thankfully, one of the most pronounced benefits of taking red beets is lower blood pressure levels. This is because beets are a rich source of inorganic nitrates.

Inorganic nitrates help your body produce more nitric oxide, which in turn sends signals to the muscle cells in your body to relax. When these muscles relax, your blood vessels dilate, resulting in lower blood pressure and healthier circulation.

One study found that taking just 1000mg of beetroot powder capsules could lower blood pressure between 3 to 10mm/Hg in just a few hours. According to the researchers, this reduction can reduce the number of deaths due to hypertension by up to 10%.

Beets Can Support Athletic Performance

Athletes are always looking for a way to get ahead during their athletic events. This is why many athletes take beetroot powder or juice before events because beetroot powder has been shown to improve endurance and overall performance.

Several studies have found that beetroot powder can boost nitric oxide levels, which delivers more oxygen to the muscles while they are stressed during athletic events. Studies have also found that the nitrates in beetroot powder can also enhance the body’s ability to use oxygen more efficiently, improving endurance and performance.

Beetroot Powder May Support Digestion

Beets are a rich source of dietary fiber, which regulates bowel movements and supports healthier digestion. In addition, beetroot powder also contains essential vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B, which support the body’s natural production of digestive enzymes.

Beetroot Powder Can Support Cardiovascular Health

While beets are commonly explicitly used for blood pressure, they have been shown to support overall cardiovascular health. In one study, researchers found that nitrates in beetroot powder helped lower sympathetic overstimulation in patients suffering from cardiac issues. These participants also had a steadier, healthy heart rate.

Another study found that beetroot juice helped limit the progression of dementia because it could improve oxygenation in the brain. In other words, beet juice improved blood flow to parts of the brain, indicating blood flow is enhanced by taking beetroot powder.

Beetroot May Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction affects many men, especially those over the age of 40. New research indicates that beetroot powder may reduce or eliminate erectile dysfunction.

Most of the erectile dysfunction products on the market contain ingredients like perquisites to synthesize nitric oxide. However, new research suggests beetroot powder maybe even more effective because the nitrates found in red beet powder are proven to support healthier blood flow, even to the penis. More research is still needed, but anecdotal evidence suggests beet powder may help healthier erections.

Beetroot Powder May Support Cognition

New research suggests beetroot may help support cognition because of its ability to increase nitric oxide levels. This may help transport nutrients and oxygen to the brain, which may help various cognitive functions.

In one study published in 2015, participants given a beetroot powder supplement performed significantly better during a cognitively demanding task than a placebo. Researchers noted that beetroot powder improved both blood flow and cognitive performance during the study, and researchers found the results to be statistically significant.

These are just some of the various benefits associated with beetroot powder. More benefits continue to be discovered, and virtually everybody can benefit from taking beet powder thanks to its’ ability to improve various aspects of your health.

Side Effects of Beetroot Powder

Beetroot powder is typically well-tolerated by adults, and if you purchase one of our top beetroot supplements, you should likely tolerate it well also. However, there’s some evidence that extreme usage may cause minor side effects.

The main concern is that beetroot contains FODMAPS, short-chain carbohydrates that feed the bacteria in your gut. Therefore, if you have irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive issues, you may experience stomach issues if you consume too much beetroot or beetroot powder. These symptoms do typically go away after a few days, and it does not necessarily affect everyone with IBS.

Another potential side effect is that beetroot powder may turn your urine reddish or pink. This only affects about 10-15% of people who take beet supplements and is dependent on your gut flora, iron levels, and several other factors. This is completely harmless and will not negatively impact your health in any way.

In general, red beet supplements are tolerated very well and are generally safe. If you are unsure whether red beet powder supplements are not suitable for you, then you should speak to your doctor before taking a beet supplement.

Recommended Dosage for Beet Root Powder Supplements

The typical dosage is between 900mg to 1,500mg for the average adult per day. This depends entirely on the nitrate content, targeting a dosage between .1 to .2mmol/kg.

Beetroot powder can be eaten raw, added to shakes, or taken in capsule form. This is entirely dependent on your individual preferences and how you want to choose to take beetroot powder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beetroot Supplementation

We get a lot of questions about beetroot powder, beet supplements, etc. We’ll answer your most pressing questions regarding beetroot:

Q. What is beetroot powder?

A: Beetroot powder is a processed form of red beets that involves drying and concentrating the dried red beets into a concentrated powder.

Q. How can you take red beet supplements?

A: Beet supplements can come in capsules, gummies, or bulk powder. You can add red beet powder to a smoothie or shake, or take it however else you desire.

Q. What are the benefits of beetroot?

A: Beets are rich in nitrates, a natural group of compounds that support nitric oxide levels. Studies have found that nitrates can reduce blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, support immunity & digestion, enhance athletic performance, and much more.

Q. How many carbs are in beet supplements?

A: If you drink beet juice, you will consume 20 to 25 grams of carbs per 8oz. of beet juice. Some supplements will cook out the sugar, though, to reduce the number of carbs. Pure beet extract or beet powder will contain little to no carbs because the sugars are cooked out. This is why beetroot powder is preferred over beetroot juice.

Q. When should I take a beetroot supplement?

A: If you’re taking beetroot powder simply for the cognitive, digestive, or cardiovascular benefits of red beets, then you can take it every day during the morning and afternoon for at least 15 days before benefits should manifest themselves.

Studies have shown that the best results come from taking beet powder roughly 90 to 150 minutes before you exercise if you are trying to improve your athletic performance. In this regard, it is different from a traditional pre-workout, which requires you to take 15 to 25 minutes before working out.

Q. Is beetroot powder safe?

A: In general, beetroot powder is safe and will not cause any side effects. It has been known to cause stomach issues in those with IBS and potentially change the color of your urine. However, in general, red beet powder is considered very safe and should not negatively impact your health.

Q. Can I take beets and caffeine together?

A: Both red beets and caffeine are potent performance enhancers, particularly when improving endurance. Some evidence shows that caffeine and beetroot powder can negatively interact when taken together. This is because beetroot is a vasodilator, while caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. Research is still limited and more evidence is needed to determine whether caffeine and beets should not be taken together.

Q. Should I drink red beet juice, and if so, how much?

A: If you want the convenience factor of red beet powder, you can drink beet juice instead of buying a beet supplement. Roughly five fluid ounces or 150mg should provide you with enough nitrates to experience the various benefits of red beet.

Researchers are unsure if consuming more than this range will amplify the effects of red beet juice.

Q. How much should a beetroot supplement cost?

A: Red beet powder should be directly sourced in the United States, keeping costs down. Look for a supplement that costs between $12 to $30 for a one-month supply. This should provide you with a high-quality supplement that won’t break the bank.

Q. Which beet supplement is best?

A: Our #1 ranked beetroot supplement is Simple Life Nutrition’s premium beetroot powder capsules. However, any beet supplements on our list are excellent choices, depending on your budget and individual needs.

The Best Beet Root Powder Supplements for 2022 Final Thoughts

Beet supplements are quickly growing in popularity thanks to the expanding number of clinically studied benefits of beetroot. While beets are primarily used for cardiovascular health, adding a beetroot supplement to your health can also help boost your digestive health, cognition, athletic performance, and much more.

If you want to improve your overall health, a beetroot supplement may be right for you. We recommend you try a top beetroot powder supplement today!


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