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Best Delta 8 THC Gummies & Edibles Reviews: Top 3 Products in 2021

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Are you ready to try out your first delta-8-THC gummies? If so, you’re in for quite the experience! But have you picked out a brand?

Understandably, with so many cannabis-infused edibles on the market, it can be quite difficult to recognize which brands offer quality products, and which ones aren’t worth the hype. This unfortunate fact becomes even more apparent with products such as gummies.

In fact, unless you’re an avid connoisseur of such products, you’re bound to have trouble determining which gummies are made with top-quality ingredients. It is, after all, pretty easy to add some synthetic flavoring and claim that your products are made from organic hemp. But, never fear, help is here!

We’ve reviewed all the best delta-8-THC gummies on the market so you don’t have to waste your time and money finding a reputable edible brand. And, just to make things a bit easier, we’ve narrowed it down to the top three delta-8-THC manufacturers. So, all you need to do is read our reviews and decide which gummies to try out!

Delta-8-THC Gummies: Best Brands in 2021

1. Area 52 ― High-Quality Gummies


When it comes to top-quality delta-8-THC brands, Area 52 is truly making its mark in this industry, as reviewed by the widely read blogs such as The Observer and Herald Net.

The company guarantees that its products are 100% free of any and all harmful substances, as they are all made using organic hemp. Not only that but the company uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method which, as we’ve come to learn, creates a pure and potent product each time.

In fact, of all the brands we reviewed, (apart from 3Chi which we’ll get to later) Area 52 offers products with the highest potency. So, if you’re used to consuming delta-9-THC products, making the transition to delta-8-THC will be a breeze.

If we’re being honest, Area 52’s gummies are possibly our favorite delta-8-THC products. They each contain a healthy dose of delta-8-THC (25 mg of delta-8-THC to be more specific) and are absolutely delicious!

You get to choose between strawberry, green apple, or pineapple gummies. And regardless of which ones you choose, they’re all made with natural flavors and sweeteners. What’s more, the gummies are 100% vegan and gluten-free!

But, let’s get back to the dosage for a second. If you’re someone who would rather microdose than consume the entire dose at once, you can easily do that. All you have to do is cut the gummies into however many pieces you like.

What’s more, since these gummies are so potent, maybe microdosing is a better option, especially if you don’t want to develop a tolerance too fast.

However, if you’re a beginner, perhaps it would be best for you to read our other reviews, as we have a beginner-friendly option that will be better suited to your needs. Maybe after trying out some less potent gummies you can come back and enjoy these as well.

2. Finest Labs ― The Beginner-Friendly Option


As we mentioned, some of you may be looking for a brand that offers some lower potency options. Ultimately, you’ll have a hard time finding a more beginner-friendly option than Finest Lab’s delta-8-THC gummies!

It’s safe to say that many people decide against trying new products such as delta-8-THC gummies because the high potency options seem to overwhelm them. But with 25 mg per gummy, you have nothing to worry about!

And we can all agree that 25 mg is a good place to start. You can easily cut each gummy into smaller pieces if you’d like to try microdosing, but even if you take the entire gummy at once, you’ll be just fine. In fact, you’ll just feel a bit more carefree and relaxed than usual.

On another positive note, Finest Labs gummies are completely plant-based. Instead of opting for a gelatin base, the brand decided to go with a plant-derived pectin base making the gummies gluten-free and free from any synthetic additives.

Furthermore, thanks to the use of some advanced extraction techniques, Finest Labs isolates the delta-8-THC from industrial hemp plants. Then, through a process called isomerization, it creates pure delta-8 extracts while removing any traces of delta-9-THC, CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN from the extract.

The company has been receiving some great press lately, with many news sites writing positively about their Delta 8 gummies, including Seattle Weekly and Peninsula Daily News.

If you’re not new to delta-8-THC products, you can still consider trying this brand. However, you may need to order more than one pack at a time. Luckily, on the website, you get to choose between a one-pack, two-pack, or three-pack (the three-pack option will also get you a 7.5% discount which isn’t bad!).

3. Delta8Pro


Offering various THC products for recreational use, Delta8Pro is yet another mystery distributor in the US.

Unlike the Area 52 and Finest Labs gummies, they each contain only 10 pieces of gummy per bag.

You can opt for different flavors: strawberry, blueberry, passion fruit, blackberry, watermelon, green apple, and mango.

You can dose them according to your needs, but it’s recommended to eat ½ a gummy or one whole gummy per serving.

What Are Delta-8-THC Gummies?

If you’re not someone who enjoys vaping or ingesting tinctures, then delta-8-THC gummies are the way to go.

For those of you who have tried cannabis gummies, they’re similar to them. The only difference is that delta-8 gummies are made with an active form of distilled delta-9-THC.

So basically, the gummies contain sweeteners and flavorings (both should be natural if the brand knows what it’s doing) as well as an edible delta-8-THC distillate.

What Kind of Effects to Expect from Delta-8-THC Gummies

And now to answer the most important question of all ― how does delta-8-THC affect you? For example, how will you feel after taking one gummy?

The simplest way to explain the effects of delta-8-THC is that it makes you feel calm, relaxed, and peaceful. Most people worry that it will cause them to feel lazy and unmotivated. Granted, if you were to take delta-9-THC, there’s a good chance you’d feel that way, but not when it comes to delta-8-THC.

But, how the gummy will affect you also depends on how much you take, which brings us to our next point.

How to Properly Dose Delta-8-THC Gummies

When we say “properly dose,” we mean find the right dose for your needs. For example, if you’re trying out delta-8-THC for the first time, then we recommend sticking to a lower dose until you get the hang of it. For reference, 10 mg is more than enough to get you buzzed.

So, start out by taking 10 mg, but not at once. Again, this is our opinion, but you may want to take half a gummy twice a day. This will also help stop you from developing a tolerance (we’ll explain that in more detail later on).

After a week or two, you will likely notice that your buzz isn’t the same as it was in the beginning. That’s when you know to up your dosage. Do so by adding 5 to 10 mg to your daily dose.

But, even if you overstep your dosage slightly, don’t panic. There’s virtually no chance of you experiencing any horrible side effects. It’s delta-8, and not delta-9-THC after all!

Can You Overdose on Delta-8-THC?

No. There is zero risk of overdosing on delta-8-THC gummies. Of course, that’s not an invitation to take too many of them, but the main point is that delta-8-THC is completely safe for consumption.

If you do, however, overdo it, here’s what you could experience.

  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

A Few Things to Be Cautious About

As a cannabinoid, delta-8-THC is perfectly safe. However, when unreliable brands decide to step in and make a quick buck, you never know what kind of product you’re going to get. Here are a few things to be extra cautious about when choosing a delta-8-THC brand.

Toxic Chemicals and Bleaches

Cannabis compounds do not synthesize delta-8-THC, and this cannabinoid is in fact made by breaking down delta-9-THC. However, toxic chemicals are added to hemp during this process. All of this should be performed by trained professionals and using the right equipment.

But as we’ve come to learn, not all companies are willing to invest that kind of money into their products, which is why they opt to use whatever method is cheapest.

Needless to say, the consequences could be disastrous.

What usually happens is that the end product is full of contaminants and impurities. And if you happen to buy from one of these unreliable brands, all those harmful substances will end up in your body.

But, that’s not all. Some companies even opt to add bleach to delta-8-THC in order to remove its natural pinkish color. Yes, delta-8-THC should be more pink than transparent, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

Every reliable delta-8-THC manufacturer should clearly state whether or not the product they’re selling is bleached.

What Is the Difference Between Delta-8-THC and Delta-9-THC?

Essentially, both delta-8 and delta-9 are forms of tetrahydrocannabinol, as they have the exact same chemical makeup. But, how is delta-8-THC different from the delta-9-THC? Namely, both cannabinoids may sound similar, however, they’re quite different.

First of all, delta-9-THC is primarily extracted from the marijuana plant, whereas delta-8-THC is commonly extracted from hemp.

And it’s thanks to this fact that delta-8-THC is considered legal in the US, at least on the federal level.

But, that’s not all. There are plenty more differences worth mentioning.

Delta-9 Is Stronger than Delta-8

When you consume a 25 mg delta-8-THC gummy, its strength will be nowhere near the strength of a 25 mg delta-9-THC gummy. In fact, you would need to take a double dose of delta-8 in order to feel the same effects.

At this point, you’re probably wondering whether this is a good thing or not. Simply put, the fact that delta-8-THC is half as strong as delta-9-THC is a great thing, because you don’t have to worry about experiencing any debilitating side effects.

Namely, whenever you take a delta-9-THC product, there is a chance you’ll experience paranoia or anxiety. What’s more, you could feel restless, and your heart rate might increase, although these side effects are less common.

With delta-8-THC, there’s far less of a risk that you’ll end up experiencing any of these side effects.

It’s Easier to Build a Tolerance to Delta-8-THC than to Delta-9-THC

Yes, you read that right ― it’s much easier to build a tolerance to delta-8-THC than to delta-9-THC. And yes, that’s not necessarily a good thing, however, there is a silver lining. Even if you build a tolerance to delta-8-THC, you can get back to your original dosage in no time.

By simply going cold turkey for about a week (it may take less, depending on your previous daily dosages), you will be back to your regular dosage in no time.

On the other hand, there are also ways to avoid developing a tolerance in the first place. For example, you could take one delta-8-THC gummy every other day, or every two/three days. Alternately, you could cut your gummy into smaller pieces and consume each piece a few hours apart. This technique is called microdosing.

Delta-8-THC Is (Technically) Legal

You probably know that delta-9-THC isn’t legal in the US. However, delta-8-THC is. Well, kind of. It’s still incredibly difficult to comprehend the legal status of delta-8-THC.

Delta-8-THC gummies are a product that contains less than 0.3% delta-9, making it federally legal in the US. On the other hand, compounds extracted from the marijuana plant (this includes delta-9-THC) are illegal in the US.

How to Find the Best Delta-8-THC Products: Buyer’s Guide


After absorbing all of this information about delta-8 and delta-9-THC, you probably think you’re ready to order your first gummies. But don’t rush to click the buy button just yet!

First, take a look at our delta-8-THC buyer’s guide for a few more tips on how to choose a solid, reliable brand.

1. Company Transparency

Company transparency is, unfortunately, hard to come by these days. Any brand can claim to use organic, natural ingredients, but how can you as the buyer know who to trust?

If you ask us, the only way to know whether a brand is trustworthy is to check for third-party lab test results on their website. Why? Because these results are the best way to check the potency and purity of a delta-8-THC product.

Not only that, but these tests should also tell you whether or not the product is free from:

  • pesticides
  • heavy metals
  • fungal and microbial organisms
  • bleaches
  • butane
  • hexane
  • propane

In a perfect world, every brand should have to submit its products to third-party labs in order to get unbiased results. Furthermore, it should be mandatory to publish these results in plain sight.

But since this is not the case, it’s up to you to stay away from local shops that don’t include these results on their website. Ultimately, their products may have failed the tests, or the company might have decided to skip the testing.

2. User Reviews

User reviews are another good way to determine whether or not a product is worth your money.

You will get the most honest opinions if you visit delta-8-THC communities. However, stay away from forums, as they could end up recommending products from sketchy brands.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the products you’re interested in trying. People generally love to share their experiences with newbies.

3. Method of Extraction

Cannabis can be extracted in a few different ways, but the best method is CO2 extraction. Unfortunately, not all companies use this method of extraction.

The main reason companies decide against using CO2 extraction is the technology needed for this method, which has the steepest price tag compared to ethanol and hydrocarbon units.

There’s plenty of heavy-duty machinery involved, and it takes skilled professionals to handle the equipment. When you add everything up, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not every brand is interested in spending that kind of money.

However, other extraction methods aren’t as reliable. For example, when a company uses the butane extraction method, there is a possibility that some of the gas could end up in the final product. Obviously, that means we as the customer could potentially ingest harmful toxins.

The bottom line is that the supercritical CO2 method always produces a pure, potent, and, most importantly, safe compound. That’s why we recommend choosing brands such as Area 52, 3Chi, and Finest Labs.

4. Delta-8-THC Source

Before you opt to buy any delta-8-THC product, you should always check to see whether it’s hemp-derived.

As we’ve already mentioned, marijuana isn’t legal in all states. So, for example, if you live in Idaho, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wyoming, Tennessee, Nebraska, or Alabama, you will only be able to purchase hemp-derived delta-8 gummies.

On the other hand, states such as Arizona, California, Alaska, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, New York, South Dakota, Vermont, or Washington, have legalized marijuana.

Either way, we would recommend sticking to hemp-derived delta-8-gummies, just to stay on the safe side.

5. Additional Ingredients

The only ingredients that delta-8-THC gummies should contain are a delta-8-THC distillate, a natural gummy base, natural flavorings such as organic juice and fruit extracts, and colorings. If you notice that there are too many additional ingredients on the packaging, for example, preservatives, consider choosing another brand.

Preservatives are there to boost the shelf life of the gummies, which isn’t a good thing. The rule of thumb is the fewer ingredients, the better the product.

Delta-8-THC Gummies: Final Thoughts

Delta-8-THC may be the newest addition to the cannabinoid family, however, it’s safe to say that it’s catching on quite fast! For now, vapes, gummies, oils, and tinctures are the most popular choices, but who’s to say what’s next?

All in all, for those of you who are looking for some safe brands to try out, we highly recommend ordering from Area 52, Finest Labs, or 3Chi. These brands are definitely worth the hype, and you don’t have to do any additional research on them as we’ve done that for you!

So, after reading our reviews and catching a glimpse of all the benefits delta-8-THC has to offer, would you say you’re ready to try out some gummies?


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