Gold Weasel Espresso Review: Unique Vietnamese Espresso Powder?

A good coffee stimulates the body, raises energy levels, and enhances mental focus. Some coffee products are low quality, forcing consumers to take more caffeine to get the desired outcome. Premium coffee is hard to find as most brands use substandard raw materials.

A cup of strong, tasty, and bold coffee can keep you alert round the clock. It prevents you from consuming massive amounts of caffeine and increases your risk of developing gastric issues. Gold Weasel Espresso is marketed as the world’s “Strongest” cappuccino made from premium Vietnamese coffee beans. Is the coffee brand worth the hype? Where can you purchase the coffee?

What is Gold Weasel Espresso?

Gold Weasel Espresso is easy-to-make coffee that promises to give users a unique espresso experience. Each scoop has zero chemicals or additives, is sugar-free, and is created using premium-grade Vietnamese Robusta beans. It is marketed to coffee lovers looking for a luxurious, affordable, tasty coffee brand.

Per the official website, Gold Weasel offers a bold and chocolaty experience to satisfy the taste buds. It is instant coffee made from carefully bred and flavorful Vietnamese Robusta beans. It also eliminates the need to use expensive and complicated coffee machines.

Users can pair Gold Weasel Espresso with their favorite coffee blend, including Spanish, Irish, iced, or Vietnamese. It is high in caffeine to give users instant stimulation for extended periods. Customers can purchase Gold Weasel espresso exclusively via the official website.

Gold Weasel Coffee Features

Premium Robusta Beans

Gold Weasel reports they use premium quality Vietnamese-bred Robusta coffee. The country has a reputation for being the largest producer of finest quality Robusta beans. The brand supposedly carefully selects the coffee beans to give users a unique flavor and complete caffeine satisfaction.


Gold Weasel espresso is high caffeine and chocolatey flavored coffee that purportedly tastes great for iced, Spanish coffee and can pair easily with any coffee blend.

Easy to Make

Baking and grounding coffee can be tiresome, time-consuming, and messy. Gold Weasel espresso is easy to make and perfect for coffee lovers on a busy schedule. The maker recommends adding the desired scoop into hot water to get a professional barista-made cup of coffee.


Gold Weasel coffee has zero chemicals or additives. The creator claims they use premium grade Robusta beans as the only ingredient. Thus, customers can enjoy their favorite espresso cup without any unwanted side effects.

Great Taste

Gold Weasel has a deep chocolaty flavor. Per the official website, it can give users “a new-level experience even the most seasoned espresso connoisseur.”


Gold Weasel users do not need to tamp or grind the coffee beans as the creator finely grinds the Vietnamese espresso beans into a smooth powder. Thus, consumers do not need to invest in a pricy or elaborate coffee machine to get a perfect tasting shot of coffee.


How to Make Gold Weasel Espresso Coffee

Customers can get the MyPresso coffee dispenser when they purchase more than two packets of Gold Wesel Espresso. The device makes it easy to measure the precise coffee amount to give the necessary caffeine shot, and a cup of Gold Weasel coffee can be made in three steps:

  • Step 1 – Measure out enough Gold Weasel espresso powder in the coffee cup
  • Step 2 – Add hot water, preferably boiling water
  • Step 3 – Stir the mixture and enjoy

Individuals that love sweetened or creamy coffee can add the whip cream or sugar before adding water. Or enjoy Gold Weasel coffee without adding extras to get the maximum caffeine flavor and dose.

Benefits of Gold Weasel Espresso

Most espresso consumers love the drink for caffeine and energy boost. Other health benefits of consuming Gold Weasel coffee include:

Vietnamese Robusta coffee can supposedly trigger the production of fat-burning hormones such as norepinephrine and epinephrine. According to experts, the sudden energy changes after drinking Gold Weasel coffee. Thus, the drink may support weight management by increasing metabolic rates and suppressing appetite.

Some people in the mornings are moody before consuming coffee. Gold Weasel can improve moods and users’ motivation, according to scientific evidence that indicates that coffee has molecules that trigger dopamine production. This chemical supports healthy moods and cognition.

Gold Weasel espresso is a powerful stimulant that can increase awareness. It works by blocking the production of adenosine, thus heightening focus and concentration.

  • Some limited studies indicate that drinking unsweetened Gold Weasel can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 40%
  • Gold Weasel espresso is rich in antioxidants that may enhance immunity.
  • Drinking Gold Weasel coffee before workouts can amplify athletic performance.

Gold Weasel Pricing

Gold Weasel is only available for purchase via the official website only. The official website shows the brand is unavailable in offline and online stores. In addition, the manufacturer recommends buying multiple packets to get better pricing and offers.

  • One bag $29.99 USD Single Shot Expresso
  • Two Bags $59.99 USD + Get a Free MyPresso Double Shot
  • Three Bags $66.99 USD + Get a Free Triple MyPresso Shot
  • Four Bags $89.99 USD + Get a Free Quadruple MyPresso Shot

Free Bonuses

The company shares that each bag of coffee has 50g of coffee and is enough to make 20 cups. Customers purchasing the packs of Gold Weasel get a free MyPresso dispenser. The gadget is a great addition that ensures users get precise measurements per cup. Similarly, it can reduce the risk of making messes.

  • Customers can purchase Gold Weasel using G Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Norton.
  • The official website is a safe and secure web zero risks of customers losing their data or personal information via the site.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Customers can get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all new purchases. The company recommends shipping the original and unopened package back to their US-based warehouse for replacement or refund. Still, customers incur the shipping and handling fee for the returns and sending an email to support at:

  • support@shopgoldweaselcoffee.com
  • Company Address: Quality Performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123 Clifton, NJ 07013

Final Word

Gold Weasel coffee is marketed as a superior quality brand that can satisfy cravings, enhance focus, and improve alertness. Each scoop comprises high-quality Vietnamese coffee beans with zero additives and chemicals. Gold Weasel is quick, easy to make, has an excellent flavor, and comes with a free measuring device on select bulk purchases.



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