Purodrine Reviews – Ingredients, Side Effects & Customer Complaints

Purodrine is a supplement that helps consumers to establish a healthier baseline for the metabolism to improve weight loss. The ingredients in this formula support detoxification and provide the necessary fiber for digestion.

What is Purodrine?

Shedding weight is complicated because it requires many different processes to go right. The diet has to have the perfect balance of protein, vitamins, minerals, and more. Their exercise must work with a caloric deficit they’ve created without missing the necessary nourishment for muscle support. While it can be a tricky balance, the creators of Purodrine offer a blend that might help.

Purodrine helps anyone start burning fat from the moment it is taken the first time. The creators refer to it as a “game changer,” primarily from the increased energy levels and detoxification support. It reduces unwanted fat that consumers often struggle to release during their diet and fitness routines, and everything is based on scientific evidence.

The creators focus on a discovery by scientists from Harvard, claiming that they found the key to getting rid of the unwanted fat has to do with fiber. They found that consuming 30 grams of fiber daily was enough to help with weight loss in a way that complicated diets can. With that information, the creators of Purodrine sourced their ingredients from Mediterranean soil, creating 10:1 extracts that go through intense purification processes before they ever reach consumers.

Ingredients in Purodrine

Every single ingredient in Purodrine is based on meticulous research from the scientific community and the creators of the supplement. They all have support from clinical trials, using bioavailable ingredients that maximize detoxification and weight loss.

The ingredients include:

  • Bentonite
  • Ispaghula
  • Kumari
  • Alasi
  • Alu Bukhara
  • Glucomannan

Read on below to learn more information about Purodrine’s ingredients.


Bentonite clay is an ideal way to eliminate toxins in the digestive system and the rest of the body. According to current scientific research, it improves the user’s digestion and helps with weight loss. It is sometimes used as a natural way to deal with constipation and diarrhea, and its antibacterial properties fight infections like MRSA in some cases.

Bentonite clay is more commonly found in skincare products too. The texture removes oils and other contaminants that build up and causes acne. It removes toxins from the skin’s surface and works as a treatment for diaper rash and poison ivy.


Ispaghula husk is a natural laxative, making it easier to improve stool bulk to push waste through the intestines and alleviate issues with bowel movements. Often used as a remedy for digestive issues, it reduces the risk of irritable bowel syndrome and provides the necessary fiber for digestion. It primarily works for constipation, but this fiber also has a powerful effect on overactive appetites.

Also referred to as psyllium husk, it is a valuable part of any healthy diet, and consumers can use it to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. While it is available as part of a supplement, consumers can get this husk as granules in a sachet via prescription from a doctor to get the full concentration to alleviate waste buildup. Some consumers can experience flatulence, bloating, or discomfort when used in too high of a concentration.


Kumari powder offers incredible antioxidants, though the main reason it is often used is to regulate women’s menstrual cycles. It seems to positively impact the user’s natural hormone levels and oral health, though it also improves the immune system’s performance. It keeps unhealthy bacteria from accumulating in the mouth, which is the digestive system’s first stop for any food before it starts getting processed.

Also known as kumaryasava or Kumari asava, this nutrient has been used in natural medicines for skin issues, bleeding disorders, and constipation. The creators of Purodrine include it for the way it improves the immune system and its powers as an antioxidant. It is also used as an anti-allergen for skin problems and is another name in Ayurvedic medicine for aloe vera. The word translates to “a beautiful young girl.”


Alasi is another name for flaxseed, which is rich in essential oils that can offer medicinal benefits. They are an ideal source of dietary fiber, focusing on the impact of healthy fiber levels on weight loss, appetite, and more. Most people use flaxseed to boost their digestive health or reduce their battle against constipation, but there are numerous other benefits as well. Most notably, flaxseed’s effect on cholesterol levels makes it an incredible remedy for heart disease. It also helps consumers to reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

Flaxseed has been linked to reducing blood sugar levels and a lower risk of cancer. It has incredible omega-3 levels, and studies show that it might help with weight loss.

Alu Bukhara

Alu Bukhara might sound elusive and exotic, but it is just another name for plums. This fruit is tied to numerous health benefits, like reduced constipation. Especially when combined with prunes or prune juice, plums deliver fiber and antioxidants to push along waste without pain or exhausting the intestines. With all the natural vitamins and minerals, plums can reduce cancer risk, improve heart health, and support bone health.

Scientific studies suggest that eating plums regularly (or in a supplement like Purodrine) can improve the users’ weight and reduce the risk of obesity. In the Purodrine remedy, plums are included for their weight loss benefits, but they also cleanse the colon. Plums improve blood sugar and support healthy blood circulation by reducing unhealthy cholesterol levels. Its impact on blood sugar levels also helps fight diabetes and keep skin glowing.


The final ingredient of this concoction is glucomannan. Glucomannan is crucial for the health of the stomach and intestines because it creates fiber as it absorbs water in these parts of the body, making it an adequate remedy for constipation. Fiber reduces the appetite, making it easier for consumers to resist the urge to indulge in junk food or other calories that can ruin their attempt to create a deficit. Doctors agree that a caloric deficit is a key to weight loss, but having an overactive appetite is the biggest challenge to weight loss.

Glucomannan is especially helpful to anyone with fluctuations in cholesterol levels or diabetes because it manages the nutrients that affect these issues. While using a fiber source like glucomannan can benefit weight loss, too much of this ingredient can lead to bloating, soft stools, flatulence, or other digestive issues. Luckily, these reactions require much glucomannan, so it is unlikely that users of Purodrine will experience these issues.

Purchasing Purodrine

Found exclusively on the official website, Purodrine comes with several packages so users can stock up while inventory is available. The packages include:

  • One bottle for $69
  • Three bottles for $177 (or $59 each)
  • Six bottles for $294 (or $49 each)

Consumers who purchase multiple bottles in their order will automatically have access to up to two free bonus gifts. The website doesn’t explain these bonus gifts, giving the user a surprise when they get their purchase in the mail.

Every bottle comes with a one-year money-back guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions About Purodrine

Is Purodrine right for everyone?

Yes. This formula is hard on stored fat but safe for anyone. However, if consumers currently take any medication or use another supplement, they should speak with a medical professional first.

Will users be repeatedly charged each month to get their supply of Purodrine?

Not at all. This transaction is a one-time event. Users who want more bottles of Purodrine should submit their next order before they run out.

What’s the guarantee?

The creators understand that as successful as this formula might be, Purodrine might not work for every person. However, they still want customers to come away satisfied, so they offer a 364-day money-back guarantee to get a full refund if needed.

How long will consumers be able to purchase Purodrine?

Unfortunately, the future isn’t sure. The results that the creators advertise are counterproductive to the revenue generated by Big Pharma, and the batches aren’t guaranteed to remain in production. Consumers need to make their purchases now if they want to guarantee their bottles.

Where can consumers buy Purodrine?

The only website that offers Purodrine is the official page by the creators. Consumers have three packages to choose from, each providing a more significant discount than the last.

For anyone who wants to get a hold of customer service, call 1-800-411-1799 or visit https://purodrine.com/.


Purodrine provides consumers with a solution for weight loss without overwhelming the body with excessive ingredients like other products do. The formula is easy to take each day and includes many sources of fiber that reduce appetite and alleviate digestive issues. Every ingredient is backed by clinical studies found online, purging the body of toxins that can disrupt metabolism and hinder weight loss.



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