TestoFuel Reviews: Legit Ingredients for Real Results?

To be brutally honest, if you want to make the cut and gain muscles… lots of it, diet and exercise alone won’t make the cut. You will need a muscle building supplement that can help you in the journey of getting those big guns, a heavier chest, and those alluring thick legs that can get women drooling.

However, it does not make a lot of sense to just pick any muscle building supplement and wait for the results to show up on their own. Besides, the ruling question is which muscle building supplement should you pick, after all?

From steroids to T-boosters, to meal replacements and protein shakes, there are plenty of choices. But, ideally, does it not make more sense to start with the one thing that has the biggest impact on growth of muscle in men?

Yes, that one thing is testosterone! When it comes to men and building some serious muscle, T-levels make the most impact amongst all factors considered. Now that we are clear about that, what testosterone boosting supplement should you choose?

In the specifics of this article, we shall review TestoFuel, a popular T-booster, and help you understand whether it is effective or not, especially in terms of building muscles.

With the help of this review, you should have enough clearance on whether TestoFuel, the much-hyped T-booster is legit or not; thus, you could make an informed buying decision.

Let us begin the review with an overview of the supplement provided by our research and editorial team.

Name of the SupplementTestoFuel
Supplement CategoryTestosterone Boosters
ManufacturersRoar Ambitions Ltd.
Aim of the supplementIncrease muscle mass and growth of muscle in men by increasing T-levels in the body, using natural and safe ingredients, unlike synthetic steroids.
Ingredients Used
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek Seed
  • Oyster Extract
  • Product Features
  • Natural and safe ingredients
  • Free shipping on selected packages
  • Manufactured in U.S.A
  • Created in an FDA-registered facility
  • Made in a GMP-certified facility following good manufacturing practices
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Great discounts on bundle offers
  • Stellar customer reviews
  • Bonus Products
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Workout Guide
  • AvailabilityOnly available on the official website.
    Shipping optionsOffers worldwide shipping
    Pricing options
  • 1 month supply: $65.00
  • 2 months supply:$130.00
  • 3 months supply: $195.00
  • Where to buyClick here!

    What is TestoFuel?

    TestoFuel is a muscle building supplement designed for prime performance and growth of muscle in men. Although targeted towards bodybuilders and recreational athletes, TestoFuel can be an ideal supplement for any gym-goer.

    Manufactured by Roar Ambitions Ltd. (founded by Robert Parker in 2014), TestoFuel is a fairly new product in the market of T-boosting supplements. However, despite its novelty, TestoFuel has gained quite a traction in the past few years, ever since its launch, and with the marketing efforts made by Roar Ambition Ltd., it is now one of the more popular T-boosting supplements in the industry with a strong customer base.

    TestoFuel is one of the natural T-boosting dietary supplements, available in a capsular form, thus providing for easy consumption of natural ingredients that boost the natural levels of testosterone in the body.

    Ingredients Used in TestoFuel to Boost Testosterone Levels

    Here is a detailed list of all the ingredients that come together to create the efficacious product that TestoFuel is:

    D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

    D Aspartic Acid Supplementation can directly influence levels of testosterone and aid in effective growth of muscles. D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is an important amino acid that helps with enhancing the areas of the brain that increase luteinizing hormone levels and aid in increased synthesis of protein (as a result of high levels of luteinizing hormone).

    Luteinizing hormone is the key to producing testosterone hormone in the male body. Optimal levels of the luteinizing hormone are important for healthy levels of male hormones.

    The effect of D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) on luteinizing hormone levels also makes them the key to increased testosterone production and growth of muscles. Testosterone production is significantly higher (as a result of increased luteinizing hormone) in men who consumed higher amounts of D-Aspartic Acid in as few as 90 days.

    D-Aspartic Acid, being an important amino acid, helps directly influence testosterone levels (by increasing testosterone production) which promotes protein synthesis and results in sustainable muscle growth.

    Vitamin D

    It is rather surprising to note that almost half the people you come across are deficient in Vitamin D. This is indeed due to the lack of sufficient exposure to sunlight, so here is a compelling reason to sun bask and get enough of this natural testosterone booster-Vitamin D.

    Unlike other testosterone boosters that are present in the ingredient list of this supplement, which focuses solely on improving testosterone levels, Vitamin D has numerous benefits including improving sperm count, muscle building, muscle healing and recovery, among so many others. Your performance improves notably.

    Vitamin D supplementation is important for optimal bone strength and density as well. Moreover, Vitamin D supplementation has shown excellent improvement in increasing muscle growth and helping build muscle mass. Because consuming Vitamin D results in more testosterone levels in the body, the sperm count naturally increases.

    TestoFuel’s guarantee of increased T levels can be greatly attributed to the high amounts of Vitamin D that it supplies to the body. It works by improving the absorption of Vitamin D which is derived directly from the Sun.

    Oyster Extract

    Oysters have long since been considered to be popular aphrodisiacs and this is with good reason. Oyster extract is highly effective in improving T levels in the male body and this one production of TestoFuel comprising several natural ingredients, oyster extract stands out for its multi-natured benefits. Oyster Extract has a strong action on different muscle cells and helps with muscle growth.

    It improves the sex life of a person by improving free testosterone levels as well as energy levels (as a result of more testosterone in the body).

    More testosterone in the body is also effective in helping the process of muscle building and muscle growth through its action on increasing the effectiveness of muscle cells. Oyster Extract is primarily acclaimed for its action on boosting free testosterone levels.

    Asian Red Panax Ginseng

    This is an extremely popular ingredient present in supplements that focus on holistic wellness and improve the mental and physical health of the consumer. Asian Red Panax Ginseng helps with growth of muscles by improving protein synthesis and by focusing on building lean muscle mass.

    Real muscle growth is a result of actions that work from within to increase protein synthesis and effectively help in the muscle-building process. For sustainable muscle gains that improve with time and are easy to maintain, the action of this ingredient to building of muscle must be appreciated.

    It elevates nitric acid levels in the blood which helps directly with growth of muscle. What is better is that it also helps with recovery and helps to reduce muscle soreness.

    This ingredient has direct action on testosterone release and helps increase testosterone levels. The higher the testosterone levels, the faster is your muscle development.


    Fenugreek has great effects on improving growth hormone production and helping with sustainable growth of muscles

    This Asian herb enhances the supplement and renders it a wonderful testosterone booster that also helps with growth of muscle and can reduce muscle soreness. It is known to free the testosterone in the blood and supports testosterone levels in remaining high enough to contribute to better synthesis of protein as a result of which better building of muscles can happen.

    Fenugreek is known to support testosterone levels easily making it one of the best natural testosterone boosters out there. Besides, the effect of improved T-levels on synthesis of protein is pretty obvious to anyone who has been paying close attention!


    Magnesium supplementation is essential for anyone and everyone in this world looking to be healthy. It is important in helping numerous reactions take place in the body and is one of the best natural ingredients of this supplement.

    Due to its multiple actions, it offers several benefits including increasing muscle and improved muscle building, improved energy levels, and an overall healthier immune system. Magnesium supplementation helps with improving hormone release to increase testosterone levels through its effect to enhance testosterone production.

    Magnesium is known for several other benefits including improved quality of sleep and better recovery post-workout but its central role in TestoFuel is to enhance testosterone production and increase testosterone levels so that building of muscle becomes easier for you.

    Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 is among the most important B Vitamins and has several important benefits. It is essential for overall wellness and to help with real muscle growth that lasts long. The actions on muscle gains of Vitamin B6 are due to its promotion of healthy testosterone levels.

    It is not new to anyone in the game that healthy testosterone levels as a result of naturally enhanced testosterone production are the key to muscle building in men. This is because the focus should be entirely on mass of muscle and not fat and this is exactly what Vitamin B6 helps with.

    These vitamins are natural testosterone boosters and they improve T-levels in the blood significantly in a short span. People who are deficient in Vitamin B6 have also been identified to be lacking in healthy amounts of testosterone in the body.

    This proves that this essential vitamin plays a key role as a testosterone booster and this is why it is part of TestoFuel’s chosen ingredients.

    Vitamin K2

    People do not seem to talk about K Vitamins enough, especially Vitamin K2 which is kind of the unsung hero and one of the top natural ingredients of TestoFuel. Vitamin K2 works closely with Vitamin D3 to improve T-levels and doing so results in a plethora of benefits.

    This includes improved energy levels, a healthier immune system, and of course, it helps boost testosterone levels. What users must importantly note is that Testofuel does not contain any actual testosterone of its own.

    What we mean when we say Vitamin K2 helps boost testosterone levels is that it helps the body make its testosterone. In doing so, Vitamin K2 helps with muscle building which results in increasing muscle mass. Studies have shown that K2 has the potential to improve levels of testosterone by as much as 70%!


    There is a rather depressing thing that happens in the body often due to several reasons called aromatization (the process in which testosterone converts into estrogen).

    Maintaining high T-levels is important because it plays a direct role in sustaining energy levels and building muscle. Zinc comes to the rescue here and it significantly dampens this process.

    Zinc contained supplements are excellent testosterone boosters, and they help boost testosterone levels directly. Like any good natural testosterone booster, Zinc acts on muscle building and provides you with a strong immune system.

    Zinc contained supplements solve the problem of low testosterone levels caused as a result of deficiency of this mineral. Zinc boosts testosterone levels by directly acting on the brain to improve production.

    How does TestoFuel Work?

    TestoFuel, being a natural dietary supplement, does not contain any testosterone of its own. Instead, it encourages the body to produce its own testosterone, using ingredients that boost the levels of testosterone in the body. With DAA, extract of oyster, Vitamins such as D and K2, Zinc, etc., TestoFuel encourages the body to produce more testosterone that helps increase growth of muscle and synthesis of protein to promote overall building of muscle in the individual.

    That’s not it. TestoFuel does more than just boost T-levels in the body. If you did not know this, free testosterone has the tendency to bind to SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin. When testosterone binds to SHBG, it renders the testosterone incapable of increasing muscle mass. This means that the whole point of increasing T-levels goes to vain.

    Not with TestoFuel. TestoFuel understands this problem and stops the newly produced testosterone from binding to sex hormone binding globulin or SHBG. The lower the levels of testosterone bound with SHBG, the higher the levels of actual testosterone in the body, thus, higher the rate of muscle growth.

    But, enough with testosterone boosting, already. Let us understand the importance of boosting testosterone for growth of muscle and why it is important for building muscles.

    Importance of Testosterone in Building Muscles

    By increasing T-levels in the body, TestoFuel also influences the increase in growth hormone levels. So, how does this hormone fit in the equation of building muscle? It’s simple. This hormone is extremely crucial for synthesis of protein; something that helps build muscles and quicken the muscle recovery time.

    The levels of testosterone in the body directly influence the levels of growth hormone, which is why T-levels are important to build muscle.

    Next, testosterone is also proven to prevent catabolism (breaking down of muscle tissues) by reducing the effects of Cortisol.

    Other benefits of testosterone

    Testosterone also increases the number of RBCs or red blood cells in the body. This means that there is a direct impact on the increase in oxygen levels in the body. With increased oxygen flow in the body, the physical endurance to perform strenuous workouts is increased.

    Lastly, testosterone binds to androgen receptors in the cells of the muscle which leads to synthesis of protein, thus causing muscle growth in the body.

    With the importance of testosterone known to you, it is easily understandable how TestoFuel can be a great solution to anyone looking to build significant amounts of muscle in a reasonable amount of time.

    TestoFuel Reviews – What do Real TestoFuel Users Say?

    There are numerous TestoFuel reviews that swear by the supplement’s efficacy. Here are two examples of what real-life users have to say about TestoFuel after using the supplement to gain muscles:

    Arthur M. says, “Just started the product. This product is suggested but not very well backed up by facts.”

    A review by Roy J mentions, “Good product. A little expensive. Seems to work. I’ve used less expensive products that worked. I read a lot before buying. I would say it’s a legit product worth the money.”

    Similarly, there are hundreds of other reviews that testify to the stellar reputation of this miraculous testosterone booster, TestoFuel.

    Pricing of TestoFuel

    • One month supply of TestoFuel contains 120 capsules (4 capsules to be consumed per day). It costs $65.00 USD which means that each serving of TestoFuel (4 capsules per day) costs about $2.17.
    • Two-months supply of TestoFuel contains two separate bottles of TestoFuel, each containing 120 capsules (4 capsules to be consumed per day) and costs $130.00 USD in total with free shipping across the U.K. and U.S.
    • Three-months supply of TestoFuel contains three bottles of TestoFuel (120 capsules in each container) and costs $195.00 in total.

    Does TestoFuel Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes, TestoFuel offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all the containers of TestoFuel, despite the supply you choose, be it monthly or a bundle pack. If you are not satisfied with the supplement, you can choose to get your money back by simply reaching out to TestoFuel’s customer support within 30 days of you receiving the supplement.

    Are there any bonus products offered with TestoFuel?

    The three-months supply of TestoFuel has lucrative bonus products included. With the three-months supply, you also get a FREE bottle of TestoFuel (which logically means that the three-months supply has 4 bottles of TestoFuel).

    Apart from this, you can also get your hands on two extremely comprehensible and useful e-guides, namely Nutrition Guide and Workout Guide, with the three-months bundle pack.

    To top the cherry, the makers also provide free worldwide shipping on the three-months bundle pack, thus you make greater savings.

    Where to Buy TestoFuel?

    TestoFuel is only available on the official website of TestoFuel owned by Roar Ambitions Ltd. It is important to note that you should only be buying the supplement from the official website to get actual results from the supplement.

    If you buy TestoFuel from other platforms, you will be unable to claim your 30-day money back guarantee, if the product turns out to be inefficacious (the chances of which are very high).

    In Depth TestoFuel Review – Our Take on TestoFuel

    From increasing physical performance to boosting physical endurance, TestoFuel is much hyped in the T-boosting supplement industry. But, is it worth the hype?

    Our research and editorial team dug deep into the product, breaking it down into several components to help you make informed buying decisions, if you are contemplating buying TestoFuel.

    What are the Benefits of TestoFuel?

    Following are the benefits of TestoFuel, as claimed by numerous TestoFuel reviews all across the internet:

    Improved Muscle Growth and Muscle Mass

    The one obvious benefit of TestoFuel is an increase in muscle mass and growth of muscle. Every fitness conscious individual wants to get rid of those chicken legs and put on stacks of pure fat-free muscle onto their body.

    TestoFuel can help individuals looking to have increased target tissue uptake, in order to promote growth of muscle, which in turn can transform one’s physique into something that makes women all hot and bothered.

    Increased Testosterone Production

    As the name suggests, another one of the benefits of TestoFuel is the increase in the T-levels. Aforementioned, the increase in T-levels directly impacts how much muscle you put on in a given amount of time. With increased production of testosterone, the time you need to put on significant amounts of muscle decreases and you get quicker results; this is applicable even for sedentary subjects or individuals.

    Improved Mood and Metabolism

    It is a proven fact that optimal levels of testosterone can keep you in a good mood. If you are low on T-levels, it is common for you to feel low at all times. However, with an increase in levels of testosterone, you can see a visible improvement in your overall mood. The improvement in mood can also significantly increase self-esteem and self-confidence in men.

    Apart from this, TestoFuel also boosts metabolism and insulin sensitivity. This helps in burning more energy (while increasing energy levels) and the increase in insulin sensitivity keeps the body lean.

    Reduction in Body Fat

    As much as it is important to put on muscles, it is equally important to reduce body fat. One of the major benefits of TestoFuel is the reduction of body fat, which gives the physique a leaner and more gracious look, free of unwanted fat.

    The ingredients in TestoFuel also increase serum testosterone levels while Vitamin B6 in TestoFuel also regulates hemoglobin in the body.

    Increased Libido and Reproductive Function

    The increase in T-levels can help boost libido and TestoFuel aims to do exactly that by increasing sex hormone production. The boosted libido or sex drive is an added benefit to the overall perks provided by TestoFuel.

    Moreover, since TestoFuel enhances the natural production of testosterone in the body, it also impacts the reproductive function. By promoting reproductive function in men, TestoFuel can be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction.

    Since erectile dysfunction is more common in older men, such individuals can benefit from TestoFuel if they wish to zing up things in the bedroom.

    How to take TestoFuel?

    TestoFuel has a daily serving of 4 capsules, which can be taken at any time of the day, or across intervals, with any beverage or simply water. Since TestoFuel is an anabolic complex support, we recommend spreading out the servings throughout the day and taking the supplement in parts of two, i.e, two capsules in the morning and two in the evening.

    Is TestoFuel Safe?

    Yes, TestoFuel is a completely and natural option. Since TestoFuel does not contain its own testosterone, it is not a synthetic steroid, most of which are harmful to the body. As a legal and safe alternative to steroids meant for growth of muscles, TestoFuel can be used by all men aged 18 or above.

    On a side note, we do recommend seeing a healthcare provider before starting the supplementation of any health product to see if it can possibly interfere with existing health conditions or medications.

    Final Verdict – Is TestoFuel worth the price?

    Let’s face it: Building muscles and getting that ‘oh-so-dreamy’ physique is not easy. The majority of people who hit the gym are stuck in a viscous loop of unending questions such as ‘How to get results quicker?’, ‘How to get those chiseled abs?’, ‘What, besides diet and exercise, can help me build that lean and muscular physique?’, and ‘Where am I lacking in the game, really?’.

    The most precise answer to all these questions, especially for men, is testosterone. However, increasing testosterone naturally can be tough since a number of processes, such as aromatization, converts testosterone into something or the other, rendering it incapable of contributing to muscle growth.

    This is where TestoFuel comes into play. Complemented with regular exercise and a proper diet routine (yes, you do not really need to spend a fortune on protein shakes), you can make the most out of TestoFuel. With added benefits of improved metabolism, insulin sensitivity, increased blood flow, and boosted libido, etc., TestoFuel can be your prime partner in improving overall health and putting on those big pounds of muscles.


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