The Lost SuperFoods Review: The Ultimate Survival Foods Book You Need?

Everyone fears having to go to sleep on an empty stomach. Crisis, pandemics, and natural disasters like a tornado, hurricanes, floods, and other natural calamities make food acquisition a nightmare. However, historical documents illustrate that the ancestors who survived calamities could do so thanks to their survival skills. Before technology and civilization, some could preserve foods for over 365 days without losing their nutritional value or developing poisonous microbes.

The rising cost of living, electrical bills, and food require one to have the survival skills of Native Americans before civilizations. Imagine storing a one-year supply of food without deep freezers or refrigeration!

The Lost SuperFoods is a survival guide comprising various recipes and foods that can aid you in stockpiling food for over a year without modern preservation methods. The writers are renowned survivalists who have tried and tested the practices in the book.

But is the book worth the hype? Are the preservation practices practical? Please continue reading this review to discover more about the Lost SuperFoods.

Introducing the Lost SuperFoods

Are you looking for a guide comprising ancient food preservation hacks? The Lost SuperFoods is a 250+ page survival book covering various food types and recipes that can aid you in surviving calamities. In addition, readers can utilize some of the practical food preservation tricks to save on electrical bills and ensure one has adequate food all year round. The Lost SuperFoods authors include famous survivalists Art Rude and Claude Davis.

Anyone can benefit from the survivalists’ book, including those with limited background in the kitchen. Art Rude claims that the Lost SuperFoods has easy-to-follow instructions and a font that is easy to read. The colored pictures ensure that the readers get the correct food items.

All the foods in The Lost SuperFoods book have high nutritional value. Similarly, the survival guide recipes offer various dietary discounts to ensure one gets all the micros and macros. The Lost SuperFoods has common foods and is available in almost every grocery store. However, “less common foods” are not very popular.

The Survival Foods in the Lost SuperFoods Book

Art Rude, Collude Davis, and the other authors claim they have conducted extensive research on some of the durable foods that Native Americans used to survive. These include:

US Doomsday Ration

During the Cold War, the state spent a fortune to create a “secret ration” meant to feed the entire US population. A single ration retailed at 37 cents. Art Rude claims that the Doomsday ration is easy to replicate, and with the correct preservation, it does not spoil quickly. Similarly, the Ration is portable and can easily fit a bug-out bag.

Healthy Fats

The body requires adequate butyric acid to absorb other nutrients. Healthy Fats is a lost superfood that can provide users with sufficient fats necessary to amplify immunity, digestive health, and well-being.

The Great Depression Superfood

Art Rude and Claude Davis share that the Great Depression Superfood protected hundreds of Americans from starvation. It is easy to create, tasty, and can last up to 24 months without refrigeration.

Lard is traditionally used to manufacture soap, cook, and treat burns and is a healthy source of fat.

Civil War Food Miracle

Imagine creating nutritious and long-lasting foods from leftovers! The Civil War Food Miracle is a superfood made using scraps. Art Rude and co-authors agree that the food can save you from buying fresh food regularly.

1800s Long Lasting Bread

The Canadian Cree tribe is the originator of the 1800s Long Lasting Bread. It uses four simple ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes to cook. In addition, the bread is high in carbs and can provide adequate energy levels.

Cheese Preservation

Most American dishes contain cheese. After all, experts claim that the older the cheese, the better the taste! However, the Dutch of Alkmaar are the creator of a secret cheese preservation technique that can help you enjoy the product for extended periods.

Black Plague Superfood

The Black Plague superfood is prepared using familiar ingredients, is highly nutritious, and can provide users with essential antioxidants and vitamins. Vitamins are crucial in fortifying immunity. During the Dark Ages, nutrient deficiency wiped out hundreds of Americans.

The Pocket Soup

Clark and Lewis developed the portable soup. It has multiple nutrients, easy to prepare, and does not spoil quickly.

The Lost SuperFoods Benefits

  • The book teaches sustainable food cultivation methods in small backyards
  • It has meal plans and recipes for foods that do not spoil easily
  • The Lost SuperFoods introduces the readers to how to preserve foods, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and other food types without the need for electric power
  • It can help users to maintain healthy diets using available foods and prevent food wastage
  • Readers can apply the ancient food preservation methods, thus saving on electric costs and ensuring they have enough food supplies throughout the year
  • It can prevent users from panicking in case of a disaster or pandemic

The Lost SuperFoods Pricing

Customers can purchase the Lost SuperFoods only from the official website. The primary author, Art Rude, provides a digital copy after choosing one of the two options and completing payment.

The two offers are:

  • Physical Book and a Digital Book $27.00 + $9.99 Shipping for the Physical Book
  • Digital Book $27.00

The hardcover copy may take several days to reach the customer’s address. A 60-day satisfaction guarantee protects each order.

Free Bonuses

  • 1900 Project That Will Help You Survive Crisis – It includes practical methods of preserving clean water, hunting skills, and how to grow herbs.
  • An Underground 12-Months Greenhouse is a digital guide that educates the readers on constructing a simple and affordable greenhouse.

Customers can reach out for support by contacting the creators by sending an email to:

  • support@thelostsuperfoods.com


The Lost SuperFoods educates the readers on maintaining the food’s freshness even after a power blackout. The authors give sustainable advice on preserving various foods without depending on electric power. Similarly, the 250-page survival book The Lost SuperFoods teaches how to grow multiple foods and herbs in economical buckets.



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