Trichofol Reviews – Real Customer Results from Actual Users?

Trichofol is a natural supplement that helps consumers improve their hair growth by improving blood circulation. It provides a wealth of vitamins and minerals directly linked to hair health, erasing bald spots and replacing them with thick and healthy hair.

What is Trichofol?

Looking and feeling one’s best often directly correlates with appearance. Some people use cosmetics, while others find clothing that expresses their inner style. One of the most significant factors in personal appearance is hair, and nothing makes someone feel quite as old or as conspicuous as hair loss. Many factors are involved in hair loss, including hormonal changes and stress. However, the biggest problem is the lack of proper circulation through the scalp. Luckily, Trichofol addresses this problem quickly.

Trichofol targets the hair follicles by improving the nutrients delivered through their circulatory system. Oxygen and other nutrients need to get to the follicles in order to stimulate growth, which means that users don’t have to go through any invasive or expensive techniques to get their hair back. There’s no prescription medication involved, and users only need to spend a couple of weeks using Trichofol to see incredible results start.

The hair loss remedy is the work of two people who wanted to stop the thinning and balding process, researching the ingredients that could make that happen. To ensure that every product is made safely and consistently, it is only made in small batches, and it will take at least three months to get enough of the product to start selling again when their inventory runs out. Still, they provide the chance for users to order multiple bottles at once so that they are prepared.

How Does Trichofol Work?

To understand why Trichofol works, users must first understand why they are experiencing hair loss. As told on the website, hair growth almost entirely relies on the proper circulation of blood. The hair follicles are surrounded by the veins and arteries that provide them with necessary nutrients like vitamins and minerals. By nourishing the follicles with proper blood supply, better growth can occur. This type of nourishment for hair follicles is what consumers already achieve with Minoxidil, an FDA-approved remedy for hair loss.

Unfortunately, with Minoxidil, users stop seeing hair growth results the moment that they no longer take it. Instead, through various research, the creators at Trichofol found that the people who experienced the most hair loss had fewer blood vessels. Blood vessel strength wasn’t the key to growth, but users’ number of blood vessels made the difference.

To create the Trichofol hair regrowth remedy, about a dozen ingredients contribute to effectiveness. However, the official Trichofol website doesn’t go into much detail about them. Instead, they mention just a few – Japanese hawthorn and hibiscus.

Japanese Hawthorn was allegedly provided to samurais once they’d proven their courage. Once the samurai would start taking this herb, they’d grow incredibly thick hair that they’d have to tie back with ropes. Hawthorn is known for regulating the user’s blood pressure, and it has consistently been used in the treatment of skin disease and scalp issues for centuries. When users take it, they get more blood to their scalp, delivering oxygen and other nutrients. It also offers an excellent source of vitamin C.

Hibiscus regulates the inflammation on the scalp as it regulates high blood pressure and delivers nourishment that acts as a superfood. It provides the user with natural and healthy energy for the scalp without any stimulants, and it can even keep the hair follicles from shrinking. According to a study in 2003, hibiscus can help users increase hair regrowth as it stimulates the hair follicles. Along with stopping new hair loss, it gives the user’s hair incredible health and luminosity. Some studies indicate that it can reduce graying, making the user feel and look younger than ever.

With ten other ingredients, users can improve the way that their hair grows over time. The ingredients also work together to control the user’s blood pressure, improve immunity, and keep the skin and nails healthy. Some people find that the regular use of this remedy reduces their risk of heart problems and helps them sleep better at night, attacking the most common issues associated with aging.

How to Buy Trichofol

Currently, the only way consumers can purchase the hair restoration formula, Trichofol, is through the official website. There are a few different packages, allowing users to save money if they order more than one bottle at a time.

The packages include:

  • One bottle for $69.00 + Low Shipping Cost
  • Three bottles for $59.00 Each + Free US Shipping
  • Six bottles for $49.00 Each + Free US Shipping

If this product doesn’t help with hair regrowth, the customer has up to 60 days to get a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trichofol

Q. Is Trichofol suitable for everyone?

A. The remedy is suitable for anyone who struggles with hair thinness and has watched their follicles deteriorate right in front of them. The creators state that the reason behind hair loss in the first place is decreased circulation. When the follicles don’t get enough blood circulation, they shrink until they can no longer produce hair.

Q. What makes Trichofol work?

A. The creators behind this formula state that a protein called VEGF helps with the blood vessels in the scalp, ensuring that the dormant follicles can stimulate hair growth. To activate the protein, Trichofol introduces multiple natural compounds that have been used in Japanese cuisine for quite some time. With numerous superfoods included, the formula can be quite a powerful boost of nutrients. Users that take this formula will fix the issues with their VEGF to promote new growth.

Q. Is Trichofol safe to use?

A. Yes. All ingredients are safe, and none of the 68,000+ people who have tried it have had any side effects.

Q. How should Trichofol be used?

A. Daily use is a necessity to get the results. Users only need two capsules, which they can take after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The company encourages users to have a large glass of water after swallowing the capsules.

Q. What is the risk-free guarantee?

A. Due to how confident the creators are in this hair regrowth remedy, they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee to get a full refund.

Q. Will Trichofol be available for Purchase long?

A. The company can’t guarantee that this formula will continue to be available for long. Users who want to see what it can do should make a purchase while still can.

If the potential customer still has other questions, they can reach out to the customer service team by sending an email to:

  • Email: support@trichofol.com
  • Product Return: 37 Inverness Drive E Ste 100 Englewood, CO 80112


Trichofol helps consumers to reinvigorate their scalp and improve hair growth. Made specifically for individuals who are already struggling with their hair thinning, the remedy triggers better circulation and more hair growth with a few natural ingredients. Users need to keep up with the regimen daily if they want to see any progress, but they can order enough of the remedy to use it nonstop for up to six months. Plus, the website may have a coupon for another 10% off of the already discounted prices for individuals that order soon.


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