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Where to Buy the Best CBD Gummies for Pain in 2020

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In this article, we’ll cover the best CBD gummy candies for managing pain in 2020. We’ll cover each brand in brief, along with our reasoning for what makes them such a great option to help with the pain.

We’ll also cover how CBD works and what else you can do to get even more out of your CBD supplementation.

Let’s dive straight in with our top three picks for 2020:

Top Three CBD Gummies For Pain & Inflammation

  • Royal CBD – Award Winning, Best CBD Gummies For Pain
  • Gold Bee – Runner Up, Quality Product at a Good Price
  • Blessed CBD – Potent CBD, But Only Ships to the UK

1. Royal CBD Gummies — Editor’s Pick

Royal CBD - Editor's Pick

Royal CBD is already a well-renowned brand offering CBD products in all major categories — including oils, gummies, topicals, capsules, and pet products.

This brand even has two different types of CBD gummies to choose from depending on your taste preference. The Dots have a sweet fruity flavor, and the Sour Drops have a delicious sour taste.

These gummies also come in two different potencies:

  • 10 mg CBD per gummy
  • 25 mg CBD per gummy

We recommend the 25 mg gummies no matter what your dose of CBD may be. They have better value for the money and you can easily cut them into smaller sizes to hit lower doses if needed.

These gummies are made from 99% pure CBD isolate and all-natural ingredients. They’ve been featured as the top pick in the CBD gummy category by over a dozen high-profile publications. Just a few examples include SF Weekly, We Be High, Weed News, CFAH, Observer, VentureBeat, and SF Examiner.


  • Available in two different types and two separate potencies
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Backed by third-party testing


  • Not available at local shops or dispensaries (online brand only)

2. Gold Bee CBD Gummies — Runner-Up

Gold Bee - Runner Up

These CBD gummies from Gold Bee are completely vegan friendly and offer some of the best value for the money we’ve seen yet.

A single container of Gold Bee gummies costs $90 — but you can often find them on sale for $70. With 750 mg of CBD per container in total (25 mg per gummy), this works out to less than 10 cents per milligram of CBD.

To put this into perspective, the average cost for a CBD gummy is around 15 or 20 cents for every milligram of CBD.

You can save even more money by leveraging the brand’s bulk order discounts. You can save 5% when you order two containers, or 8% if you order four containers at a time.

One container of CBD gummies will last roughly one month, depending on what dose of CBD you’re using.

These gummies come highly-recommended. Dozens of high-profile media outlets recommend these gummies. Some examples include CityBeat, CL Tampa, Riverfront Times, Cleveland Scene, Metro Times, San Antonio Current, and LA Weekly.


  • Vegan-friendly formula
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • High demand and small production size means these gummies may be out of stock occasionally

3. Blessed CBD Gummies — UK’s Best CBD Gummies

These CBD gummies by Blessed CBD are vegan-friendly, come with complete third-party lab tests, and come backed by hundreds of positive user reviews.

This brand has been named among the top CBD gummies in the UK by industry experts such as Daily CBD.

This company is based in London, England. They ship products throughout the UK and a handful of neighboring countries.

We’ve included this brand as an alternative option for our international readers. Unfortunately, none of the other brands on this list ship CBD gummies internationally.

Another option to check out if you’re living in the UK is a brand called Crush CBD.


  • Made with a vegan-friendly formula
  • Contains high-strength CBD isolate (25 mg per piece)
  • This company has an excellent track record as a trusted source of CBD in the UK.


  • Only available within the UK

How Does CBD Block Pain?

CBD (cannabidiol) is just one of the many cannabinoids in hemp plants. But it’s considered to have the strongest pain killing benefits of them all.

This compound works in three main ways to block pain:

  • It targets the pain receptors in the spinal cord to dull the pain signal before it reaches the brain
  • It reduces inflammation in the tissues to reduce the pain signal at its source
  • It promotes faster cell recovery in damaged tissues to address the underlying cause of the pain

CBD products work right away to block pain, but the impact of the supplement will become stronger over several weeks or months of consistent use. The pain killing effects working through the pain receptors take only 30 – 60 minutes to begin taking effect, but the impact from the anti-inflammatory or cell regenerative qualities can take some time.

It’s important to be patient and persistent with your CBD dose when managing pain — especially chronic persistent pain from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or endometriosis.

What Dose of CBD Should I Take?

The dose of CBD is different for everybody. Factors such as weight, age, gender, digestive health, metabolism, and genetics can all influence the optimal dose of CBD.

For this reason, most experts recommend starting with a low dose of CBD, and building up gradually over time until you find a dose that works for you.

You can use an online CBD dosage calculator to find the ballpark dose based on your weight, but keep in mind this is just an estimate. You should increase the dose by about 2 – 5 mg per day until you start to see results.

If you experience side effects (the most common side effect is fatigue), it means you’ve used too much CBD and have found your upper limit for CBD. Reduce the dose slightly the next time until you no longer experience side effects.

How to Get More From You CBD Gummies For Pain

CBD gummies do a great job of mitigating pain independently, but you can make them even more effective by adopting a multifaceted approach. Combine your CBD gummies with other supplemental, dietary, and lifestyle changes to help manage your condition.

Here are a few steps you can take to optimize your dose of CBD.

1. Experiment With The Dose

We’ve already covered this briefly, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s well worth the time and effort to experiment with the dose until you find what works best for you.

If you take CBD gummies for a week and don’t notice any results, you should increase the dose.

If you’re feeling tired after using your gummies, it may be a good idea to reduce the dose.

CBD gummies make dosing easy because you can cut them into halves or quarters for a smaller dose, or double or triple them for a higher dose.

2. Combine CBD With Other Health Supplements

There are plenty of other health supplements that combine well with CBD to alleviate specific symptoms like pain or inflammation.

Look for herbs or nutrients specific to the type of pain you’re experiencing:

  • For muscle pain — try muscle relaxant herbs like kava kava
  • For nerve pain — look for nervine herbs like skullcap or ginkgo biloba
  • For joint pain — try anti-inflammatories like boswellia or turmeric
  • For skin pain — look for soothing herbs like arnica (topical), or calendula
  • For headaches — try anti-migraine herbs like feverfew

3. Use Terpene Concentrates

There’s only one problem with CBD gummies compared to other CBD products — they usually lack the added benefits of cannabis-derived terpenes.

Most CBD gummies are made from a CBD extract that contains little to no terpenes. These small molecules act as a solvent and can interfere with the gelatin base in CBD gummies.

Terpenes offer a lot of value to a CBD extract. Some increase the potency of CBD itself; others provide additional painkilling or anti-inflammatory benefits of their own.

Many people using CBD gummies to manage their pain will also take a terpene concentrate alongside them. These extracts are an affordable and efficient way to boost the impact of a quality CBD gummy.

Look for terpene concentrates from companies like Finest Labs for the best deals.

4. Incorporate Other Diet & Lifestyle Modifications

CBD shouldn’t be your only method for mitigating pain. Factors like the food you eat and the amount of exercise or stretching you’re getting have a huge impact on your pain levels.

Depending on the type of pain you’re experiencing, the diet and lifestyle modifications that offer the biggest impact may vary.

Here are some general painkilling lifestyle habits to adopt to reduce pain long-term:

  • Exercise daily — at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise per day
  • Practice yoga or spend time stretching every day
  • Eat a balanced diet with nutritionally dense foods
  • Avoid high-sugar foods or meals that use preservatives (such as canned or prepackaged meals)
  • Manage your stress levels — try meditation, journaling, or visit a counselor
  • Prioritize your sleep — make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night

Key Takeaways: Best CBD Gummies For Pain

CBD gummies are a great health supplement to use for managing pain. They provide a consistent dose of CBD that can help block pain signals, reduce inflammation, and promote faster recovery of damaged tissue.

However, it’s critical you only order your gummies from reputable brands to avoid getting ripped off by companies selling impotent or unsafe CBD products.

For best results, combine your CBD gummies with changes to your diet, supplement, and lifestyle habits.

For a quick recommendation, we suggest you check out the CBD gummies by Royal CBD — they’re our number one pick for the best CBD gummy brand in 2020.

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