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7 Magic Energy Experiments Review – Does It Actually Work?

Frustrated by where your life is headed? Feel as though no progress is being made? If the answers are yes, individuals may need to question their state of mind. Could it be that a promotion slipped right out of your hands because of desynchronization in energy? Did it ever occur that you might be holding onto adverse events, ultimately halting growth processes? Jackie Jones is a true believer of thoughts taking shape in life and how this principle alone can either promote distaste or contentment. As someone who went on a journey of self-discovery, Jackie affirms that her latest program outlines the steps to success. Here’s a thorough analysis of the 7 Magic Energy Experiments without any further delay.

What are the 7 Magic Energy Experiments?

7 Magic Energy Experiments is a 21-day program encompassing seven experiments that allegedly “build belief one step at a time.” Creator Jackie Jones asserts that individuals will harness the real laws of alchemy practiced by the Ancient Masters with every experiment. Whether individuals are yearning for complete financial freedom, fulfilling relationships, or something as straightforward as mastering time management, this program is believed to tap into one’s subconscious and help transform one’s energy to reach said goals.

How have 7 Magic Energy Experiments been structured?

At large, 7 Magic Energy Experiments appears to be founded on different perspectives into mysticism. For instance, Jackie explained that Kabbalah, a well-known esoteric school of Jewish mysticism (or mystery school), was created on another school of esoteric knowledge called Merkabah mysticism. Scholars who join these schools are initiates acquiring sacred, hidden knowledge (seldomly revealed publicly).

The Tree of Life factors into this picture, but as per Jackie’s research, there are 12 spheres, not just the known 10. The lack of access to the missing two spheres is the reason for a closed energy system. She also couldn’t believe how much information was hidden from the Bible, leading her to Gnostics, who support the belief that individuals can transcend the everyday world by using intuition and internal processes.

While researching Kabbalah, she discovered the 1908 Kybalion, a book based on the teachings of Hermetica derived from ancient Egyptian esoteric practices. She found this book fascinating because it includes seven principles for hermeticism, i.e., mentality, correspondence, vibration, polarity, gender, rhythm, and cause and effect. The topics under question include medicine, astrology, cosmology, theology, alchemy, and magic, all of which have been suppressed by the church.

Taking everything into account, 7 Magic Energy Experiments has been structured to connect the dots between Gnosticism, Hermeticism, the hidden nature of the Bible, and the Kabbalah, and this connection guarantees spiritual knowledge.

What do 7 Magic Energy Experiments comprise of?

Jackie teamed up with her friend John to strengthen spiritual knowledge to develop audios that support neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is defined as “the process of changing neural pathways in the brain to help anxiety, depression, trauma and [possibly] releasing internal beliefs that hold you back.”

This technique works in two folds; 1) audio brain plasticity and 2) embedding new positive beliefs into your subconscious. Consequently, individuals will learn to clear blocks, shift narratives, and align themselves with goals needing fulfillment. So, with 7 Magic Energy Experiments, individuals will be acquiring knowledge on the 7 Alchemical experiments coupled with audios. Below is a quick brief:

Experiment 1: The Law of Light

The first experiment is intended to shed light on the importance of thoughts that cross one’s mind. Thoughts can become one’s reality; thus, individuals will acquire means of manifesting synchronicities in their lives in the first level. Be aware that the first level might unleash confusion from the past, but more clarity can be attained as one progresses to the second level. By the end, an understanding of how to identify clear signs from the Universe should be grasped.

Experiment 2: The Law of Release

The second experiment is reckoned to push individuals into seeing how genuinely connected they are with the Divine. Once again, the first level is meant to manifest a sign that might help navigate through a specific program, whereas the second level involves implementing the identified sign. Will it be owning a new home, driving a luxury car, or admitting feelings? It comes down to each person.

Experiment 3: The Law of Growth

At this point into 7 Magic Energy Experiments, individuals will realize that what was once perceived as impossible can be reached, but past karma must be cleared to be successful. The first level entails outlining possible hindrances and acknowledging their impact, while the second level entails forgiving whatever and whoever it was that caused damage. Think of it as a step to clearing the way for a new future, where dreams can be gradually brought to reality.

Experiment 4: The Law of Integration

The fourth experiment involves transforming negative energy into a positive one. This stage into 7 Magic Energy Experiments involves releasing all negative feelings towards people, places, and memories. Going from the first level to the second will be daunting. However, the hardest of all these steps is acknowledging problems, which is already completed during the third experiment.

Experiment 5: The Law of Strength

The Law of Strength is where the new and improved person is put to the test. The first level will demonstrate how power only comes to those who allow the Universe to decide what’s fitting on an individualistic basis. The second level promotes an out-of-body experience meant to open once rejected paths. Precisely, individuals will study the magic surrounding the Ancient Mantra: “What’s meant for you won’t pass you by.”

Experiment 6: The Law of Spirit

The most crucial aspect of being mindful is becoming a complete human spirit, which requires the duo mentioned above. Therefore, the first level involves aligning both energetic frequencies, while the second establishes a completely balanced Spirit. The sixth phase requires everyone to master both feminine and masculine energies because there supposedly rests much more power when both are embraced.

Experiment 7: The Law of Self-Actualization

The last stage is described as the “meeting point between matter and spirit.” This is where one’s energy is shifted and manipulated so that individuals can become whoever and whatever they desire. By the end, one’s vibration will have aligned with the Universe, allowing enormous changes (for the better) to occur in one’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How long is the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program?

A. The 7 Magic Energy Experiments is a 21-day program where individuals are asked to sit back and press play on the 12-minute daily audios. By the end, a total mind and heart transformation will have taken place, leaving many people in disbelief regarding their past ways of life.

Q. I’ve tried manifestation programs before; what sets 7 Magic Energy Experiments apart from the rest?

A. The difference between 7 Magic Energy Experiments and other manifestation programs is that every conceivable knowledge is presented. For instance, in “The Secret,” the author promises an untold way to manifest, yet actual secrets are not revealed. Jackie believes that there are seven secrets (or alchemical laws of the Universe) fundamental for manifesting breakthroughs.

This program’s highly transformative neuroscientific audios as the format are trusted to directly target the subconscious so that the knowledge acquired is also reinforced. This same level of influence is unlikely with manuscripts or other reading materials.

Q. How long will it take to make big manifestations?

A. Every person’s situation and goals are different, but as long as each experiment is followed to the tee, subconscious blocks will be removed using the accompanying audio. Furthermore, manifestations can occur within the first 21 days of following this program. Still, of course, time is much needed, and the process of acknowledging, forgiving, and healing from past trauma is a journey on its own.

Q. What is the benefit of following 7 Magic Energy Experiments?

A. The benefit of 7 Magic Energy Experiments is its ability to help individuals on their journey to aligning their energies with the Universe. Establishing such a connection allegedly ensures that one’s complete power is reclaimed. In other words, wealth, love, and eternal happiness might be manifested without any setbacks.

Q. What if there’s no difference in my subconscious after following 7 Magic Energy Experiments?

A. Individuals are asked to give 7 Magic Energy Experiments at least 30 to 60 days before concluding its impact. If at any point within the 60 days, individuals feel the program isn’t a fitting solution for their respective needs, an email requesting a refund must be sent to:

  • Email Support:

This is an option thanks to the 60-day money-back guarantee in place.

How much will the 7 Magic Energy Experiments cost?

For the entire 7 Magic Energy Experiments program, including the seven audios, the current going price is $47.00 and can be purchased on the official website.

Who created 7 Magic Energy Experiments?

Based in Canada, Jackie Jones is the creator behind the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program. Her interest in spirituality first flourished in her teenage years when she stumbled upon The Celestine Prophecy. Having opened her heart and mind in ways unimaginable, she later invested time in yoga, Buddhism, meditation, Reiki, and the Law of Attraction. This was also when programs like The Secret and the teachings of Abraham Hicks facilitated decision-making.

As she continued her spiritual journey, she realized that she heavily relied on materialism instead of necessities. She felt existing resources lacked shadow work vital for healing, hence, the need for 7 Magic Energy Experiments. For real growth, she needed strength to take responsibility for her position in life, and this starts by addressing negative emotional states rather than bypassing them. Here are a couple of words from the creator herself:

“We must put in the time and effort to clear out blockages that are stopping us from moving forward […] I’ve found that many New Age teachings just want you to skip shadow work and just use some form of “magic beans” to do the work for you […] Real, lasting change requires deep healing. That is why I created this program the way I did.”

Final Thoughts

7 Magic Energy Experiments is a program founded on the principle that all human beings contain a divine spark within themselves that needs to be unleashed and aligned with the Universe. People who’ve longed for financial freedom and peace of mind might be barricaded by negative energies, forcing them to subconsciously believe that their life is meant to be a certain way (good or bad).

By following the guided steps in 7 Magic Energy Experiments, individuals will partake in shadow work, which entails identifying the weaknesses, acknowledging, and healing from past traumas, forgiving oneself and wrongdoers, and freeing the mind and body of negativity so that only good power is attracted. Ultimately, this system exemplifies the power of the mind and how it turns thoughts, beliefs, and feelings into physical reality.

For more information on how to access 7 Magic Energy Experiments to put the seven Alchemical laws into practice, click here>>>.

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