Best Delta-8 Carts Near Me: Top THC & Delta-8 Cartridges Online

Vaping cannabinoid is currently the biggest trend in the industry. American cannabis users prefer vaping over smoking, and their number is on the rise. They believe vaping is better and more effective than smoking. Today, our objective is not to debate over which is better — smoking or vaping. We feel the cannabinoid consumption method is a matter of personal choice. Some people may still like to smoke, while others prefer vaping.

Vaping cannabinoids is catching up with people for numerous reasons. As a result, demand for vaping devices, especially delta-8 THC carts, is at an all-time high. The U.S. hemp market is now full to the brim with hundreds of delta-8 THC carts with every manufacturer — big and small, old and new — claiming their product is the best.

If you are a vape enthusiast, or are considering switching over to vaping, and you are looking to buy an excellent delta-8 THC cart, you may need unbiased guidance suggesting which brand you should go for. So, keeping your needs in mind, we have made a list of the top five delta-8 THC cart brands available in the market.

We understand and appreciate how unique your need is and what exactly you may need to enjoy cannabinoids. Therefore, this list has been fashioned to ensure your full enjoyment and satisfaction. In making this list, our motivation was to make your engagement with cannabinoids memorable. So, let us get started.

Top 5 Delta-8 THC Vape Cart Brands:

  1. Exhale Wellness: High Quality Premium Brand & Best Overall
  2. BudPop: Most Potent
  3. Delta ExtraX: Highly Rated
  4. Diamond CBD: Best Variety
  5. 3Chi: Most Popular

Best Delta-8 Carts [Full Reviews]

#1. Exhale Wellness: High Quality Premium Brand & Best Overall


At Exhale Wellness, they believe, “Nature holds the key to wellness,” which is why its products are high quality, pure, natural, and vegan-friendly. No wonder, therefore, Exhale’s Delta-8 cannabinoid products are designed to contain high levels of therapeutic properties.

The company was founded in Los Angeles by, what they say, a “tribe of cannabis innovators,” having tons and years of experience in agricultural and organic food production.

Exhale’s delta 8 thc cartridge is of high quality because it produces nothing else except Delta-8 THC products. And in this, Exhale has earned noticeable expertise.

Exhale’s reputation in the market is, by and large, spotless; its products enjoy a high level of credibility. Well-known publications such as the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Forbes, Ministry of Hemp, and Observer have written extensively about the company and reviewed its products.

Exhale’s products can be bought almost blindly because a third-party laboratory tests them, and the test reports are always available on the company’s website.


  • Products are vegan and pure, as well as gluten, dairy, and gelatin-free
  • Products are free of artificial colors and flavors
  • The carts are deliciously flavored
  • The vape juices provide high-grade effects and smooth vapor
  • Made of premium-grade Delta-8 THC
  • Free of PEG, VG, PG, or MCT oil
  • It comes in 10 different varieties, along with a respective mix of terpenes
  • Natural, vegan, and organically grown without GMO


  • Money-back warranty for 30 days
  • Cartridges come in high-quality and natural hemp-based tastes
  • The brand is known for its Delta-8 items
  • Consumers enjoy it since it has a good reputation
  • A third-party lab tests products


  • We suggest they add a blog page as it is absent
  • Some details on the founders are absent on the webpage
  • Available in just one Delta-8 strength


Multiple Varieties: Exhale’s D-8 carts are unique and are available in ten distinct tastes. The company uses different types of hemp strains in its efforts to create variety and depth. The ten delightful flavors it offers to pick from include: OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, Fruity Cereal, and Jack Herer.

All-natural, Premium-Grade Products: Exhale’s Delta-8 carts contain broad-spectrum hemp extracts derived through CO2 extraction. The presence of Delta-8 THC to a high degree makes these carts so potent. The ingredients and flavors are all organic, natural, and plant-based. The Delta-8 carts are free from GMOs, additives, pollutants, chemicals, synthetic substances, and Delta-9 THC.

Customer experience

Exhale Wellness customers are happy with the vape carts. They have found the vapor quality smooth and good. Using the carts, they found, was easy. Many others enumerated how wonderful they felt after they engaged with the carts. They slept well, they felt light, and they could focus better. Others reported that their depression and anxiety were much lessened after vaping the Delta-8 strain on Exhale’s D-8 carts.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop: Most Potent


It’s late entrance into the scene notwithstanding, BudPophas taken the hemp business in the US by storm. A group of young cannabis enthusiasts and professionals, all in their 20s, created the company earlier this year. And in months since its inception, the kid in the business has grown by leaps and bounds. Budpop is now rewriting the benchmarks of the industry.

Its mission is to be in the business with high-quality products and put the cannabis industry on a churn. It aims to change Americans’ mindset about cannabis; educate people about the benefits of cannabinoid usage; offer the world an alternative that may guarantee us a life full of happiness, good health, dynamism, and balance.

“Pop Plants, Not Pills,” is what Budpop wants the world to do. And that’s why the company has been doing its due diligence to wean off the Americans from pills and reduce their dependence on biochemical medicines.

Its Delta-8 products are pure and 100% vegan friendly. So are its vaping carts. Having been made from pristine US-grown hemp plants, the carts contain natural terpenes and are additive-free as well as third-party lab tested. The carts have in them 800mg of pure unalloyed Delta-8 THC. Budpop D-8 carts are of excellent quality and are tailored for just what you need. They are intense but not overwhelming and come in two variants — Grape Runtz and Strawberry Gelato.


  • Body made of good grade stainless steel
  • Coupled with food-grade mouthpieces and silicone grips
  • Customizable Heating chambers made of ceramic
  • Available in singles or packs of 3 and 5 carts
  • Non-GMO, all-organic hemp derived from the US
  • High-grade, organic ingredients and flavors


  • Clean and pure Delta-8; no additives, no-frills
  • High-class thc vape carts; smooth and flavorful
  • Remarkable repute despite the young age of the firm, as well as its founders


  • Two flavors only
  • Available in just one Delta-8 concentration


New, but remarkable brand: BudPop, although being a new brand, has begun to make waves in the legal cannabis industry with a slew of favorable comments from its clients.

Independent third-party lab tests: Reputable third-party labs evaluate all its items for effectiveness, safety, CBD, and terpene profiles.

Hemp extracts from the United States, non-GMO, all-natural: BudPop sources hemp extracts from only the finest hemp varieties bred in the United States.

Fewer spectrums, but high-quality goods: Despite the brand’s limited selection, the products are good quality, making them worth considering.

Customer experience

Customers admit that none of the BudPop products, especially the carts, contain any fillers or additives. They said the vape fluids had no other form of CBD and that the product was immaculate and pure.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Budpop

#3. Delta ExtraX: Highly Rated


Experience the higher standard, says the website of Delta ExtraX, and that is exactly what you will experience if you buy a Delta D-8 cart. A few of its products have won awards for their quality, and those that have not are highly reliable too. The D-8 carts the brand sells are designed to give you the experience you will cherish for a long time.

As a brand, Delta ExtraX has been going from strength to strength since its inception. Having a high brand recall value, people vouch that ExtraX products are good and offer a good value for money. The brand’s USP, therefore, is its loyal customer base. grand daddy

Delta’s product range is impressive, and so is its adherence to quality standards. The D-8 carts apart, the brand has in its stable three different types of Delta-8 disposables, Delta-8 THC gummies, Delta-8 fruit punch, and three variants of D-8 tinctures. On its Delta-8 carts, the brand offers a 20% discount and gives away a vaping pen. The offering has caught up with its customers.

All its products are natural and plant-based and beyond all doubt, because Savage Enterprise, the holding company that owns the brand, gets all its products tested by a third-party laboratory in addition to its in-housing testing. That ensures the purity of all its D-8 products.


  • All-natural and plant-based
  • Available in six flavors and packages of 1 and 10 carts
  • Made from 100% organic hemp flower
  • Third-party lab tests certificates are available on the brand’s website
  • Hassle-free and prompt shipping
  • Customer-friendly


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Portable, discreet and disposable
  • High usage convenience
  • Made of premium pyrex glass


  • Not very attractive packaging
  • You can only reach customer service via Tickets


The Process of Growth: Delta ExtraX offers Delta-8 carts that are 100% natural, organic, genuine, and plant-based. They’re the product of Delta ExtraX’s meticulous farming techniques, which can be relied on to create the most fabulous carts, thanks to the time and work put into selecting the best seeds for growing Delta-8 hemp flowers. Delta-8 THC-infused flowers used by Delta ExtraX are devoid of toxins, chemicals, and other unfavorable ingredients that might make you feel down.

Testing: Delta ExtraX meets our strict screening and transparency standards. It not only takes third-party laboratory tests seriously, but it also makes sure the results are easily accessible to its customers.

Ingredients: The Delta ExtraX carts have a delectable combination of terpenes and Delta-8 solvents, creating a very effective product that may come in handy in treating depression and mood improvement. The products are made from natural and organic components evaluated by a third-party lab. The results of such assessments are available on the internet.

Servings: The brand says each puffing session must include four puffs. Each cart contains 20mg of comprehensive hemp strains with a lawful Delta-9 THC content of 0.3%. The Pyrex glass-made body allows customers to see how much oil is remaining and when to be replaced.

Customer experience

Customer reviews are critical in assessing a product, and as we took a look into the reviews the brand’s users gave, we were pleasantly surprised. We found a whole massive bunch of happy customers who vouched that the products did live up to their expectations. Many of them, we felt, may never try out any other brands and will remain attached to Delta ExtraX. Such reviews, we admit, made our research and assessment a trifle easier.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta ExtraX

#4. Diamond CBD: Best Variety


Diamond CBD’s long product line is overwhelming if not awe-inspiring. And that indeed humbled us to a large degree as we took a long hard look deep into every product one by one. As we were primarily concerned about its D-8 carts, we took special care in assessing them.

The first thing about the brand’s Delta-8 carts, which awed us, is the stunning variety. The carts are available in at least 15 different flavors. Its users say Diamond’s carts, branded as Chill Plus, are the best in the market.

Diamond CBD procures its hemp from both within and outside the United States. Apart from sourcing from Colorado, the company imports high-quality hemp from Scandinavia.

To ensure the quality of its products and eliminate all harsh chemicals, Diamond CBD uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method.


  • Available in more than 15 flavors, including Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Lemonade, Grape Ape, Green Crack, Train Wreck, Skywalker, Zkittles, Mango Kush, Cherry Pie.
  • Unadulterated 900 mg of Delta-8 THC products
  • Third-party laboratory tested products
  • Organic and eco-friendly brand
  • All-natural ingredients and flavors


  • Worth the price
  • Quick delivery
  • Refund and shipping policy available


  • Numerous confusing options for new users


You should consider Diamond CBD’s Delta-8 THC cart for the following reasons:

Varieties: CBD is derived from various Sativa and Indica breeds, and the carts come in an astounding range of tastes. They include Lemonade, Strawberry cough, Lemon Squeeze, Mango, Grape Ape, and much more, containing various types of THC and certain naturally present hemp-derived terpenes and plant compounds.

Natural Sourcing: All items are naturally obtained, lab-tested, and CO2-extracted, ensuring that no leftover toxins are present. The products contain a Delta 8 cartridge THC content of less than 0.3 percent, making them legal and healthy. The d8 carts provide the correct degree of high, allowing you to feel as if you’re soaring in the sky without hallucinating or becoming crazy.

Natural Taste and Effects: Customers have praised its natural flavor. They liked purchasing from Diamond CBD because of the flavor. Some said they felt euphoric along with a feeling of relaxation and serenity.

Customer experience

Diamond’s customers, especially those who use Chill Plus Delta-8 carts, appear to be a happy lot. They were all unanimous in admitting that the brand is too good and gave them back total satisfaction, relaxation, and a feeling of calmness.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi: Great Quality Delta 8 Cartridges


Founded by a hemp-obsessed scientist/researcher, 3Chi is a well-known cannabis brand from the United States! In 2019, the enthusiastic scientist began creating Delta-8 THC products, and when in the same year he launched his Delta-8 THC product, he churned not only the hemp market but also the entire cannabis industry.

Its journey, since then, has been more than spectacular. 3Chi bagged several awards and also the confidence of its buyers. And all these were possible because its products have all been of high quality, and pure. 3Chi products are GMO-free and made using the CO2 extraction process.


  • 3Chi vape pens contain 95.0% genuine Delta-8 THC with 0.3% Delta-9 THC concentration.
  • Available in 0.5 and 1mL quantities and different flavors like Focused Blends, Resin, Comfy Numb, etc.
  • As a hemp compound, it boosts terpenes derived from cannabis strains as well as other extracts.
  • Model and packaging are standard.
  • It comes in glass CCell carts with a stoneware kind of coil that, unlike other ordinary Vaping equipment, is built using a ground-breaking way to accelerate the heat.
  • All of the necessary information about these Delta 8cartridges may be found on the brand’s website.
  • The carts’ affordable, and they believe firmly in openness


  • Made out of authentic hemp, cannabis terpenes, and extracts, and contains a 955 pure Delta-8 THC content
  • Third-party lab tests
  • Test reports are available on their website
  • The educational guidebook demonstrates their commitment to educating people


  • It has been reported that it is a touch harsh on certain people’s throats


Packaging: The carts come with a CCELL glass body, as well as a ceramic coating. It comes in two sizes: 0.5ml and 1ml, and it’s made up of more than 95% pure Delta-8 THC extracts. The 0.5ml version has 475mg Delta-8, whereas the 1ml version has 950mg Delta-8. Only cannabis or plant-derived terpenes in concentrations of 50 or 25 mg are added.

Variations: Each cartridge contains various amounts of Indica and Sativa extracts. It comes in 25 different strains and tastes, with 13 of them being cannabis-derived terpenes. The remaining ingredients are derived from cannabis plants.

Customer experience

Customers claim that after a certain amount of time, the buzz fades. They stated that the “return to reality” begins in an hour. Users report that all the edible items taste good and that they make them feel relaxed.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi

How We Made This Delta-8 Cart List

Making a list wasn’t easy. To suggest the best, we undertook thorough research of all the brands available, checked their background, their reputation in the market, their hemp sources, quality of ingredients they use, the materials they use, their prices, their business, and customer care policies, etc. And we did all these just to make sure your vaping experience doesn’t turn out to be a bad one.

The areas we probed are:

  • Hemp source
  • Production process
  • To what extent do the facilities meet the FDA standards
  • Third-party laboratory tests
  • Product effectiveness
  • Delta-9 THC content in the product
  • Whether the brand provides details on the Delta-8 cart, how it works, its health benefits, after effects, etc.
  • The general reputation of the company and the reviews of customers

We mainly focused on quality, third-party lab tests, brand reputation, customer reviews, and users’ personal experiences. A significant part of our research was focused on ascertaining the quality of the carts. And for that, we delved deep into the hemp sources, ingredients used, extraction methods employed, manufacturing techniques used, and even the packaging quality of every single brand in the market.

We know that ethical brands will not shy away from being transparent. They would not hesitate to let customers and people know about their products. Therefore, the brands that get their products tested by independent third-party laboratories and display the test reports for public viewing were considered for a position in our list. With a high degree of conviction, we feel that manufacturers of high-quality products will only get their stuff tested by third-party laboratories.

Reputed companies typically don’t sell inferior products, and that’s why we pegged our research on brand reputation. Customer reviews on Delta-8 THC carts guided us in a big way in making a list. We painstakingly went through the reviews, read between the lines, and then drew the list. We even talked to many cart users to find out what exactly a user can expect and which are the brands they use or are considering to use in the future. The personal experiences and opinions of the users did help us in making a list.

Buying Guide For Beginners (How To Stay Safe)

Different individuals have different ways of relaxing. Some people take naps while others love eating their best snacks. Yet others love to experience a relaxing euphoria. Vaping Delta-8 carts is a great way to do that with great health benefits and possibly no side effects. The rising popularity of this hemp-derived product has set the hemp market on fire.

Several companies are now in a race to create new and exciting products for this growing market. Delta-8 vaping cartridge is one such product. It is not only stylish but is also a highly effective relaxant.

As the market is inundated with new brands, not all are good quality, and many are not priced well. Such a scenario can be confusing from a new customer’s viewpoint who just wants to get the best product without spending hours looking at customer reviews. Well, worry no more! Before you move on to order your Delta-8 carts, take a look at our buying guide that will help you choose the right product with minimum effort.

Here are the things you should look out for in the best Delta-8 Carts:

  • The Products Quality or Potency

A quality Delta-8 product should deliver the high you need without being overwhelming or mixed with anything else. Check that your cart contains Delta-8 and nothing else. That means it should not have any additives, sweeteners, and other forms of cannabinoids. However, if you are looking for a milder effect, a few additives can help reduce the product’s potency, helping you ease into this hobby.

  • Sources of the Hemp

A quality brand uses naturally grown, organic hemp in their Delta-8 carts, often sourced from Colorado. Avoid products containing synthetic additives, preservatives, or other non-organic substances.

  • The Taste

Delta-8 carts have a typical hemp-like taste unless masked with flavors. Consider if you want to experience the product’s natural taste or are not a fan of that; you could try a more palatable flavor. Our suggested brands in this article provide Delta-8 carts with diverse flavors of high quality while still being effective and safe.

  • Safety of brand and numerous flavor

Make sure the brands you buy are safe. Try reading a few customer reviews to check if people experienced any side effects after consuming a particular brand’s Delta-8. Our suggested brands have been checked to have no known side effects.

  • Transparency of brand

Check if the brand assures its users’ clean-cut security and guarantees refunds in some cases. Ensure that every claim of the brand is correct and available on their website. Make sure you go through their lab report tests to know more about their production approaches.

  • Fast and Priceless Delivery

Consider how your item can get to you. Some brands can promise you extensive shipping options, including free shipping. Also, check the product’s availability since you might not gain a replacement when you need it.

Experience of other users

It’s always a good idea to read up a few customer reviews to see how the experience of other users has been with a particular brand’s product.


Customer service is a vital part of a brand’s image. Good customer service can help you answer your queries before and after your purchase.

Return policy

Consider brands that grant a 30-day return policy! If you would desire another, they could replace it quickly. Also, you’ll get another in case your item had cracks or does not function properly.

Posts on issues with products

If you buy any brand, check if they usually have issues relating to their products’ performance posted on their sites. It would be best if you had all the information and enough clarification on the item you seek for. Check for some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Manufacturing Process

Ensure that the manufacturing procedures are foolproof and modern. Great manufacturers will have a pure and great formula for use. Be sure to choose a brand that has a reputation and respectability in the market.

Is the product third-party tested?

You might be asking, “what does third-party testing mean? It simply means that a company sends a little sample of its products to an independent laboratory to get its content analyzed. This is a standard process, which contributes to a firm’s transparency with unbiased testing and review.

Third-party testing is vital because harsh chemicals are utilized in the manufacturing process. These harsh chemicals are hard to purge and need costly equipment and skilled laboratory workers. A third-party lab will also look at this and state if the brand went the extra mile to ensure the product is pure, potent, and safe. Some of the reputed third-party testing labs are:

  • Delta-8 Cone
  • Cannabinoid Profile
  • Bleaches
  • Terpene Profile
  • Pesticide Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Residual Solvent Testing

Consider These Warning Signs

If the product you are considering for purchase, do not provide the third-party testing report; know that something is hidden. It might be one out of the following reasons:

  • The brand failed the third-party lab tests due to failure to provide the needed potency or dangerous contaminants.
  • The brand did not offer the samples for third-party testing. This shows that they don’t care for your health.
  • The brands do not know the standards to abide by.

Consider their Ingredients

Some brands may contain harsh ingredients like Vitamin E etc. These vitamins may cause some severe side effects.

The ingredients to see on the list apart from Delta-8 THC distillate should be terpenes, cannabinoids, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or flavoring agents.

Consider the source that affects the legal status of the products

Although Delta-8 THC is the same substance, some sources might affect the legal status. Apart from countries where marijuana is legalized, the generally acceptable source is hemp. The meaning here is that any marijuana-made Delta-8 cart could be illegal in many places, depending on where you live.

You don’t need to fear if you live in states that do not care about the recreational use of THC. One food of thought is that purchasing hemp-derived products from the legal market is better. It needs few chemicals to manufacture its distillates from hemp flower seed, but more to produce from marijuana.

FAQs On Delta-8 Carts

Q: What does Delta-8 Cart feel like?

A: Delta-8 Cart products intoxicate mildly such that you can become moderately high like someone who had vaped marijuana. It has no side effects like marijuana, such as paranoia, depression, and anxiety. People prefer it because it helps the consumer avoid stress issues.

Q: Why is Delta-8 Cart very popular?

A: Delta-8 THC exists in numerous forms such as Delta-8 gummies, Delta-8 concentrates, Delta-8 tinctures, Delta-8 flowers, and Delta-8 capsules. But you may be wondering what makes people choose Delta-8 carts.

The reasons include high-cost efficiency, ease of use, reusability, several years of shelf life, and constant doses of Delta-8 THC.

Q: How do you safeguard Delta-8 Vape Carts?

A: Owing to its durable nature, it has a longer shelf life than other Delta-9 THC products. If you keep the vape cartridge away from the direct sun rays or high temperatures, they will be strong and usable for a long period. Keep them in the dark containers, cabinets, or drawers with no atom of heat.

Q: How many hits of Delta-8 THC do you need to feel great?

A: This dosing stage is very challenging because the quantity you can inhale from the cart may vary due to the device, the room temperature during inhalation, and the force of inhalation. The ultimate technique of assessing the correct dose is by starting with deep one or two inhales. Then after that, wait for 30 minutes for effect. Repeat after another 30 minutes till you are fine. For a stronger feel, some people take up to 5-6 puffs. It will give them greater feelings without creating mental distress or anxiety.

Q: Are there other techniques of using Delta-8 THC?

A: While vape carts are the top in the popularly used form right now, other ways exist too. Delta-8 THC can also be available in capsules, tinctures, edibles, Delta-8 THC infused cannabis flowers, and concentrates.

In Conclusion: Which Brand Should You Pick for Delta 8 THC Cartridges?

Delta-8 carts aren’t for the feeble-minded or the faint hearts! The d8 products are now available from hundreds of cannabis manufacturers. Therefore, crooks and scams abound in all sectors. Online marketers have a lot to say to promote their brands. Do not be deceived! Always double-check the products and brands before purchasing anything, especially online. Also, the right brand will help you to fail a drug test from puffing on delta 8 carts without consuming the illegal stuff.

Our experts have your wellbeing in mind before they set out for this to research. They selected Exhale Wellness and BudPop as the top two Delta-8 carts brands in the market. However, do your homework and follow our purchase advice. Listen to what older users have to say about each brand, and ransack diverse brands to ensure you choose the right match. We did it before we were able to tell you! If you have not already made your choice, you’ll find the best Delta-8 cart shortly.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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