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Best Kratom Capsules & Pills You Can Buy Online

Have you grown frustrated with unpleasant tasting kratom leaves or messy powders? If so, you may be interested in finding out more about this plant in pill form.

Below, we’ll take a deep dive into kratom capsules, their dosage, effects, benefits, and most importantly, where to buy them. So, sit back, relax, and read on. This guide is the only resource you’ll need for kratom capsules for sale.

Best Places to Buy Kratom Capsules for Sale

Before you can begin your consumption, you need to know where to buy quality kratom capsules. Various kratom vendors are available to consumers like you, but not all of them are trustworthy. We’ve sifted through hundreds of them to separate the good from the bad. During our search, we considered three vital factors:

  • Product Quality: What does your vendor do to ensure the quality of its products? Does it perform lab testing and check for impurities? It’s essential to look for merchants who offer the cleanest form of this supplement and are proud to post it on their websites or social media pages. As Peninsula Daily News points out, if a vendor publishes its testing results, it is likely very pleased with its products and quality assurance procedures.
  • Strain Varieties: Does your vendor offer several strains? Variety is more important than you think. It speaks not only of your vendor’s array of products but that it keeps consumers’ best interests in mind. Some strains are more energizing or soothing than others. Having a variety means that your vendor wants to offer you various products to meet your needs.
  • Source Relationship: Just as you’ll order from your vendor, your vendor orders from its farmer. Some have long-time relationships with their farmers and have even traveled to Southeast Asia to check out the process. Keep in mind your vendor’s relationships with its suppliers. It’s good to know that your retailer keeps tabs on its operations.

Here, you can find the vendors who meet these criteria and more.

Kona Kratom

Kona enjoys an established reputation in the marketplace because it aims for quality and consistency at affordable prices. You’ll find mentions of their kratom capsules on websites like The Daily World,, Seattle Weekly, and more.

If reasonable prices don’t lure you in, you should consider its relationship with its farmers. Kona Kratom only works with established partners to ensure product quality is always up to par. Because of its stable connections, this vendor is synonymous with quality and care.

Key Points

  • Excellent product selection
  • Affordable prices
  • AKA endorsed
  • All products endure third-party testing

Star Kratom

Star Kratom offers a solid lineup of kratom products, which is essential if you wish to try different products for their various effects.

Not every vendor is an American Kratom Association (AKA) vendor, but Star Kratom is. This association cares about the advocacy and education of this plant-based supplement, and Star Kratom receives its approval.

This vendor understands that not all strains are for everyone. If you’ve used a strain and want to try out another, do it without worry. Its team offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can feel comfortable with your purchase. Star Kratom is in it for the long haul, so give this trusted vendor a try.

Key Points

  • Fast shipping
  • An excellent refund policy
  • AKA endorsed
  • All products endure third-party testing

VIP Kratom

VIP Kratom is a must-know vendor. It’s a transparent company that only sells the best kratom products in the industry. If an item doesn’t meet VIP Kratom’s rigorous standards, the team won’t put it up for sale.

You’ll never have to stress about receiving anything second-rate and needing to seek a refund. VIP Kratom promises that all products are incredibly potent and designed for even the pickiest of consumers. Shop here for unmatched satisfaction.

Key Points

  • Keeps its product lineup small to ensure quality
  • Sells some rare strains for experts to enjoy
  • All products are highly potent
  • AKA endorsed
  • All products endure third-party testing

Kratom Capsules User Guide

Now that you’re familiar with some of the leading vendors of kratom capsules, it’s time to learn what you should know as a consumer.

Some of the significant benefits of these pills include:

  • Time Savings: Capsules are time savers because they cut prep time. You won’t have to dissolve them in a shake or blended drink.
  • Virtually No Taste: Taking a pill means you can avoid the kratom plant’s distinctive and often overwhelming smell and taste.
  • No Cleanup: While powders are also a popular form, you’ll still have to clean up your counter and wash your blender bottle after. You won’t have to do any cleaning after taking a pill.

After considering all the benefits kratom pills offer, you may wonder how to use them to optimize their effects. Read on for an in-depth breakdown of how to use kratom capsules.

How Many Kratom Capsules to Take

Taking pills is much easier than consuming loose powder. Tablets come with pre-measured amounts of powder, so you’ll always know how much you’re taking.

Pills can come with anywhere between a half and two grams of powder. The less powder a capsule contains, the more pills you’ll have to take to feel the effects you want.

Your dosage for kratom capsules depends on several conditions, including your age, health, the strains you’re using, and your desired effects.

Kratom is available in many varieties. People use specific strains for different ailments or conditions. For example, you have Red Bali (a more relaxing variety) and White Maeng Da (a more energizing strain). Each variety helps with specific conditions, so it’s essential to follow a package’s recommendations. More energizing strains require low doses (around 1-2 grams), while more sedating strains may demand higher doses (approximately 5-6 grams at a time).

If you’re new to kratom, consider taking just one capsule. This low dose will help you decide how the pill will impact your body. If you don’t feel anything, there’s no need to worry. You can always increase your dosage. Up your dosage slowly to avoid an adverse reaction.

Even if you’re a seasoned user, don’t take more than 10 grams in one session (equivalent to anywhere between 5 and 20 pills). In this amount, kratom becomes highly sedating and unpleasant for most users.

>> MORE: Best Kratom Strains for Pain Relief

How Long for Kratom Capsules to Kick In?


While we can’t give you a specific answer on time it takes for you to feel the effects, we can tell you that the initial feeling depends on different factors. Some of these include:

  • Body Type: Depending on height, weight, and size, you may feel the effects faster or slower than other users. A larger man may feel a pill’s effects after an hour, while a smaller woman may experience results after only fifteen minutes.
  • Type of Strain: Depending on the strain you choose, it may have a slower effect on your body type.
  • The Capsule Itself: Capsules contain the product within. This means that your stomach has to break through the capsule first to get to the kratom. Although taking capsules is convenient, you may have a side effect you didn’t expect: absorption time. The time it takes your stomach to break down the capsule will have to do with the time it takes for the effects to kick in.

In general, you can expect a capsule’s effects to kick in around 30 minutes after consumption.

Are Kratom Capsules Safe to Use?

Taking this supplement in capsule form won’t be foreign to you if you’ve taken other kinds of pills before. Still, there are some aspects of taking kratom pills to consider.

When you embark on taking the capsules, be aware since the pills may contain allergens. While they might contain ingredients you’re used to, explore the packaging to determine whether the tablets feature a gelatin coating (or another substance you could be allergic to). Look for vegetarian or vegan pills to offset the chances of an adverse reaction.

Some consumers opt to make their capsules and add kratom powder to ensure they won’t have an allergic reaction. However, this process is labor-intensive and not worth your time. Instead, you can shop for kratom online.

Another potential danger of kratom capsules is abuse. If you get too comfortable and take too many pills at once, you risk experiencing adverse side effects like constipation, dizziness, and vomiting. You should always monitor your capsule dose carefully, just like you would with any other kratom form.

Always listen to your body and adjust your dosage if you have a negative experience. Never try to keep up with your more experienced peers. Doing so can increase your tolerance and decrease the pill’s overall effectiveness, leading you to take more and more during each session.

Conclusion — Taking Kratom Capsules

Buying kratom in capsule form is a popular choice because of its ease of use. There’s no need to dissolve them into anything like a blended drink or soft foods. Plus, they don’t sacrifice any of kratom’s excellent benefits.

Now that you’re familiar with how to dose these pills and some precautions to take, you can buy kratom capsules for yourself. Visit one of the three retailers we reviewed for the most optimal shopping experience.

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