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Best Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit – List Of Top 5 Credit Companies For The Best Credit Card For Bad Credit In 2022| Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards For Bad Credit

In life, unexpected situations happen, and you can not always control yourself for good management of your finances. Monthly bills are here, unexpected costs are all around you, and emergencies happen like crazy. Still, we can say that even in those situations, you are not required to lose hope and not to live by your standards, wishes, and principles.

Suppose you have found yourself in a situation where your debts are an unavoidable part of your life while your credit score is running to hell. You don’t have many chances, and you’re aware of the financial challenges in front of you.

In that situation, the best step you’re about to make is finding the best unsecured credit card with a particular limit that will serve you as a long-term solution and maybe for improving your credit score. Whether secured on unsecured, these alternatives are the best credit cards for bad credit with the most affordable interest rates and fees.

Keep your concentration high, explore this informative article, and educate yourself over the best credit cards for people with a poor credit score. Consider the following top 5 credit card alternatives, choose the most suitable option, and go to your favorite store. Enjoy!

List Of The Best Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit In 2022

  1. OpenSky – Overall Best Unsecured Credit Card For Bad Credit
  2. Surge Mastercard – Most Trusted Company For Credit Card For Beginners
  3. First Access Card – High Chances Of Approval For Credit Card For Poor Credit Score
  4. FIT Mastercard – Best For Secured Credit Card For Bad Credit
  5. Reflex Mastercard – Most Popular For Small Businesses

#1. OpenSky – Overall Best Unsecured Credit Card For Bad Credit


Suppose you’re a bad credit user, and all you want is to rebuild your credit while having a credit card at your service. From that point on, an excellent recommendation for you is one of the best credit cards without a check approval. OpenSky appears to be a secured credit card that will help you rebuild your credit score, no matter how destructive it can be.

If you seek a fast credit card approval, OpenSky is the perfect option for you because you will get approved in only a few minutes through a simple process of only four steps. With the OpenSky application, you just need to provide your personal information, address and contact details, financial and security info, information about the agreement, and security deposit.

It is essential to know that you can have more information about rebuilding credit scores and people without a credit score history on the official website of OpenSky. We can say that the OpenSky credit card is a top-notch option for you, providing many benefits for you as a bad credit user.

OpenSky credit card appears to be a fantastic solution when you have a bad credit history and stands out as one of the best credit cards you can qualify for without a good statement credit score or a bank account.


  • OpenSky is a Secured Visa Credit Card for rebuilding up your credit score.
  • This credit card does not require a credit check for approval.
  • It is very accessible and provides only four steps for a fast application.
  • It offers a positive credit rating like no other card for bad credit users.
  • Your refundable deposit determines the credit limit with this credit card, from a minimum of $200 to $3000.
  • You can use this credit card for your everyday purchases and necessities.
  • You can set up your monthly email alerts to avoid late repayments.
  • This credit card makes reports to three major credit bureaus.
  • OpenSky appears to be a secured credit card with a variable of $17.39 APR
  • Unlike the other available credit cards, OpenSky provides a low annual fee of only $35.
  • It also provides the lowest fees for foreign transactions of only 3% and 5% for cash advances.
  • 99% of OpenSky clients have started without a minimum credit score and have built a credit score record.
  • You can see real experiences from people on the Facebook Fan Page of OpenSky, and you will never regret your choice.
  • OpenSky provides free education pages for credit tips and credit score information, which will serve you as a lead in this financial area.


  • One of the best options for credit cards with a bad credit score
  • No need for a credit check when applying
  • Low APR and annual fees
  • The lowest foreign transaction fees
  • Tips and educational resources on the official site of OpenSky
  • People can always qualify for approval even if they have a low credit score.


  • It requires a minimum deposit
  • It has annual fees

What Clients Say

People consider this credit card as an excellent credit score booster. With an on-time repayment, clients haven’t noticed negative experiences. On the contrary, they are satisfied with the low annual fees and the fantastic option for keeping their credit card balance. Great reviews and excellent feedback come with this perfect credit card alternative. Consider OpenSky and boost your credit score like never before.

=> Click here to visit the official website of OpenSky

#2. Surge Mastercard – Most Trusted Company For Credit Card For Beginners


When discussing the best credit cards for bad credit, we must mention Continental Finance. This is one of America’s best marketers and servicers of credit cards for clients with not that perfect credit scores. It is essential to know that this credit card is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, which is an excellent opportunity to try out.

The Surge Mastercard appears to be an unsecured credit card meant for people with bad credit in need. This credit card can be excellent for building up a good credit score. The issuer reports the monthly payments to all major credit bureaus: Transunion, Equifax, and Experian, and with an on-time repayment, you can enjoy the benefits of building up a better credit score or having a chance for a better credit card.

Unlike the other secured credit cards, Surge Mastercard does not require a refundable security deposit. It is essential to know that you can have a chance for instant funds without depositing money first. Despite that benefit, Surge Mastercard is also a fantastic option because it provides a fast and straightforward application form.

Using the Surge Mastercard, you can rest assured that the privacy of your data will be on the highest level, using the 128 encryption technology. Coming with excellent options and fantastic feedback, Surge Mastercard is always worth considering.


  • Surge Mastercard is an excellent option for people with different credit scores.
  • It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Surge Mastercard is an unsecured credit card without requiring a deposit.
  • The application form is fast and straightforward so that you can have the approval information within a few minutes.
  • The credit card approval requires only a few details about you, like your first and last name, home address, city, state, ZIP code, email address, social security number, and total monthly income.
  • Information about your credit report is not required.
  • You can choose a credit limit between $300 to $1000.
  • With payments on time in the first six months, you will be able to double your credit limit and build up your credit score.
  • As a Mastercard, Surge credit card is allowed to be used in almost every purchase.
  • Continental Finance is very transparent over the fees and APRs, and you won’t be a victim of hidden fees or additional astronomic costs.
  • The annual percentage rates vary between 24.99% to 29.99%.
  • The annual fees vary from $75 to $99.
  • It provides high security to your personal information by using 128 encryption technology.


  • One of the most used credit cards for bad credit users.
  • It provides high security for your personal information.
  • Easy application form and fast approval
  • No need for an initial deposit.
  • No hidden fees and costs
  • Annual percentage rates from 24.99% to 29.99%.
  • Reasonable annual fees from $75 to $99.


  • Annual fees are always included.
  • Some people consider the APR higher than secure credit cards and higher than other unsecured credit cards.

What Clients Say

Surge Mastercard has more positive feedback than you can ever imagine. This excellent credit card has more than 94% five-starred reviews over the internet, which is quite a good indicator of the benefits of using this excellent credit card. Despite the advantages of using this credit card, Surge Mastercard also provides excellent customer service, very professional and helpful. According to clients nationwide, we can say that Surge Mastercard is definitely something you must consider choosing.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Surge

#3. First Access Card – High Chances Of Approval For Credit Card For Poor Credit Score


Suppose you’re a person who wants to keep in touch with the most reviewed credit cards and have access to cash at any time you want. For that purpose, mentioning First Access Card is not a bad idea at all, especially if you have a poor credit score and challenges with credit card applications. First Access Card appears to be a top-notch alternative for people who don’t have a perfect credit score.

Accepted nationwide, this unsecured credit card is the cheapest product on the market. This subprime credit card can be in your hands within just a few days after filing a fast and straightforward online application form. It is essential to know that First Access Card has extremely flexible approval requirements, which makes it available for many credit types, especially for the bad ones.

First Access Visa requires a checking account and reports monthly to all major credit bureaus. This exceptional card provides the option to improve your credit score history and have a chance for a better card in the future as a credit card user.

If you’re a new cardholder with a First Access Card, you can afford $300 for emergencies, and after six months, you can increase your limit. Beyond the low annual rates and fees, this credit card has decent customer service and excellent reviews.


  • One of the most used and best credit cards for bad credit with excellent reviews over the internet.
  • It requires an upfront program fee of $95 for opening an account and using a credit card.
  • It provides simple requirements for all types of credit users.
  • The application and approval process is only 10 minutes by filling an online form.
  • When applying for this credit card, you should know that you must be a US citizen, have at least 18 years, and provide your personal information, such as first and last name, address, ZIP code, and telephone.
  • This credit card is accepted nationwide for all people in need.
  • You can simply make payments in almost every online or land-based store.
  • The APR for purchases is 34.99%
  • The annual percentage rates for cash advances are 34.99%
  • Generally, this credit card has reasonable fees, such as a $75 annual fee for the first year and $48 per year after that.
  • Decent and responsive customer support for clients


  • One of the most secure credit cards for bad credit users
  • Suitable for every credit score type
  • No specific requirements
  • Online fast and easy application
  • Reasonable and affordable annual rates and fees
  • Available credit amount starting from $300
  • Decent and professional customer support
  • Reports to the three major credit bureaus


  • Some clients complained about the high initial deposit of $95.
  • There are some complaints about higher fees and rates than other credit cards.

What Clients Say

When discussing online testimonials and reviews, we can say that some people complain about the First Access Card because of the initial deposit that comes at the beginning of using this credit card. To be honest, every person who has a bad credit score is always approved for this fantastic credit card, and the fees are naturally higher than in people with a good credit score.

If you respect the terms and repayment conditions, you won’t have any issues in your way. You can rest assured about that, though. We must also admit that the positive feedback outweighs the negative, so we always recommend you consider this credit line, build your credit, and make payments in your favorite shops, online or in physical stores.

=> Click here to visit the official website of First Access

#4. FIT Mastercard – Best For Secured Credit Card For Bad Credit


Just imagine that even if your credit score is low, there is always a solution. And not just an ordinary one, we might add. Imagine your credit score is poor, you can have a credit card on your own, and you can also rebuild credit score and make it more eligible for the next credit card application. Well, this is not an imagination or a dream. All of this is possible with the fantastic FIT Mastercard credit card.

What is worth mentioning about FIT Mastercard is the opportunity to have your funds quickly and be prepared for new shopping or other necessities in your life. You can use this remarkable piece of plastic everywhere. Mastercard is available for payment. And guess what? Not only that, you can always use this fantastic credit card for an affordable annual percentage rate.

When discussing the best credit cards for bad credit, we can’t make an exception or not mention FIT credit cards. This is an unsecured credit card for people with a limited credit score or bad credit history while in an emergency or just want to buy their favorite items.

What distinguishes FIT from other credit cards is the fantastic option for online access 24 hours per day. When applying for this card, the answer will come fast, and the funds will be on your checking account in a very short time.


  • All credit types are welcome to apply for this fantastic FIT Mastercard
  • It is one of the best credit cards for bad credit users nationwide
  • With a repayment on time in the first six months, you can double the amount of your credit limit
  • The initial credit limit is $400, with an opportunity for enhancement.
  • This FIT Mastercard will send reports to three major bureaus every month.
  • Cardholders can increase their limit after six months of up to $2000.
  • This Mastercard provides simple eligibility requirements for a card application.
  • With this FIT credit card, you will have complete fraud liability coverage, which means you will not be required to pay for unrecognized Mastercard transactions.
  • The eligibility requirements contain the name and last name, address, city, country, phone number, email address, social security number, the primary source of monthly income, and the total monthly income you receive.
  • This FIT Mastercard also requires a checking account in your name to approve its use.
  • The annual percentage rate for any kind of purchase and cash advances is 29.99%
  • The one-time processing fee is $89
  • The annual fee is $99
  • With this card also comes a monthly maintenance fee of $6.25


  • A perfect credit card for all types of credit scores
  • No initial deposit
  • No specific requirements for the approval process
  • A chance for doubling the amount of credit limit if making on time payments.
  • Fraud liability protection
  • Reasonable fees and annual rates
  • Maximum protection of personal data and information.
  • Professional, helpful, representative, and courteous customer service


  • Some people react over monthly maintenance fees
  • Generally, the fees, interest rates, and additional costs are higher with this credit card.

What Clients Say

People are entirely delighted to have FIT Mastercard on their service. It is essential to know that this type of credit card comes with excellent feedback and more than 93% positive feedback from clients nationwide. Despite this card’s benefits, clients are thrilled with the representative and professional customer service.

=> Click here to visit the official website of FIT

#5. Reflex Mastercard – Most Popular For Small Businesses


Regarding poor credit scores and the best credit cards for bad credit, we must mention another essential one, the Reflex Mastercard, always here to provide you with a particular amount of money even if your credit score is poor. The Reflex card provides several benefits for all credit scores with affordable fees and annual percentage rates.

It is essential to know that this Mastercard provides reports to the major credit bureaus, which allows you to rebuild your credit score if you have on-time repayments. People appreciate this unique credit card for its fraud liability protection. You will never have to pay a single penny if your card is used for unauthorized transactions.

When applying for this type of credit card, you should know that the official site of Continental Finance provides maximum safety and protection of your personal data by using 128 encryption technology.

As a future cardholder, it is essential to know that Continental Finance is a reputable financial services company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Coming with outstanding feedback and many satisfied clients worldwide, the Reflex Mastercard is definitely a card that will resolve your bad credit score and make you feel competitive in the financial area.


  • One of the most reputable financial services companies worldwide
  • It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • The Reflex Mastercard is one of the perfect options for rebuilding your credit score
  • With this fantastic credit card, you can have a credit limit of up to $1000.
  • No restrictions on how you use these funds. You can use them online or in land-based stores where Mastercard is accepted.
  • The official site of Continental Finance is entirely secure, using 128 encryption technology for providing you with the highest safety of your personal data.
  • With this Mastercard, you can double up your limit of up to $2000 if you make your payments on time.
  • The Reflex card is an authentic credit card with no hidden fees or additional costs.
  • The annual percentage rates vary from 24.99% to 29.99%.
  • Using this excellent Mastercard, you must pay a variable annual fee between $75 to $99.
  • The Reflex Mastercard requires a monthly maintenance fee from $10
  • For using this Mastercard, you should also have a checking account in your name, while the funds will be directly transferred to that account after the approval.


  • The Reflex Mastercard appears to be one of the best alternatives for bad credit cards.
  • People with all credit score types can apply for this card
  • It provides the opportunity to double the initial credit limit
  • It provides the opportunity to improve the credit score by offering monthly reports at the major bureaus for on-time repayments.
  • This credit card comes with reasonable fees and interest rates
  • The foreign transactions come with low-cost
  • Countless satisfied clients nationwide
  • Excellent client support


  • The rates for people with delayed repayments are astronomically high.
  • A cardholder must have a checking account.

What Clients Say

Well, this is the best part of the Reflex Mastercard. The feedback and reviews are outstanding, and dozens of people are satisfied with the card’s services and benefits. Some people have complained about high fees, but believe us, you will not have any issues if you make repayments on time. Consider this excellent credit card for bad credit and relish the benefits on your own.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Reflex

On What Criteria Did We Choose These Credit Cards

When discussing finances, every person deserves to have good financial services without paying a whole fortune for it. Financial assets are entirely significant for a good life and wellbeing, and for that purpose, the process of choosing the best credit cards for you is entirely essential. When we were in front of the decision of which credit cards are the best option for you, we went through rigorous research and looked after several essential factors:

Reputation and Transparency

The following recommendation list is made by thorough research, considering transparency and reputation of the financial services and credit cards the most. We were looking after reputable financial services and highly reviewed credit cards. These two factors were a perfect indicator to determine the best credit cards and the best financial services standing behind them.

You can always rest assured that the following 5 credit cards come with an excellent reputation, more than 95% positive feedback over the internet, and outstanding services and benefits. Precisely selected for you, these credit cards will be a perfect choice for every person in need, even with a bad credit score.

Simple Requirements and Fast Response

Your time is precious, and we were entirely aware of that. We supposed that you don’t want to wait for the rest of your life for a credit card approval, so we found the best credit cards for bad credit with a short and straightforward online application form and simple requirements.

We were pretty confident that you want to get rid of all the unnecessary paperwork when applying for a credit card, so you can rest assured that the following credit cards come with providing several personal details and fast approval.

Fees and Interest Rates

Before making this essential recommendation list, finding credit cards with minimum fees and annual percentage rates was essential. You can find countless credit cards with upscale rates and additional monthly or annual costs on the financial market. From that point on, you can rest assured that the following 5 recommendations provide the lowest prices on the market, keeping you aside from additional unnecessary costs.

How to Choose the Best Credit Card for Bad Credit

When you’re in financial challenges, the best advice is to know how to cope with that situation and move on without consequences. You’re pretty aware that you should be cautious and select wisely before choosing the best alternative. When discussing credit cards for bad credit, you should consider several essential factors before applying for a bad credit card with a particular limit.

Credit Limit

Before choosing a credit card, the most significant thing to consider is the credit limit. First, you as an adult should be aware and conscious about the amount of money you need, such as the sum you will repay after that. Credit cards for bad credit scores usually have a credit limit of up to $1000, so you can make payments to that amount.

But, the essential thing here is that you can double your limit if you’re a loyal client and make repayments on time. Each of the cards mentioned above provides the option to increase your credit limit after responsible spending and on-time repayments. In that way, you will be considered as a good credit use, and your score may significantly be improved.

Annual Percentage Rates

Annual percentage rates appear to be the cost for borrowing on the credit card if you don’t pay the whole amount of each month. These rates are determined by your credit score and credit repayment period. When seeking a credit card for bad credit, you should always be aware of the annual percentage rates. Be careful, don’t be a victim of scammers; choose one of the top 5 credit cards for bad credit and be thankful for the lowest annual rates later.

Fraud Prevention

And, of course, the most significant factor to consider when choosing the credit card for the ones with a poor credit score. Fraud prevention should be a feature that every financial service company should provide in this area. As a cardholder, you must be entirely sure that your personal data is safe and protected all the time.

The safest option to use is tokenization or data encryption for this kind of protection. Before choosing your favorite card with the most suitable credit limit, you should always look after a financial service company that provides this type of safety and data protection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Credit Score Credit Cards

Do I need customer support for using Credit Cards for bad credit?

Well, of course, you need to. Even if you have all the required information about this type of credit card, you still need a client’s support to resolve your concerns and answer all of your questions about these financial assets. Before choosing the perfect company and card for you, note that a credit card processing company offers 24/7 customer support for complete satisfaction.

Can I really have a credit card even if I am a bad credit user?

Yes, of course. It is essential to know that multiple credit card issuers provide credit cards, especially for those people with bad credit scores and without positive history. All of the recommendations above are a perfect match if you’re looking for a solution, low-interest rates and fees, and a complete service. In one thing, we want to be entirely clear: these credit cards may have higher interest rates than cards for good credit scores but still are among the lowest on the financial market.

Will a credit card for bad credit help me if I have many debts?

That depends on how you spend the funds on your credit card. If you focus on repaying your debts, you will repay your debts. If you make payments on time, you will avoid fees and interest rates. You can focus on repaying other debts you have instead of repaying unnecessary costs and additional monthly or annual fees. In this way, a credit card of this type will indeed help you out with so many debts.

Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit: Final Thoughts

In this modern era, finances run from our hands like crazy. We often find ourselves in a situation when we need financial help from banks, loan companies, and other financial institutions. We can confidently say that the most common options for making payments and having funds for emergencies are the best credit cards for bad credit.

We’re pretty sure that from now on, you can find the best alternative for you, seek the lowest fees and annual rates, find the most suitable limit on a credit card, and have a remarkable experience with these worthy pieces of plastic.

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Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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