Cellucor P6 Alpha Testosterone Booster Pills (Ultimate Product Review)

The P6 testosterone boosters are a lineup of products made by the famous supplement company Cellucor. The P6 testosterone boosters claim to help users perfect their bedroom performance by increasing their testosterone levels, physical strength, muscle size, and vitality.

The P6 T-booster lineup includes P6 Alpha, PC Original, P6 Alpha Advanced, and P6 Ultimate. This review exposes everything you need to know about the P6 T-booster series.

Discover Cellucor P6

Cellucor P6 constitutes a broader family of testosterone-booster supplements. The products are available online on According to the company, these supplements increase testosterone levels in several ways to help users build strength and muscle while improving their bedroom performance to peak level.

Notably, many supplements in the testosterone booster space are fake and substandard. Cellucor P6 was launched about ten years ago, and since then, it has maintained its popularity and efficacy. The P6 series is among the most popular ways to help anyone maintain effective sexual performance.

Additionally, all the T-booster products in the P6 series are affordable, with prices ranging from $25 to $200 per bottle. Multi-bottle orders attract higher discounts.

Cellucor P6 Benefits

Based on the specific model purchased, the Cellucor P6 products deliver the following benefits:

  • Improved physical strength
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Improved male vitality
  • Muscle size
  • Estrogen balance
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Growth hormone support
  • Focus and alertness

According to Cellucor, users should take P6 capsules daily to enjoy the above benefits.

Cellucor P6 Family

As mentioned earlier, the P6 family contains five products. Here’s a rundown of each product and how it works:

P6 Alpha Testosterone Booster


The P6 Alpha is Cellucor’s cheapest product in the P6 family. It’s designed to support testosterone levels while boosting vitality and strength. A bottle of P6 Alpha costs $24.99. With 60 capsules per bottle, users can take two capsules daily to boost T-levels.

As stated by the manufacturer, the P6 Alpha formula is specifically designed to support critical areas like cellular energy production, nitric oxide production, stress alleviation, and testosterone levels. To achieve these goals, the product contains the following ingredients:

  • TestFactor: This ingredient helps support muscular strength, testosterone production, and endurance.
  • DIM: This ingredient supports estrogen metabolism by altering it to less potent forms. This leads to less estrogen affecting the body.
  • Fenugreek: This ingredient is a popular herb that has been used for ages in traditional medicine. Many testosterone booster supplements contain fenugreek.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: In addition to these ingredients, Cellucor P6 Alpha contains vitamins D3 and B6. It also contains folate, magnesium, and zinc. According to some studies, men who lack these vitamins and minerals often have lower testosterone levels.

Vitamin D3 and zinc are in this product to boost testosterone production. Overall, the P6 Alpha works to help users optimize their sexual performance while looking and feeling young.

P6 Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster


This model is an advanced version of the P6 Alpha, as its name suggests. Each P6 Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster formula bottle contains 90 dietary capsules for only $49.99. It’s ideal for those who are willing to pay more. Like the P6 Alpha product, the Advanced version increases strength and testosterone levels with powerful natural ingredients.

Notably, the supplement contains extra ingredients not available in the P6 Alpha product. For instance, the P6 Alpha Advanced version includes pre-workout ingredients such as ElevATP, SenActiv, and Citrulline Nitrate. These ingredients work together to support optimized blood flow, oxygen circulation, nitric oxide production, and increased endurance during a workout.

Here are the ingredients used in its formulation:

  • All ingredients used in the P6 Alpha formula: The P6 Alpha Advanced formula contains all ingredients as the P6 Alpha, including fenugreek, DIM, and TestFactor, which boost testosterone levels while increasing strength.
  • ElevATP: This ingredient is cellular energy. It works to boost power output at a cellular level. As stated by Cellucor, this ingredient is used in the Advanced version to increase muscle size, strength, and power output.
  • Citrulline Nitrate: This ingredient mixes amino acids, nitrates, and others that boost sexual performance. Besides, it delivers citrulline and nitrates that facilitate a dual pathway for nitric oxide support.
  • SenActiv: This ingredient supports healthy muscle cells, cellular energy, muscular endurance, and overall bedroom performance.
  • Asian Ginseng: This unique ingredient closes the list of the components in this product. The traditional plant has been used in various Asian medicines to support vitality, mental clarity, wellbeing, and more. Many pre-workout supplements and endurance boosters contain this Asian ginseng.

With 90 capsules per bottle, users should take three capsules daily, which amounts to 30 servings to boost their testosterone levels.

P6 Original


P6 Original is the third member of the P6 family. Priced at $89.99 per bottle for a month’s supply, it’s one of the more expensive options in the series. However, it comes with 120 capsules per bottle. The P6 Original formula supports several testosterone and performance goals.

Cellucor maintains that P6 Original helps users increase their testosterone levels naturally, leading to increased energy, lean muscle mass, and vitality. Usually, testosterone levels drop as a man gets older. The P6 Original formula solves this problem by increasing the T-levels safely and effectively.

Each formula serving (two capsules) delivers 1,050 mg of a proprietary blend of P6 Testosterone and a Performance Blend. The formula contains powerful natural T-boosters such as ashwagandha, Longjack, and fenugreek. According to Cellucor, these ingredients support testosterone in multiple ways.

Here are the key ingredients used in the formulation of P6 Original:

  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha: This ingredient is a popular Ayurvedic medicine that has been used for centuries. Ashwagandha is known for relieving stress while supporting overall health and wellness. According to some studies, this ingredient can boost adult males’ muscle size, strength, and natural testosterone levels.
  • Ovine Placenta Powder: This ingredient delivers a rich source of growth factors that support cellular growth, muscle growth, and recovery. Ovine placenta powder is obtained from sheep placenta.
  • LJ100 Long Jack Extract: Today, many testosterone-boosting supplements contain Long Jack extract. This ingredient supports testosterone in multiple ways leading to increased performance and keeping the body in anabolism as long as possible. It facilitates more muscle growth and muscle cell activity.

P6 Ultimate


The P6 Ultimate is the second most potent member in the series. According to the company, priced at $160 per bottle for 30 servings, this Cellucor product delivers maximum results. Each 5-capsule serving contains natural testosterone boosters, performance boosters, and cognitive enhancers, among other components. Unlike formulas that focus on testosterone or muscle growth alone, the P6 Ultimate formula targets several aspects of overall performance.

According to the company, users should take five capsules of the supplement daily to optimize their performance in several ways and achieve a better version of themselves. The P6 Ultimate formula delivers more substantial doses than other products in the P6 series.

Here are two ingredients unique to this formula:

AlphaSize A-GPC: This ingredient is a popular nootropic and focus enhancer. It is pure, potent, and a unique version of Alpha GPC. While other elements in this formula focus on testosterone and muscle growth, the AlphaSize A-GPC component targets specifically cognition and focus.

  • Zembrin: This ingredient is a dietary formula that supports calmness and serenity. According to the manufacturer, it delivers “an alert serenity that impacts mood, focus, and overall sense of wellbeing.”

Zembrin is often marketed to e-sports athletes, elite athletes, and others who aim to perfect their cognition power.

The P6 Ultimate formula is available in P6 Testosterone Blend (2,275mg) and the P6 Ultimate Cognitive and Pump Blend (1225mg). The first blend includes fenugreek, ashwagandha, and long jack, while the second blend contains Nitrosigine, arginine nitrate, Zembrin, and AlphaSize A-GPC. Each bottle contains 150 capsules, which amounts to 30 servings.

P6 Ultimate GH


This product is a growth hormone supplement that supports human growth and metabolism. The P6 Ultimate GH formula lowers protein breakdown while stimulating protein synthesis. It also enhances fat metabolism using ingredients not available in other products in the P6 series.

For instance, P6 Ultimate GH contains L-arginine, shilajit, and velvet bean seed extract. Other ingredients in the formula are DIM, long jack extract, and ElevATP.

Overall, P6 Ultimate GH delivers powerful ingredients to boost endurance, muscle development, growth hormone production, and testosterone levels. In addition to all of the ingredients available in other members of the P6 series, users can get extra ingredients for growth hormones—all under one roof.

The P6 Ultimate GH formula is priced at $199.99 for 30 servings. According to the manufacturer, users should take six capsules to support daily for maximum effectiveness. Here are the main ingredients used in its formulation:

  • L-Arginine and L-Lysine: These two amino acids are associated with growth hormone production. According to the manufacturer, the mentioned amino acids work together to boost the growth hormone release from the pituitary gland. While the body produces growth hormones naturally, this process slows down as one gets older. The two amino acids ensure that the body produces growth hormones without interruption.
  • Shilajit: This ingredient is a natural extract that boosts total and free testosterone, as stated by Cellucor. The component also boosts cellular energy while increasing endurance and other effects.
  • Velvet Bean Seed Extract: This extract has an active ingredient known as L-dopa. In Cellucor P6 GH, the element has been standardized to contain 60% L-dopa. L-dopa works together with L-arginine to boost growth hormone production. According to some studies, velvet bean extract could help with acute plasma growth hormone levels. Overall, this ingredient supports growth hormone production in multiple ways.
  • ElevATP: Just like some other members of the P6 family, the P6 Ultimate formula contains this ingredient to boost cellular energy. This ingredient is obtained from ancient peat and apple, and it uses trace minerals and polyphenols to boost power output and training volume by increasing mitochondrial ATP.
  • Long Jack: Many other P6 series of supplements have this ingredient. The Cellucor P6 GH formula contains Long Jack to help support increased lean muscles while promoting an anabolic state. It also reduces sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), among other benefits. Besides, Cellucor claims this ingredient can help keep healthy cortisol levels while boosting sexual health and wellbeing, among other effects.
  • DIM: The last ingredient in this formula is DIM. This ingredient is available in P6 Ultimate GH to support estrogen metabolism. With 100mg of DIM, it converts the most potent types of estrogen into weaker forms. These ingredients work together to boost testosterone production, endurance, and cellular energy.

Cellucor Refund Policy

A 60-day moneyback guarantee backs all products in the Cellucor P6 series. Besides, the company offers a 100% guarantee on all P6 products. Those who don’t experience the benefits of any P6 supplement or are dissatisfied with the formula for any reason can request their money back.

Cellucor is a renowned supplement company famous for making high-quality pre-workout and testosterone boosters. One of its flagship products is the C4 lineup of pre-workout formulas. Cellucor is a subsidiary brand of Woodbolt Distribution or Nutrabolt.

Customers with any concern can reach Cellucor at phone 866-927-9686 or via e-mail at

Cellucor P6 Final Word

The P6 supplements from Cellucor are designed to boost testosterone levels, among other benefits. They also help with muscle growth and cellular energy while optimizing the body in several ways to help the user become the best version of himself.

Notably, the products are available for every budget, ranging from $25 to $200 per bottle. They also contain several ingredient dosages for different needs, putting them among the best options for improving health, wellness, and overall performance in multiple ways.

To learn more about the Cellucor P6 products, visit the company’s official website.

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