Does Delta 8 Get You High? Here’s What It Feels Like

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In a new world of cannabis concentrates and vaping, there’s a lot of heady new experiences to be had. And that’s not even counting all this new terpene stuff. This article breaks down what Delta 8 is, the effects it produces and how to find it. Some CBD vendors sell D8 vape oils and others sell pure D8 oil that you add to your own vaping liquid. It’s important to be aware of the potential side effects before using delta-8 cannabis.

People are increasingly vaping oils and waxes, but what about the old standbys? What does it feel like to vape pure THC or CBD, for instance? Well, here’s the inside scoop on vaping delta-8 THC. It feels different than you’d think!

Delta-8 (also known as D8 for short) is a synthetic cannabinoid that’s gaining popularity in some circles for its longer-lasting, more potent high. It is most often used in e-cigarette vaping concentrates, though it can also be dabbed or cooked into edibles.

The potency of Delta 8 makes it very appealing to concentrate consumers, but it can be overwhelming for first-timers.

Compared to other cannabinoids, delta-8 has a very long duration. Some people report still feeling the effects of D8 after 4 hours, or even more than 12 hours later. The high can be disorienting and hard to predict, leading some to believe it might not be for everyone.

In fact, vaping pure Delta 8 is considered by some to be more of an “adventure” than a pleasurable high, with several anecdotes from users describing the experience as dull or even frightening.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying for yourself! To learn what delta-8 is really all about, we’ve put together this article to help you understand more about the high with Delta 8 and how it feels for most users out there.

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What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 is a specific type of cannabis strain that has high concentrations of delta-8 THC in its buds. That means it’s supposed to get you really, really high – even if you’re not used to cannabis.

Delta 8 is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with effects that are supposed to be very cerebral, mood enhancing, and energizing.

Delta 8 oil is sometimes mixed with regular THC or CBD oil to produce vape pen oils that are supposed to last a long time while still giving you the effects of cannabis.

If you want to try Delta 8, look for pure products in vape pen form instead of brands that combine it with other types of cannabis oils – especially CBD oils, since there are plenty of pure CBD vape pens available for purchase.

If you’re not used to smoking weed or using any type of cannabis oil, then start out with a small dose just in case Delta 8 gets too overwhelming after vaping it.

To learn more about what Delta 8 feels like and how it can help you in your life, please continue reading.

How long does it take for Delta 8 edibles to kick in?

Delta 8 edibles can take anywhere from half an hour to two hours before you feel the effects of them.

It’s important not to eat too many THC edibles on your first try – otherwise, you might get way too high and feel like vomiting. If you’re new to using Delta 8 or any kind of edible cannabis product, then you should only eat one. And be patient, because it takes time for the THC to kick in!

What do Delta 8 edibles feel like?

Once you’ve eaten Delta 8, then you’ll experience feelings that are very happy and euphoric. Then suddenly, everything will start to slow down around you and your movements will get heavy until you feel relaxed.

People who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks might benefit from Delta 8 edibles because they’re said to be less likely to cause these symptoms in your everyday life.

Delta 8 edibles are also supposed to make you focus more, which can improve your mood and help with attention-related problems.

And the effects of Delta 8 edibles are supposed to be long-lasting. That means you’ll feel them for between four and eight hours after eating just one dose. If you’ve never used cannabis before, then only eat one dose of Delta 8 edibles- otherwise, you might feel too high and become nauseous.

Many people who buy D8 oils from CBD advocates say they feel relaxed within 20 minutes after taking a dose. But some can take up to two hours to start working.

When you’re using Delta 8 THC oil, make sure it’s pure and free of any extra ingredients that might irritate your throat or lungs.

Remember, the effects of Delta 8 oil can last for up to eight hours, so it’s important not to eat too much.

Can I make my own cannabis oil?

Delta 8 THC vape pens can usually only be bought online, so it’s impossible for most people to make their own. However, there are many different Delta 8 THC recipes that you can follow on YouTube.

Since Delta 8 vape pens are meant to be high-tech, it might be better to leave the creation of your D8 oil in the hands of a professional.

How does Delta 8 make you feel?

To answer that question, we’re going to dive into sharing the analysis of customer reviews online. We perused the internet to find every last review we could find to help explain how the Delta 8 high feels to people who are both influencers, sponsored advertisers for the brands, and everyday consumers of the Delta 8 products you can purchase online.

You must be of legal age to purchase Delta 8 THC products. In no case do we endorse underage use of the product, and please take note that what’s below can be experienced as a mild high at best, and overwhelming at worst.

Delta-8 is potent and can be overwhelming for first-time users. It is found in e-cigarette vaporizer concentrates, but can also be dabbed or cooked into edibles.

Some reviewers say that the high is “very cerebral” with some even saying that it can be overwhelming for beginners.

The head rush of vaping D8 is described as almost instantaneous and lasting 2-3 hours. Most users find themselves incredibly relaxed after exhaling. While many people use Delta 8 to fight anxiety, it may be too powerful for those who do not like the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Other people say that vaping pure Delta 8 made them feel paranoid and anxious. It can also cause dry mouth and make your eyes red, though it won’t make you cough unless you’re vaping a huge amount of the stuff.

As for reviews online, there are as many opinions as there are reviewers who’ve vaped Delta 8 THC products. In general, though, most people seem to agree on some feelings.

  • The onset of the Delta 8 high is almost instantaneous after vaping it.
  • It feels very cerebral in nature and can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Delta-8 is potent and can cause dry mouth, red eyes, and even paranoia when taken at higher doses.
  • Vaping D8 makes you relaxed with a strong euphoric head high.

But, here are some caveats. Most reviewers say that pure Delta 8 can cause paranoia and anxiety when taken at higher doses than normal.

If you’re vaping D8 to help with anxiety, just be careful of how much you’re inhaling because too much can give you the exact opposite of what you want!

It can also make you feel extremely dehydrated, and this is due to the “lung expansion” that occurs when vaping Delta 8.

When you’re vaping D8, your lungs expand much more than usual because of the powerful effects of the delta-8 THC concentrate. This causes dry mouth symptoms that can linger for hours or even days after your high wears off.

It should be noted that there are some people who have intense reactions when they vape D8 – both good and bad. The effects are unique but should be taken with caution.

Since Delta 8 is so new to vape pens, it’s hard to predict if vaping pure delta-8 has any long-term side effects. We know that CBD is generally well-tolerated by most people but can have some mild reactions for some of us. If you are ever concerned about the safety of vaping D8, talk to your doctor and make sure to get the dosage right.

Is Delta 8 THC Safe?

If you are sensitive to THC, Delta 8 is definitely NOT for you. Delta-8 has not been studied long enough or in large enough groups of people to make it a safe choice, but the reactions of most users online who compare it to vaping pure Delta 9 THC were pretty positive overall.

You can purchase D8 vape pens online with varying amounts of Delta 8 THC. It’s important to note that Delta 8 is not for everyone and should be taken in very small doses until you know how your body and mind respond to the Delta 8 high.

Are you new to vaping? Maybe vaping pure Delta 8 is too much for your brain and body to handle. Make sure that you start small (5 or 10 mg) and then slowly increase your dosage until it feels right for you.

Remember that D8 is new to the vape pen scene, but some people say that they feel an almost instantaneous head high followed by a very relaxed body high – perfect for partying, hanging out with friends, etc.

What Does Being High Feel Like?

So what does it feel like to be high on delta-8 THC? Well, that depends on how much you use and where your tolerance is at the moment.

Remember that Delta 8 should not be used by people who are sensitive to THC or who have existing mental health conditions. It should also NOT be used by people with low tolerances to THC or who are not looking for a very strong high.

Delta 8 is supposed to be a brain-forward high – some people have described it as a very “cerebral” high. It’s great for day-to-day stuff like reading or surfing the net, but it also makes you feel really good and relaxed.

Delta 8 is best used when you’ve got some chores to do, projects to work on, etc., because it gives you an intense focus while making you feel really good at the same time. If you use high doses, then it can make you feel nauseous or anxious.

Delta 8 is said to be one of the purest and most potent vape pen oils.

It delivers an intense head high that can be very euphoric sometimes – but too much D8 will give you a couch-lock feeling.

Delta 8 is supposed to be a very calming strain, and it can make you feel relaxed without making your muscles heavy. People who get panic attacks from high THC strains might want to give D8 a shot because it’s rarely said to cause paranoia or anxiety during or after use.

What Forms Does Delta 8 THC Come in?

Delta 8 is usually packaged as a vape pen. It’s available from many different online CBD vendors who sell vape pens with varying amounts of delta-8 THC oil.

Many people have found that they love vaping D8 because it gives them an intense head high, but they can still focus on whatever task at hand even while being really relaxed and calm.

Some people feel like vaping D8 is like taking a low dose of MDMA, and others say that it’s like taking a very heavy dose of kush all at the same time!

Delta 8 THC is sometimes available in CBD oil form as well, but since it has such high concentrations of THC, we recommend that you look for it in vape pen form.

Some CBD vendors sell flavors of D8 oil, while others don’t. If you have a preference for flavored oils, then you might want to opt for one of those products instead of a pure product that requires you to add your own flavoring as needed.

How Long Does the High Last?

Delta 8 is supposed to be a long-lasting high. It’s not like smoking regular weed where you feel the effects immediately and then they start to wear off after an hour or so.

Many people who use Delta 8 vape pens say that they can stay high for between four to six hours after vaping.

What Is Delta 8 THC Oil?

Delta 8 is a type of THC oil that’s made from cannabis plants that contain high concentrations of delta-8 THC. It’s supposed to get you real, real high – sometimes even too high if you’re not used to it.

Some CBD vendors sell D8 oils, and they can sometimes be used in vape pens . If you’re going to use a D8 oil, then make sure that it’s pure – some brands add extra ingredients to their oils that irritate the throat or lungs.

Delta 8 oil is supposed to give you a really strong head high while making you feel totally relaxed at the same time. People who suffer from chronic pain often use D8 oil to relieve their symptoms without making them feel high in the process.

How to Know Which Delta 8 THC Amount is Right For You

If you’re vaping, then you’ll want a high-quality vape pen and oil with a relatively high ratio of D8 THC. If you’re smoking, then the percentage will naturally be lower – but it should still be at least 25% D8 THC. The short answer is that this depends on what type of experience you want and your tolerance level.

Now for the big question: How much Delta 8 THC to take? This is going to depend on why you’re taking it, how much experience do you have with cannabis in general, and whether or not Delta 8 is your first time using cannabis in general.

A good rule of thumb if you’ve never had Delta 8 before: start out with a very small dose and wait for it to kick in, then adjust the amount as needed until you’re at a level that’s high but not overwhelming.

If you’re using Delta 8 for pain management, then we recommend checking out the various customer reviews to find one that makes sense for you, after consulting with your doctor. If you’re using it for its psychoactive effects, then we recommend the following:

Start Out With a Vape Pen

Vaping is one of the most efficient ways to ingest delta-8 THC given how little is needed per dose. You can find great high-quality vape pens for as low as $25 – so they won’t break the bank when you decide to buy one.

Smoking Delta 8 THC

Delta-8 is much stronger when smoked than it is in pure oil form. For this reason, we recommend starting small with a smoking method and slowly working your way up as needed.

If you do choose to smoke it, then we highly recommend that you use a high-quality glass pipe or a glass bowl – especially if this is going to be your first time smoking Delta 8 THC.

Delta-8 has a high ratio of THC to CBD, so the effects are very different than other strains that are commonly used for medical treatment. The following are all side effects you might experience when smoking or vaping Delta 8:

  • Headache, dry mouth, cottonmouth, bloodshot eyes – these are all common side effects of vaping and smoking cannabis in general.
  • Paranoia, anxiety, increased heart rate – this is something you might experience if you’re new to using delta-8 THC or didn’t start with a small enough dose. These are all common side effects especially when smoking it for the first time.
  • Nausea, stomach discomfort, increased appetite – this is more common when vaping it than smoking it. This is a side effect you’ll see with most strains of cannabis, especially the types that have a high THC to CBD ratio.
  • Remember: always consult your doctor before trying any new strain or method of intake.

Smoking and vaping Delta 8 THC each have their own pros and cons. Smoking it involves a much more intense high that lasts for a shorter amount of time, but it’s also more cost-effective. Vaping is more suitable for those looking for longer-lasting effects – especially with medical benefits in mind.

We recommend vaping it if you have experience with cannabis and/or vaping, or if you’ve had it before and you know you like the effects.

We recommend smoking it if this is your first time using cannabis – especially around other people or around work. It’s also an efficient method to get Delta-8 THC into the bloodstream rapidly so that its effects kick in faster than vaping alone.

Vaping is more efficient for using less of the oil per dose and delivers pure Delta 8 THC. Smoking allows you to regulate how much you take in at a time and also offers some medicinal benefits on its own.

Remember: always consult your doctor before trying any new strain or method of intake.

Vaping is more efficient for using less of the oil per dose and delivers pure Delta 8 THC. Smoking allows you to regulate how much you take in at a time and also offers some medicinal benefits on its own.

Final Thoughts

Delta 8 is a relatively new strain to the vaping scene and is not for everyone. If you try it and don’t like it, then that’s okay because there are lots of other high-quality vape pen oils out there.

As we mentioned before, some CBD brands add ingredients to their oils that irritate the throat or lungs even when they aren’t supposed to get you high.

That’s why we recommend looking for D8 oil in pure vape pen form instead of trying to find it combined with other types of cannabis oils – especially since there are plenty of CBD versions available on the market.

Delta 8 is sometimes used by people with chronic pain because it’s supposed to relieve their symptoms without making them feel high in the process! However, we still recommend that you talk to your doctor before trying Delta 8 if you aren’t sure whether or not it will interact badly with any of your medications.

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