iDispatch Review: Best Fleet Tracking App with GPS

One thing that this iDispatch review will reveal is that this is a multi-purpose GPS fleet tracking and communication app.

It gives you actionable data to help you manage and grow your business. If you:

  • Run a delivery service
  • Have a cleaning company
  • Run a construction company
  • Run a trucking company
  • Have family who travel a lot

You need iDispatch. You can use this fleet tracking app to track the movements of anyone who has a cellphone. It can show the location and the time taken to move from one place to another. It shows the direction that a subject has taken and the speed.

In business, every minute counts. You will pay your employees for every minute they are working for you. However, are you sure they are working for every buck that you pay them?

To remove all guesswork from the picture, just get the iDispatch app. It comes in two forms. The first one is the iDispatch Dispatcher App and the second one is the iDispatch Operator App. The former is the mobile version of the web-based application while the second one is for employees.

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iDispatch Review – Features

The iDispatch service is marketed as a driver tracking and communication app. Well, that is its main job, but it does much more than that, as you will find out in this review. It comes with many incredible features. Some of them are as follows:

Accurate GPS location feature

This app comes integrated with a GPS feature. When you open the map interface and click on an icon of an employee, you will get their exact location, the direction they are headed and other details. The map interface is also available in Satellite version. When you want to change some destination details for a driver, you can do it so easily in-app.

In-app messaging function

With this function, you can communicate with your drivers when the need arises. All the communication happens inside the app, making it secure. On the left side of the application, you will find a tab for messages. Once you click it, you are taken to the messages area. You can search for messages using keywords such as the name of the operator. Your first message will be from the iDispatch support team. You can ask them anything, if only to get a good feel of how the messaging function works. Send your drivers messages, attach documents and images. You can give them a location by clicking on the GPS icon on the message area.

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Create tracking links for real-time tracking

This is a fleet tracking system, so the tracking function is the most important of them all. Again, on the menu on the left side, just click on tracking and it will take you to a page where you can create new tracking links, or view links that you have created before. On the left, there is a search box where you can search for tracking links using the name of the operator or other keywords. On the right, there is a tab for creating a new link. When you click it, it opens a window where you can enter relevant details such as the name/title you want to give the tracking link. You can also enter the time and date when you want the tracking link to expire, after the job is done and delivery is successful. You can choose the operator, for whom you are creating the link, enter the destination, the operator’s mobile number and their email address. Some of these fields are optional, so you can leave them blank if you are in a hurry. That is not all! When you create the link, you can share it with customers whom you are delivering to, as well as your assistant administrators in the office. This has many benefits. First, you do not have to micromanage every activity that is taking place. Secondly, you limit the number of calls from customers because when you share the tracking link with them, they can keep track of their cargo. Before you can create the tracking links, you should know something. You have to add operators. (Read about it in the next feature). You will be able to see the operators you have “onboarded,” the pending invitations and the rejected invitations. To share a tracking link with someone, add them as your sub-users on your control panel. Don’t worry; you can always remove them later, especially the customers, when their cargo is delivered successfully.

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Add operators and create tracking links for them

When you are ready to start using this application, go to the Operators tab and add operators. If you are using the free version of this application, you can only invite and manage one operator.You can invite an operator through email or SMS. You will have to enter their email address or mobile number. When you click “Send Invitation,” they will get a code on their mobile. Once they allow it to access their device, you can start tracking them. That is the only input that is required from their side. To revisit the tracking function again, in one of the fields, you will find that you have to select the operator. Thus, before you can use the tracking function, first, invite operators to allow the app to access their devices. As the list of the operators populates, you can search for one using the search box on the left side in the Tracking window.


This is an important function, which is overlooked most of the time. On iDispatch Reporting Function, you get a report on operator movement every 72 hours. You can make data-informed decisions for your business operations.

Yet to come – Exportable data from Amazon

iDispatch plans to bring this function soon. It will be a game changer for small business owners. The access to big data will help you make smart business decisions that can take your operations to another level.

Who can use iDispatch?

The iDispatch fleet tracking system is designed to help grow small businesses from one level to another. One aspect that affects the growth of all businesses across the board is time. With this app, you can know whether your employees are doing the right thing at the right time.

Delivery and transport businesses

All businesses that deal with logistics – movement of people, goods and services can use this service. Mainly designed for transporters, it is efficient at giving real-time location, speed, direction and other important data. You can also communicate instantly with a driver. The app is integrated with Google Maps and GPS. Keeping track of your drivers is so easy.

Construction businesses

If you are in the construction business, this GPS fleet tracking is going to help you a great deal. It will help you keep track of your employees. You will know whether they are on the site on time and other details. If you need to dispatch them to a new site, you can use the in-app messaging function. If you are in the repairs and maintenance business, this app will help you know which handyman is where.

Office employees working remotely

If you have office employees working remotely, in the field, you can add them as sub-users so that they can access all the information they need for their work. Dispatch managers can manage drivers from any location, using the mobile application.

iDispatch Pros

  • A simple user interface, which requires no experience
  • You get a free version that allows you to manage one employee with all features
  • Stores your history for future reference
  • The operators/drivers/employees need not do much except allow the app their mobile access
  • The price for the premium version of the app is affordable
  • Both free and premium version users have access to customer support
  • Good for local, regional as well as international logistics
  • Built by experienced truckers for trucking companies and others

iDispatch Cons

  • It has a learning curve
  • Free user features are too limited

iDispatch Price

You can start with the free version of dispatch to test its functions. However, you will need the premium version soon after. The cost for the premium version is $79.99 only if you subscribe annually. If you choose to pay on a monthly basis, the cost is $7.99 per month.


In this iDispatch review, you have seen that it is the ultimate solution for trucking, delivery, construction and other businesses, which require remote monitoring of employees.

Something else that we should mention is that this app can help with route optimization. It integrates with a powerful GPS and Google Map function. You can send your drivers actionable decisions to help them take better routes to save fuel and time.

Other notable things include the notifications feature that lets you know when you have new communication.

You can also use this application to keep track of a teenager, or any other family member who is traveling alone or in a group.

Overall, iDispatch is a simple, all-under-one-roof logistics solution for trucking businesses. In this age of Big Data, with this fleet tracking app, every small business should be able to make data-driven decisions, like the big companies.

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