Kibo Eclipse Reviews: Program That Works or Shocking Controversy?

As a budding online store that has recently set foot in the online money-making industry, it is common to ask oneself: What does it take to be a successful eCommerce business? What is the secret sauce to making money online in online marketing? What are the resources required to turn into a successful eCommerce business?

An online training program, namely Kibo Eclipse, claims to answer all these questions and a lot more. Suppose you have heard of Kibo Eclipse before in online marketing. In that case, you know that the Kibo method has constantly proven to be highly rewarding for any online marketing venture that followed it through the Kibo programs such as Kibo Code and Kibo Code Quantum, and finally Kibo Code Eclipse.

However, it is justifiable to be a little paranoid and perplexed for an eCommerce business that has recently come across the Kibo Eclipse training program for online marketing.

So, what is Kibo Eclipse? Does Kibo Eclipse work, or is it a scam? And, what sort of training does it provide to help businesses turn into ‘successful online businesses?

In this detailed Kibo Eclipse review, we will delve deep into these questions and a lot more, helping you understand if Kibo Eclipse works or if it is just another internet scam.

Here is a detailed overview of the Kibo Eclipse online training program our research and editorial team.

Name of the courseKibo Eclipse
MakersAiden Booth and Steve Clayton
Official Launch25th January 2022
Aim of the courseThe course is specifically designed for the budding and emerging potential eCommerce business owners. If you want to set up a successful store online, Kibo Eclipse is the right course for you.
Modules included in the course
  • Kibo Incubator
  • Kibo Jumpstart
  • Kibo HQ
  • Kibo Oracle
  • Kibo Socializer
  • Kibo Converters
  • Kibo Accelerators
  • Kibo Mentorpoint
  • Free Bonuses
  • Social Selling Secrets
  • Kibo Event Live Recordings
  • The Secret Mastermind
  • Key Highlights and Benefits
  • Detailed programs conducted by industry experts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Effective bonus tools and programs
  • Handy and easy to use
  • It comes with fully automated tools
  • Targeted Audience
  • New Business Owners
  • Seasoned Businesspersons exploring online space
  • Students seeking some additional income
  • Similar programs by the creators
  • Kibo Code
  • Kibo Quantum
  • Important dates for the course
  • Pre Launch Part 1: January 19, 2022
  • Pre Launch Part 2: January 21, 2022
  • Pre Launch Part 3: January 23, 2022
  • Masterclass Launch Date: January 24, 2022
  • PriceThe course is available at $3497, and you can even pay in four affordable installments of $997.
    Money-Back GuaranteeThe course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
    Where to buyYou can purchase this course from the official Kibo Eclipse website.
  • The methods are more systematic, and effective which will work in 2022
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers 3 bonus products plus an extra bonus of built-in e-Commerce platform
  • It is a long term saving program and an effective means of advertisement
  • Special Modules for beginners to guide them
  • Cons
  • Expensive
  • Limited availability of seats and time for enrollment
  • Requires common basic e-Commerce knowledge
  • What is Kibo Eclipse?

    In layman’s terms, Kibo Eclipse is the bridge that gaps the lack of knowledge in online marketing as well as inadequate resources to become a successful online store. The Kibo Eclipse training program is one of the most popular programs created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, wherein you are taught about the secrets that go into making a successful online store.

    The Kibo Eclipse course, launched on the Kibo Eclipse platform is a key for every online store looking to drive high profits from online marketing, to learn and understand the eCommerce industry a lot better by expanding their knowledge band.

    The creators Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton claimed that the Kibo Eclipse training program follows a unique and largely untapped business model that can help an online store expand its traffic sources. The program focuses beyond the generic paid traffic sources such as reaching out to marketplaces such as Walmart, TikTok, and Instagram.

    In fact, the creators of the Kibo Eclipse training program have already spent about a million dollars perfecting their business model.

    This has helped the creators and the Kibo Eclipse team come up with a course that offers its students a wide number of tools for selling highly profitable products while also providing excellent training on how to become successful entrepreneurs.

    The theme of the Kibo Eclipse program is ‘total domination’. This theme is in conjunction with the Kibo business model and the Kibo method claims to help generate high profit from not just the widely used Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, but also other marketplaces where you could sell your highly profitable products.

    About the Creators of Kibo Eclipse – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

    Numerous Kibo Eclipse customer reviews often substantiate the contribution of their online success to the eCommerce experts and creators of the Kibo Eclipse program, Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth.

    Booth and Steven Clayton have spent more than a million dollars perfecting their business model for the Kibo Eclipse program.

    It’s like the Kibo Eclipse program is the first program created by Steven Clayton and Booth. The two extremely skilled and knowledgeable creators of the Kibo Eclipse program are also behind the making of two other (equally) successful programs: Kibo Code and Kibo Code Quantum.

    Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth, besides curating the Kibo Eclipse training program, Kibo Code and Kibo Code Quantum, have also launched other programs, each following a specific and successful business model for boosting the growth of an online store.

    These training programs include 7 Figure Cycle, Parallel Profits, 100k Factory, and more.

    The inception of these programs began with the foundation of the Kibo Platform, a platform founded by Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth to help individuals create an online store that bought and sold highly profitable products through the platform.

    Today, the platform is not only one of the most popular when it comes to eCommerce, but is also helping thousands of online stores generate money and make a profitable living out of online content.

    Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth, with their years of experience in the eCommerce sector, are now open to sharing this knowledge with individuals who want to open up their own online stores and make money online.

    They share this knowledge through programs such as the Kibo Eclipse training program, Kibo Code, and Kibo Code Quantum, along with free valuable bonuses.

    More Information On Aidan Booth

    Aidan grew up in New Zealand and later moved to Argentina. His first digital experience started in 2005, and ever since, he has mainly relied on his niche websites and eCommerce stores to make money online.

    Aidan has multiple online business ventures that are highly successful and he is also the co-founder of the Kibo Platform, an online platform that offers services to eCommerce businesses, provides small business marketing, and online training programs to people who want to start their own online store.

    He is also an expert eCommerce blogger who shares his information with his followers, giving them valuable insights to building their online business and leveraging SEO and free traffic from Google search engine.

    More Information On Steven Clayton

    Steven Clayton is an eCommerce expert who was previously the CFO for a Fortune 500 company, driving the compancompany’sss and growth.

    When he saw the immense opportunity that the internet has to offer, he delved full-fledged into the eCommerce sector. Partnering up with Aidan, Clayton created the Kibo platform as well as the numerous Kibo training courses such as the Kibo Eclipse course, Kibo Code and Kibo Quantum.

    With the Kibo Eclipse team, Steve helps online stores diversify their business in the field of online marketing.


    The Concept Behind Kibo Eclipse Training Program

    The Kibo Eclipse program may not be a relaunch of the Kibo Code, however, it follows the same concept that led to the inception of the Kibo Code program. To understand the concept behind the Kibo Eclipse program, it is crucial to understand the concept of the Kibo Code.

    The Kibo Code’sCode’se marketing and training services revolve around the concept of a trendy and popular brick-and-mortar in Tokyo, Japan. The store churns out billions of dollars at the end of every year using clever marketing tactics.

    The Kibo Eclipse program as well as Kibo Code leverages the same tactic used by the brick-and-mortar store: to generate traffic using attractive themes. The strategic use of themes can help an eCommerce store drive qualified buyers to generate traffic.

    Many Kibo Eclipse reviews mention that this tried and tested art of selling things helps drive high professional growth to their eCommerce stores. Meanwhile, a number of other Kibo Eclipse reviews also mention that the unique digital marketing strategy employed by the Kibo Eclipse program is easy-to-understand, straightforward, and arguably one of the best methods to generate sales.

    A number of Kibo Eclipse reviews claim that with the Kibo Eclipse business model, you can generate a significant amount of sales without:

    • Traffic issues
    • The necessitation to run Facebook Ads
    • Having to rely on Amazon FBA
    • Engaging with warehouses or overseas suppliers for buying profitable products.
    • Upfront payment for purchases
    • Worrying about inventory

    8 Modules included in Kibo Eclipse

    The Kibo Eclipse program is broken down into 8 modules to make the whole matter easily consumable by the students. Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton, along with the Kibo Eclipse team have put a lot of thought into coming up with these 8 modules that are nothing like any other training program.

    In this detailed Kibo Eclipse review, we have listed and explained each module along with its purpose.

    Kibo Incubator

    An eight-week training program, Kibo Incubator teaches you how your own online store can turn into an eCommerce empire if you follow the right steps.

    The highly-praised module has countless reviews from multiple users who claim that Kibo Incubator has helped them understand what goes into the making of a successful online store.

    Numerous Kibo Eclipse reviews claim that Kibo Incubator lays the very foundation of the complete Kibo Eclipse program.

    Kibo JumpStart

    This module is all about jumpstarting your business and ensuring continued success through constant learning. Kibo JumpStart is held as live video sessions, multiple times a week wherein both Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton show you how you can level up your online marketing skills and make timely profits by staying informed of the latest trends in the online business.

    Kibo HQ

    Kibo HQ provides instant access to an operational hub where you can build, manage, and even scale your online store. Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton, along with the seasoned Kibo Eclipse team, give you access to a special infrastructure wherein you can apply the training you have gotten from the Kibo course so far and derive optimal profits from your online store.

    Kibo HQ is an operational tool that gives you instant access to apps that are worth $1000, for free. This can be of immense help when you are building your online store and looking for cheap paid traffic sources as well as free traffic sources.

    Kibo Oracle

    Similar to the Oracle X module in Kibo Code Quantum, the Kibo Oracle is a further advanced software by the Kibo Eclipse team that provides instant access to innumerable valuable products on the Kibo Eclipse system.

    From these products, you can filter out which ones are profitable products and which are not, in a span of moments. Thanks to Kibo Oracle, finding highly profitable products in a sea of generic products does not take several days of research anymore.

    Kibo Converters

    What is the secret behind a successful e-Commerce business? Conversions and traffic. If you want to convert visitors into leads to make money online, the Kibo Converters is the module you should look out for.

    The Kibo Converters is a multitude of tools developed by the Kibo Eclipse team that helps you convert your online store visitors into buyers who make you online profits.

    Available on the Kibo Eclipse platform, this module facilitates easy conversion for all members of the Kibo Code training program.

    Kibo Socializer

    A smart analytical tool available on the Kibo Eclipse platform, Kibo Socializer derives untapped advantages of the free social traffic to help boost your online store, in terms of visibility and sales.

    The Kibo Eclipse team, along with Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton developed this tool with the aim to bring you limitless traffic through untapped methods of advertisement that include both paid and free traffic.

    Kibo Accelerators

    The Kibo Accelerator does exactly what it sounds like: accelerate your online business. Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton use the lesser-known online marketing tactics to accelerate your online store and its growth by helping improve site traffic.

    The module is pivotal because it shows how online stores can implement effective marketing strategies to boost their online business.

    Kibo MentorPoint

    It is important for any good training program to have an equally good support system to help its students throughout their journey to success.

    The Kibo Eclipse course is no different. When you enroll in the Kibo Eclipse program, you get access to Kibo MentorPoint (a support system) where several mentors provide the support your online store needs. For any successful online store, it is important to have the right guidance and mentorship. The Kibo Eclipse team understands that and brings you the best of guidance through Kibo MentorPoint whenever you hit a stumbling block.

    What are the 3 Pre-Launches of the Kibo Eclipse Program?

    Prior to the official Kibo Eclipse launch on the 25th of January, 2022, Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton are offering three pre-launches so you can take a sneak peek into what the Kibo Eclipse program will have in store for you.

    Prelaunch Part 1: The 3-Step Program

    The first prelaunch, named The 3-Step Program includes a 39-page instruction, with experts guiding the enrolled students about how they can activate profitable products, generate free traffic and scale up their eCommerce business by multiplying marketplaces and overseas suppliers.

    Set to launch on January 19, 2022, this prelaunch is all about guiding the newly enrolled students through the fundamentals of the online business to help them succeed and grow in the niche.

    Prelaunch Part 2: The Blueprint

    The Blueprint is quite literal to its name. Released in an infographic format for the students, this prelaunch is the summary of the 3-Step Program. The summary is provided using mappings, graphs, and outlines.

    Set to launch on January 21, 2022, this prelaunch is also a tool for reminding the participants to increase the sales targets every week, so as to create a business model that sees a rise in the profit earnings over time.

    Prelaunch Part 3: The Results

    As evident from the name, the third part of the prelaunch is set to launch on January 23, 2022.

    This prelaunch is basically a series of social proofs and testimonies from myriad students of the Kibo Eclipse program and how they turned their small business into a profitable online business, driving high profits from their online stores.

    The prelaunch is a 28-page guide on how the existing students and students enrolled into the previous Kibo programs have turned their eCommerce stores into a thriving online business using the Kibo business model.

    What is the price of Kibo Eclipse?

    The decisive question is, how much does Kibo Eclipse cost? The entire Kibo Eclipse training course costs $3,497 USD and it also includes free bonuses alongside access to the Kibo Eclipse system where you could set up your online store and make immense profits using the business model taught in the program.

    We know that most of you will outright feel that the upfront cost is high, however, the good part is that instead of breaking your wallet in a single go, you can also pay in four installments of $997.

    The availability of part-installments for the payment of the Kibo Eclipse program really sets it apart from the other eCommerce methods, since you can still enroll and consume knowledge even if you are tight on budget as an e-Commerce business.

    To contact Kibo Eclipse creators with questions, send them an email to:

    • https://support.thekibocode.com

    Is there a Kibo Code Discount?

    Given that the Kibo Code offered no discount on the price, we are basing the same on the Kibo Eclipse program. This makes us believe that there may not be any promo code or Kibo Eclipse discount. However, given that the program and the business model taught are of such great value to any eCommerce business, the unavailability of a promo code should not be a deal-breaker.

    What is the Kibo Eclipse Refund Policy?

    Unlike the other eCommerce methods, the Kibo Code Eclipse has a solid refund policy as well as a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the Kibo Eclipse course, you can apply for a refund and the Kibo Eclipse team will return every single penny of your investment without asking any question.

    With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can choose to get your money back if you feel that the Kibo Eclipse program is not the one for you, or if it is too difficult for you to understand (the chances of which are low).

    What are the Bonuses included in Kibo Eclipse?

    The creators are also providing FREE Kibo Eclipse bonuses with the program. The business model of Kibo Eclipse in conjunction with these free bonuses can make an online store go from 0 to 100 if implemented effectively.

    Kibo Code Live Recordings

    The first bonus provided by the Kibo Eclipse team is the Kibo Code Live Recordings. These live sessions are conducted by expert speakers from the Kibo Eclipse team on the Kibo Eclipse platform. You will be provided with a lot of insiders and limitless opportunities to make the most out of your learning opportunity.

    The Secret Mastermind

    With additional digital strategies, formulae, and plans, the Secret Mastermind allows the Kibo Eclipse program students to use in-depth analysis to understand the e-Commerce selling secrets better.

    7-Figure Scaling Secrets

    Do you want to scale your business to a 7-figure? If yes, then this is one of the Kibo Eclipse bonuses that can be of great help. With exclusive training sessions, the Kibo Eclipse team teaches you how you can scale your e-commerce business into a 7-figure-making e-Commerce venture.

    Where to buy the Kibo Eclipse?

    Consumers can get access to the Kibo Eclipse program and the Kibo Eclipse system on the official website. The program is not available for purchase anywhere else and if you come across a website that claims to give you access to the program at low-cost prices and discounted rates (or even for free), and could be a fake website.

    How does the Kibo Eclipse Program work?

    Here is how the Kibo Code Eclipse program works to help you set up your store and start making money on its platform.

    Step 1: Install Your Kibo Eclipse Store

    With a single-click store setup, the program has made it comparatively easy for any online store to get set up. Even if you are a pre-built online store, getting started with the Kibo Eclipse system is super-easy.

    Step 2: Load Your Products

    You can either use the Fast Track System or the Expand your Inventory option to load and sell your products on the platform.

    Step 3: Make Sales & Profits

    This is the part where all the pieces of the puzzle gel together. The Kibo Code Eclipse is equipped with advanced tools and software to help you derive high profits and sales through online marketing.

    Step 4: Systematize Delivery

    With a systemized delivery handling for all your eCommerce needs, the Kibo Eclipse program automates the entire delivery process. Whether you are selling ten or ten thousand products in a day, it will all take the same amount of time to deliver the products.

    The best part about the Kibo Code Eclipse systemized delivery is that you do not have to spend a single penny on the product unless someone has placed an order for the product. In fact, all the handling and shipping is conducted by the supplier, be it local or overseas suppliers.

    Kibo Eclipse Reviews – What are the users saying about Kibo Eclipse?

    There are many Kibo Eclipse reviews that testify to the fact that the Kibo Eclipse program is legit. Kibo Eclipse or Kibo Code Eclipse has helped a myriad segment of online stores earn 6 to 7 figures within a span of a few months after taking the course.

    In this section of the Kibo Eclipse review, we will have a look at what the Kibo Eclipse reviews (by users) say and how that validates Kibo Eclipse Nation effectiveness:

    One Kibo Eclipse review by Dominik, a business owner, says that the Kibo Code Eclipse and the Kibo Eclipse system helped him earn $11,556 in just one month.

    Using the online marketing training services provided by the Kibo Eclipse system, another man, Vaughn, in his Kibo Eclipse review claims that he earned $3946 within 7 days. He also said that this was right after he started using Kibo Code Eclipse.

    One of the many Kibo Eclipse reviews also claims that a man named Peter earned $3114 in a single day using the Kibo Eclipse. Another Kibo Eclipse review, by Tim, says that he earned $2046 using the Kibo Eclipse system.

    One of the astonishing Kibo Eclipse reviews by a man named Padriac mentioned that the man earned $22,446 in just a month by utilizing the Kibo Eclipse system.

    8 Top Benefits of Kibo Eclipse

    The program has countless benefits; the most highlighted benefits of the Kibo Eclipse training course are listed below:

    No traffic issues

    Since the program offers methods to tap into free traffic, you can use cheap means of advertising to bring in high profits and traffic to your eCommerce store.

    If you buy Kibo Eclipse, the cost and the efforts to bring in high amounts of traffic are greatly reduced. The driving of high traffic also helps in attracting potential buyers.

    U.S based suppliers

    Since the program hosts US-based suppliers for you to buy and sell the products from, you do not have to worry for long spans of time to have the product delivered to you or your customer. If you are based in the U.S., the great news for you is that all the buying and selling is done within America.

    Reduced risk

    Most often, an eCommerce business model requires you to buy an inventory, before starting to sell products. This means that you will need to incur high expenses before you have started earning anything. The Kibo Eclipse is different – by helping you sell a product that has a higher margin, the program simply discards the product once the profits derived from the product are low. In place of the old product, a new product is sold which means there is no risk of loss of money.

    You Don’t Need a Budget to Learn How to Compete

    Online marketing can often be expensive and taxing on finances. With this program, you do not need to worry about your budget, though. Why? Because you do not need a budget to get started. Above all, you do not need to buy an inventory before you start making profits, which in turn means that you do not need to be concerned about the storage either.

    You Don’t Need to Provide Customer Care Services

    Be it customers or suppliers, you do not need to be concerned about struggling or haggling with either of those when making money from your eCommerce store. Kibo Eclipse saves you from the customer chargebacks in case of any product or quality mishaps since the customer service is handled by the seller. This means that you do not really need to interact with the customers when closing a deal.

    You’ll Be Learning a Proven Method

    With FDA-approved research and data-backed business methods, you will be learning a tried and tested method that has been used by thousands of users before and helped them thrive in the online niche. If you want to increase your chances of success, there can probably be nothing better than getting enrolled in this program.

    Rapid results and easy to scale

    The program is high as well as easily scalable providing you rapid results on profits and growth. On the system, you can test if your product is being sold in the next 48 hours of putting it on sale. This allows you to identify which products are right for your eCommerce store and which are not.

    So many customer reviews mention the miraculous pace at which Kibo Eclipse brings success to their online store.

    Kibo Code and Kibo Code Quantum

    Before the launch of Kibo Eclipse, the creators launched two programs, both of which were highly successful for the users, namely Kibo Code and Quantum.

    The very first program, Kibo Code was launched in 2020, focused on regular dropshipping of products manufactured in China and stored in the U.S. warehouses. Although the system had its flaws, the program was still highly successful.

    As a better and improved spin-off of Kibo Code, the creators launched Kibo Quantum, a program that now also included proprietary software and a shopping cart option that was lacking in the previous program. This program was launched in 2021 and gathered thousands of positive reviews from the students enrolled.

    Final Verdict – Is Kibo Eclipse Legit?

    With each passing day, it is becoming tremendously difficult for online businesses to make a mark in the cut-throat eCommerce industry. With gargantuan competition and every other eCommerce store looking to transition into a thriving eCommerce business, it can be difficult to stand out; more so, if you are just starting out. Although eCommerce houses endless opportunities for small business marketing, it is difficult to make a mark when there are so many online businesses who are out, seeking success just like you.

    However, with the right resources and guidance such as those provided by the Kibo Eclipse team, driving higher profits to your online store can turn into a cakewalk. The Kibo business model has been highly acclaimed and has continued living in fame for the right reasons: FDA-approved research, wise social selling secrets, and untapped business methods for a thriving e-commerce business.

    Now, you must have one final question: Is the training program worth the value? The most straightforward answer to the question is yes, the Kibo Eclipse course is worth every dollar you are spending on it.

    If you see it as a long-term investment towards a highly successful e-commerce business, you will understand how the Kibo Eclipse course could be the key to your success.

    If you are worried that the training program may not be worth the hype or the investment, you can always get every single penny of your investment returned (explained above).

    In fact, so many students who have enrolled in the Kibo Eclipse training program, largely attribute their success to Booth and Steve Clayton for coming up with such an effective online training program as well as a business model.

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