Noom Reviews: Is the Noom Diet for Weight Loss Right For You?

Losing weight is a lot easier said than done, especially for those who have gained weight over the years due to disordered eating but are still very conscious about their diet and exercise routine. It can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle and see any significant changes in your body. A lot of people find it too challenging to lose weight. However, there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself. One of those things is Noom.

Noom Diet is a simple and effective tool that helps you achieve your weight loss goals. The Noom app, as the name suggests, offers you a healthy diet plan and meal planning guide to achieving your weight loss goals. It provides tools that help you keep track of what you eat and gives you suggestions for food. In addition, it calculates how many calories are in your diet and guides you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper exercise.

In this article, we’ve made a detailed Noom review. Let’s take a look at how it can aid in your weight loss journey and see if you should use it or not?

But before, let us have a quick look at some key details:

App Information
Name: Noom
Languages Available: English, Korean, Japanese, German, and Spanish
Available Platforms: iPhone / Android
Works on: Weight loss, Behavioral changes, Mood, and Fitness
Applicable Approach: Green, yellow, and red food system
Other Benefits:
  • Various challenges for making progress
  • Progress and calorie tracking
  • Food and weight logging
  • Easy to start a personalized application
  • A dedicated coach for dietary advice
  • Daily informational articles
  • Interactive challenges
  • Contact No: (888) 266-5071
    Starting Price: $60 per month


    What Is the Noom Application?

    The Noom app is designed to help people lose weight, stay fit, and stay healthy. Using a color-coded food system, this tool ranks foods based on their calorie content.

    The least caloric foods are greens, such as spinach and broccoli, whereas red foods, like nuts and seeds, have more calories. Generally, people consume more green food than red food and eat red food in small portions.

    The Noom company says it can develop long-term weight loss plans based on these data. Using Noom’s website or app, a person will get a personalized weight loss plan after purchasing a subscription. A customized weight loss plan will then be designed to meet the individual’s needs.

    A health coach is assigned as soon as a user logs in for the first time on the app. To help the individual achieve their weight goals, the Noom personal coach provides dietary advice tailored to their weight loss goals.

    The Noom program was designed by behavioral health experts who studied oncology, diabetes, hypertension, and more to better understand why people struggle with weight loss. Instead of a traditional diet plan, Noom leverages mobile technology to encourage people to make behavioral changes for a healthier lifestyle. Using the app, you can determine what you need to work on and, over time, develop new neural pathways, which will help you adopt healthy eating habits. Dieters who follow the Nooom diet learn to focus on the mindset before meals.

    Noom has been around for quite some time. In 2008, it was released as a simple fitness and calorie tracking app. By 2016, the app had added support groups, user coaching, psychology, and behavioral change components.

    About the Noom Company


    Noom operates the platform from New York. Founded in 2012, Noom is a digital health company that aims to improve health and well-being. Saeju Jeong and Artem Petakov founded the company in 2008 in response to their dissatisfaction with American health care’s focus on “sick care” rather than “health care.”.

    Moreover, Petakov and Jeong felt Noom was necessary because up to 50% of premature deaths are related to behaviors and preventable causes – yet nothing is being done about that. In turn, they developed digital products that gave people control over their health.

    Thousands of people have lost weight and lived healthier lives thanks to Noom.

    How Does Noom Work?


    The Noom uses a sampling system, which means that it asks the user to complete questionnaires and surveys when they’re eating. The questions assess various aspects of their diet, including portion size, desired fat loss outcome, and probability of being followed by an app. All this data is then compared with real-world behavior to determine expected outcomes such as calorie intake or weight change in months. Due to the highly personalized nature of the algorithm, users can expect to see results quicker than with other weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and Volumetrics Diet.

    The mission of Noom is to help people develop sustainable habits through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Noom enables users because it was developed based on proven behavioral science. Noom should expect long-term weight loss results instead of quick fat loss results. The products of Noom are based on scientific principles and evidence-based approaches.

    Noom users can choose from thousands of trained coaches. You can count on your Noom coach to provide you with guidance and support throughout your health journey. With the Noom weight loss app, you can communicate with your coach using the messaging feature.

    How to Get Started With Noom?


    Getting started and losing weight with Noom is super easy. All you have to do is answer a few questions and follow the procedure explained below:

    Step-1: Start with taking a quiz

    As the first step in the program, participants take a 10-minute online assessment that includes the following questions:

    • Your height, weight, and gender.
    • Any important upcoming events (such as weddings, birthdays, etc.).
    • Exercise and diet habits to know if you require some improvement or healthy habits.
    • Why do you want to lose weight? For example, looking better, being more social, becoming healthier, or other reasons.
    • How you spent your childhood.
    • Living environment (such as the country, suburban area, or a big city).
    • Events resulting in weight gain in recent years (such as an injury, marriage, slower metabolism, anxiety, depression, drug use, or hormonal disorders).
    • When was the last time you were at your ideal weight?
    • Your current exercise goals (e.g., fat loss, muscle building)
    • Whether you suffer from severe back pain.
    • You have low testosterone, cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, or other conditions.
    • Your diabetes history, whether or not you were diagnosed with diabetes or were treated for diabetes.
    • Have you ever followed another weight loss program (Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Noom, Weight Watchers, etc.)
    • In the past, you have tried other methods to lose weight on your own (like diet plans, restrictive eating plans, gym memberships, or prescription drugs).

    And many others…

    Step-2: Join Noom and install the Noom weight loss app


    Purchasing Noom

    After completing the payment and joining the program, you need to download the Noom app. As soon as you install the app, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your email address. You can only use Android (version 6 or later) and iOS (12.4 or later) smartphones. IPads and Android tablets are also compatible, but they will have limited functionality because most tablets do not have motion sensors, and you won’t be able to use the Step Counter of Noom.

    Step-3 Get a calorie budget, meet your coaches, and take lessons.


    In 16 weeks, you will have to complete ten mini-lessons on psychology and behavioral change. You decide immediately whether to devote five minutes to the lessons every day or up to 16 minutes. About two days after signing up, you will be connected to a goal coach. This person will personally check in with you weekly to monitor your progress and encourage you with motivational messages.

    You will be assigned an individual coach and a peer group a few days into the program. In addition to moderating the peer group chat, the coach posts fat loss tips and sometimes replies to individual posts. Coaches for both goal and group coaching hold a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, in addition to over 2,000 hours of wellness coaching experience.

    For weight loss and maintenance, Noom works for a minimum of 16 weeks, but you can purchase up to 12 months at a time.


    What is a calorie Budget?

    Your daily calorie budget (the number of calories you need to maintain your health) will be assigned to your personalized plan, and you will need to record your meals and physical activity daily. You can also choose to devote two to ten minutes per day to reading short articles on positive thinking, mindfulness, and stress management.

    According to your information, you have calorie restrictions in your plan. Some obese and pre-diabetic people can benefit from Noom’s diabetes prevention program – an evidence-based type 2 diabetes prevention program certified by the Centers for Disease Control.

    What Foods Can You Eat With Noom Diet?


    The Noom platform aims to provide users with the knowledge they need to make the best diet decisions for themselves. Nom does not restrict any foods, unlike other diets. There are no foods that Noom considers harmful or prohibits you from eating that should be avoided. There are some recommended foods on Noom as well. Color-coding by Noom indicates the nutritional value of foods as green, yellow, or red. The ideal dietary pattern would be for about 30 percent of your food to come from green foods, 45 percent by eating yellow foods, and 25 percent from red foods.

    The healthiest foods are green foods (Low-Calorie Dense Foods), such as fruits and vegetables, since they are low in calories and high in beneficial nutrients. Meat and dairy products, for example, are yellow foods and have more caloric density but are not necessarily unhealthy. As with processed foods, red foods have the most calories and the most negligible nutritional value, so they should be consumed in a low quantity.

    Here is what the red, green, and yellow food listings look like:

    Category-1: Green Foods

    • Nooom’s green foods are rich in nutrients with fewer calories. They are also high in water, providing the greatest nutrients with the least calories.

    You should consume these foods more than half of the time, according to Noom. Green foods include the following:

    • Whole grain bread and pasta, rolled oats, oat brans, brown rice
    • Veggies such as spinach, broccoli, and bell peppers.
    • Apple, strawberry, and banana fruits.
    • Milk products include unsweetened almond milk, non-fat yogurt, and non-fat cheese.
    • You can also take Tofu as it is a healthy source of protein.

    Category-2: Yellow Foods

    Yellow foods are higher in calories and have a lower nutritional value. So Noom suggests eating them in moderation. The amount of yellow food you consume varies from person to person, but both should be about 25% of the total calories you consume. The foods include:

    • Lean ground beef, chicken, turkey breast, eggs, and other excellent protein sources.
    • Fish like tuna and salmon.
    • You can also eat legumes such as black beans and chickpeas.
    • Tortillas are made with whole grain.
    • Low-fat cheese and Greek yogurt.

    Category-3: Red Foods

    Foods in the red color group have the lowest nutritional value and the highest calorie content. Despite their health benefits, these foods should be eaten less frequently and in smaller portions.

    In addition to red meat and processed foods, full-fat cheeses are among the examples of red foods. Red foods should make up 25% of your daily calories, so use portions of a quarter to a half-cup.

    • Avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil all fit into this category.
    • Flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds are among the seeds.
    • Almonds, walnuts, and cashews.
    • Almond butter, peanut butter, and hazelnut butter.

    Overall, you consume food but not calories. By flowing the diet in the above three food groups, Noom dieters can get rid of eating disorders and bad eating habits. Not only that, but their bodies also get healthy nutrients that are necessary for sustained weight loss.


    What Is a Food Log And How Does It work?

    The Noom food database is the most comprehensive, reliable food database on earth. Over 3.7 million options are available to users who log food, so they can choose foods and portions that suit their needs. In addition to nearly 200,000 food items, users can also browse meals at 850 restaurants and chains by scanning a barcode. Furthermore, users can also get ideas for healthy recipes from the many options available.

    You can choose from a variety of food portion sizes when logging food in the Noom. The Noom food logging app is different from some databases that only offer cups or grams since Noom knows that people don’t always have measuring cups or scales with them. With the help of internal experts and their users, they have also standardized the sizes of an assortment of common dishes. The Noom food logging guide helps you record the number of strawberries, small bowls, or portions you ate when you are logging meals like strawberries.

    Science Behind The workings Of Noom Diet Plan


    The Noom system has been scientifically proven to work. The Noom team has published more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers that explain how their methods work and how effective they are to users, practitioners, and scientists.

    In addition to holding PhDs and master’s degrees in various fields such as psychology, neuroscience, and statistics, their behavioral health experts hold multiple degrees. Their scientists uncover how to change behavior in all aspects, leading to a healthier world. Here are some scientific studies based on the workings of the Noom Diet Plan:

    The more anxious users are, the less fat they lose. This 2020 Noom study explains that users who were most successful at losing weight and engaging with Noom had higher mental health quality of life and better work-life balance.

    In this 2020 study, researchers randomly assigned 40 patients with type 2 diabetes to the Noom group or the control group. Compared to the control group, Noom patients achieved significantly higher levels of A1C.

    The results of this randomized controlled trial indicate that Noom users with colorectal polyps lost significantly more weight than those who did not use Noom. Using Noom led to significant increases in physical activity.

    A 2016 study published in Nature Research shows that 78 percent of Noom users lost weight over a nine-month period. A total of 35,921 participants took part in the study.

    In this trial, researchers proved that through combining Noom with local healthcare treatment, the Noom decreased body weight by 2.73 kg, fat mass by 2.65 kg, and the metabolic equivalent of task (MET) by greater than expected.

    Noom was ranked the number one weight loss program out of 800 programs reviewed by the University of Sydney’s Medical Center.

    Furthermore, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal, more than 64% of users managed to lose more than 5% of their body weight by following the program.

    While conventional fat loss programs commonly result in yo-yo effects, Noom is designed specifically to avoid that effect. Today you may lose weight, but in the coming weeks and months, you may gain it back. According to research, Nooom’s behavioral training minimizes the yo-yo effect and gives you long-term results.

    Losing weight and gaining back all the weight is a yo-yo effect. Yo-yo dieting can also be damaging to your health. The Columbia University researchers found that women who have yo-yo dieted and weight cycled were more likely to have cardiovascular risks than those who maintained a steady weight.

    Noom- Benefits And Features


    As soon as you set up your plan with Noom, you will be able to see how many calories you can consume every day. In addition to recording daily physical activity, the app also asks users to jot down their meals and snacks. Also included is a step counter that lets you keep track of how much you walk. In addition to these health markers, Noom encourages you to record your blood sugar and blood pressure. Here are some of the key features of the Noom weight loss app:

    Ensure long-term weight loss

    Noom provides the tools you need to lose weight and keep it off-commitment, knowledge, and awareness are all required for sustained weight loss. A quick fix is not offered, nor are foods excluded or eating windows encouraged. In its principle of losing weight long-term, Noom emphasizes that eating whole foods and forming a healthy relationship with them is necessary.

    Customized Coaching

    If you’re looking to stay accountable, we recommend Noom’s personalized coaching. A coach is assigned to you at Nooom, and you communicate regularly with your coach for daily tips and health ideas.


    Research-based Methods

    There are many leading weight loss programs that have completed clinical trials to prove their effectiveness. Noom has been tested on thousands of people over a number of years, and multiple studies have proven that the Noom program can help you lose weight and keep it off.

    No Food Restrictions

    Noom doesn’t require you to stop eating certain foods or impose dietary restrictions. The Noom app educates users about their food choices and then asks them to decide what to eat.

    A commitment to accountability and support

    The Noom community encourages accountability—not only for what you eat but also for the reasons you make decisions. Every week, your certified health coach celebrates your progress and encourages you. Furthermore, the app provides you with access to other Noomers’ who are eager to share their secrets for weight loss, keeping hydrated, and staying active throughout the day. With the Noom app, you have the option to engage in a Noom group chat. Alternatively, if you meet some people who really click with you, you could exchange contact information and create your own Noom team.


    Simple Lessons

    The lessons of Noom are simple and easy to follow. Depending on your preference, you can choose to work on the lessons for five or 15 minutes per day. In contrast to other weight loss programs that rely primarily on diet and exercise, Noom combines a psychological component with long-lasting results.

    Exceptional commitments

    The app asks you to report complete information about your diet and exercise habits. You need to be committed to it. Additionally, with weekly goal coaching, the Noom diet app will keep you accountable.

    Step Counter

    Additionally, Noom comes with a step counter, which means that as long as your phone is with you at all times, you will be able to see how many total steps you’ve taken. The app encourages users to note their blood glucose levels, blood pressure readings, and water consumption.

    Calorie Tracker

    This tracker from Noom can help you lose weight and manage your diet more effectively while counting calories. Calorie counting can also help you determine whether or not you are eating too much or too little, which is an important factor when trying to lose weight. The Noom calorie tracker can also help you make better food choices. By knowing the number of calories in different foods, you will be able to make healthier choices that will lead to weight loss.

    Does Noom have drawbacks?

    A few drawbacks exist with Noom. They include:

    Price point

    A three-month subscription to Noom costs $129. Despite the free trials and discounts, it might be too costly for some people to invest in a weight loss program. All pieces of your weight loss program are delivered online, including personalized weight loss information and coaching. Some people find that pricey for an app that can help them lose weight.

    There is no specific plan for meals

    Noom is not suited for people looking for a meal plan or prepared food options. With Noom, there are no strict food rules other than a calorie budget and recommended portion sizes for red, yellow, and green foods. Food freedom may be beneficial for some, while others used to prescribed ways of eating may be uncomfortable without a structure.


    Contact Noom Customer Support

    Several customers are unsatisfied with the customer service provided by Noom. According to the Better Business Bureau, Noom has a ‘D’ rating, primarily due to refund issues and credit card processing fees.

    Customers can reach Noom customer support using a widget in the right corner located at the bottom of the official website seven days a week and 24/7. They can also call from 7 am to 10 pm Eastern Time in a couple of ways:

    • Phone: (888) 266-5071

    Those that are calling from outside the US and Canada, will need to use a VOIP service to call.


    Noom Pricing and packages – How much does Noom cost?

    You can try the Noom’s Healthy Weight Program for a week for free, but to continue using it, you must subscribe. It costs $60 a month, but there’s a discount offered when you buy multiple months simultaneously. These healthy weight loss plans are all individual. The length of the program depends on how much weight you wish to lose, which in turn affects how much the plan will cost. Let us take a look at the pricing structure:

    • 1 plan @ $60 USD
    • 2-month plan $99 USD
    • 3 month plan @ $129 USD
    • 4 month plan @ $139 USD
    • 5 month plan @ $149 USD
    • 6 month plan @ $159 USD
    • 7 month plan @ $169 USD
    • 8 month plan @ $179 USD
    • 9 month plan @ $185 USD
    • 10 month plan @ $189 USD
    • 11 month plan @ $195 USD
    • Annual plan @ $199 USD


    Are there any risks associated with Noom?

    A few Noom coaches aren’t certified by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching. In order to hold this certification, a coach must meet the minimum knowledge and skills necessary to be a health and wellness coach. If health and wellness coaches lack this certification, they may be giving inappropriate advice.

    People with complicated medical histories should take extra precautions when using Noom or other weight loss apps. If you are one of these individuals, you should seek weight loss advice from a healthcare professional, such as a dietitian or doctor.

    Noom app users cannot record nutritional information other than calories on the app. An excellent diet, however, should include a sufficient amount of micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

    This limitation will result in people using the Noom app not being able to get the full nutritional information and potential health benefits of the food they choose. The app may also make doctors and dieticians hesitant to recommend it.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Noom

    Q. What makes Noom different from other similar apps?

    A. Noom utilizes a psychological approach to adopt healthy eating habits. It also informs users what they need to do and eat to maintain a healthy living.

    Q. How can Noom connect to my Apple Watch?

    A. Noom can connect with your Apple watch easily. The steps provided by Noom will assist you in connecting Noom to your Apple Watch. Noom’s app must be running on your iPhone in order to connect to your Apple Watch. Additionally, your phone’s fitness tracking needs to be enabled, and you may need to change your privacy settings to allow Noom to access your phone’s Health app.

    Q. Can a subscription to Noom be canceled?

    A. The cancellation of a subscription is possible at any time. According to Noom, customers can use their subscriptions until their billing cycle has ended. There is no refund or money-back guarantee available.

    The Noom app or the company’s account portal could be used to cancel the subscription if a person signed up for the service via the company’s website.

    Individuals who subscribed directly through the app can manage their subscriptions through Google Play or the App Store.

    Noom – Wrap Up

    Using Noom, you can get a personal weight loss coach and a plan that suits your needs. According to the company, these tools combined with an effective food calorie counter enable people to make dietary changes to lose weight.

    Researchers have found that the Noom app can help users lose weight. But Noom has not yet been compared to other methods or apps for fat loss.

    It is important to take extra care when using Noom or other apps if you have underlying health conditions. It may be necessary for them to seek the advice of a doctor or dietitian in order to lose weight safely.

    To get signed up to Noom and get started today, visit the official Noom website.

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