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ReIgnite Reviews – Does It Work? What Are Customers Saying?

Obesity affects millions around the world. Elements of modern life are the major contributing factors to this global issue. Some of these factors are sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of fast food, and adulteration of almost every food product on the market contributes to obesity.

Obesity is not just an accumulation of additional fat on your body but a doorway to serious health risks. Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, and stroke are just a few medical issues that can develop from obesity. Some medications and genetic factors are also responsible for obesity.

Based on these facts, obesity seems unavoidable and widespread. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with a fitness regime should be a part of everyone’s life. But not everyone can manage time to stick to strict diets or follow exercise routines in the gym or at home. Therefore, most people look for quick fixes or opt for dietary supplements.

Almost every day, a company introduces a new weight loss supplement, each supposedly better than the rest. However, not all of these diet supplements work as advertised because they fail to target the core issues.

About Relgnite

The dysfunction of the mitochondria is linked to many serious health diseases. Mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse, generates energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). Decreased activity of mitochondria leads to the disturbance of metabolic processes that result in obesity-linked disorders.

Keeping these facts in mind, Chris Johnson developed the formula of the ReIgnite Dietary Supplement. The key to the ReIgnite is that it targets the problems at the mitochondrial level. It contains 100% organic ingredients that help improve the health of mitochondria so that they can function correctly and at optimum capacity.

Relgnite conditions your body to burn fat instead of carbs to get the energy required for the brain and the body’s functions. The product manufacturer claims that you can eat all your favorite foods without restricting your diet and losing weight.

ReIgnite boosts the energy levels in your body and helps combat tiredness and sluggishness. When you begin restricting food intake, the body feels exhausted, often leading to binge eating. Instead of consuming a high-calorie diet to keep you energized, you can take ReIgnite and let your body burn fat without feeling exhausted.

The most common health problems faced by obese people are hypertension, stroke, and cardiac arrest due to the constriction of blood vessels. ReIgnite keeps your blood vessels dilated and improves circulation. It also boosts the body’s ability to burn extra fat around the heart to improve circulation.

Improved circulation also enhances the absorption of essential nutrients and uptake of minerals into the cells and the transfer of wastes and toxins outside the cells. This action positively impacts your immune system.

ReIgnite also helps increase blood glucose levels when the glucose content in the blood drops. This is accomplished by breaking down fat into glucose to ensure the maintenance of blood glucose levels.


The ingredients used in the Relgnite formula are 100% organic and full of beneficial qualities. The pills are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, and all guidelines are followed.

Apple Cider Vinegar ACV 700mg

Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of benefits for the human body. It acts as an antioxidant and repairs liver damage down to the level of individual cells. It also contains malic acid that promotes the functioning of mitochondria by helping them extract energy from body fat.

Apple cider vinegar also contains another crucial acidic component, acetic acid, vital to the body’s functioning. Acetic acid suppresses the excessive urge to eat, thus maintaining the intake of calories.

Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate) 200mg

Chromium also helps the body to regulate calorie intake by suppressing appetite. It also aids in fighting the inflammatory response and oxidative stress caused by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) Seed Extract 50mg

Black cumin seeds have been in use since ancient civilizations due to their numerous benefits. These are effective in treating cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, neurological disorders, and infertility. These also help keep the mitochondria healthy to promote optimum function.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Rhizome 100mg

Researchers have proven that ginger rhizomes enhance heat production in the human body and regulate heat expenditure. It has also been proven that ginger rhizome increases the activity of mitochondrial DNA.

Caffeine (from Green Coffee Beans) 40mg

This component of the ReIgnite supplement improves alertness and attention and deals with neurological issues at the mitochondrial level. Caffeine also enhances the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

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DynamineTM Methylliberine 25mg

Methylliberine, also written as DYM for short, is a purine alkaloid. It differs slightly in structure from caffeine but exhibits the same effects on the body.

Fucoxanthin (from seaweed) 10% 25mg

Some essential proteins found in the mitochondria are responsible for boosting the process of conversion of energy. Fucoxanthin acts to activate those proteins. When fed to the mice as a lab test, they showed considerably lower abdominal white adipose tissues, also called WAT, than those given a regular diet.

Grapefruit (Citrus paradise) Whole Fruit Pectin 5mg

Grapefruit pectin has a wide range of health benefits. For years, it has been consumed as a remedy for high cholesterol, the prevention of cancer, and metal poisoning. When applied directly, it provides relief from oral ulcers. It has also been commonly used for diabetes.

Citrus aurantium Fruit Extract 50% Citrus Bioflavonoids 5mg

The bioflavonoids in the citrus fruit extract facilitate the energy conversion inside mitochondria by improving their function and structure. Citrus bioflavonoids are also effective in fighting the signs of aging.

Gardenia Fruit Extracts 5mg.

Ardenia extracts have a broad spectrum of health benefits. People consume Gardenia for treating high blood pressure, hepatic disorders, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, pancreatitis, constipation, diabetes, and many other everyday diseases.

People also apply Gardenia to the skin directly to get relief from sprains and muscle soreness.

Phellodendron amurense Berberine 5mg

Berberine plays a vital role in regulating the metabolism of lipids and glucose. Berberine can also be safely used to treat type 2 diabetes in people.

It also promotes the healthy and optimal functioning of the mitochondria.

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Fruit Extract 90% Piperine 5mg

Piperine is an essential component of black pepper that catalyzes the process of fat burning in the body. Some bioactive components found in piperine have therapeutic properties.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Rhizome Extract 95% Curcuminoids 40mg

Turmeric works at the mitochondrial level and helps prevent dementia and Parkinson’s disease (PD). An important compound, curcumin, found in turmeric, protects mitochondria from damage caused by external factors. This greatly enhances the activity of mitochondria.

Other minor ingredients include Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, and Silicon Dioxide.

Purchase Relgnite

Consumers who want more energy, are looking for an effective solution for weight loss that doesn’t require extreme dieting or exercises can purchase Relgnite from its official website. Here they will find discounted prices on bulk orders, free shipping, and 60-day money-back guarantees by the company.

ReIgnite supplements come in 3 different value packs.

  • ReIgnite 1 bottle for $69 + Free Shipping
  • ReIgnite 3 bottles for $59 + Free Shipping
  • ReIgnite 6 bottles for $49 + Free Shipping

The company accepts payments for the products via debit cards only. The product can only be ordered from the official website, and the payment method is fast and secure. For customers who are not satisfied with the results, the company asks to collect the full refund; customers need to return the product to their fulfillment center within sixty days of their purchase date. Include inside the package the following information:

  • Order ID number
  • Shipping name and address
  • Contact information
  • Original packing slip

Contact Information

  • Returns: 6000 Pardee, Taylor, Michigan 48180
  • US Support team:1-800-390-6035
  • International Support team: +1-208-345-4245
  • Product Support:
  • Order Support:

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Usage and Dosage

The manufacturer suggests that the user take 2 capsules first thing in the morning each day. This allows the nutrients to be properly absorbed into the bloodstream and for at least 90 – 180 days to observe the best results. For that reason, it is best to take advantage of the 6 or 3 bottle pack as that would save you some money. The product is advised to be taken in the morning with water. The best way to keep track of the progress is to compare before and after pictures every other month.


ReIgnite is one of the best products on the market that tackles the energy crisis of the cells. It helps people get rid of stubborn fat and lose weight conveniently. It works efficiently since it targets the root cause of the weight loss problem, i.e., mitochondrial dysfunction.

There is no doubt that ReIgnite supplements come with many benefits and promises of a healthy life, but a dietary supplement cannot work magic on its own, no matter how good it is. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with it. A positive attitude towards health and the motivation to stay fit will prove beneficial in the long run.

You can see the change in your approach towards life once you start seeing the results of your hard work.

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Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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