The 6 Best Research Paper Writers You Can Trust: TOP Rated Services Reviews

Have you been looking for research paper writers available online? Finding high-quality writing services is something that may not always be easy; however, more and more people are looking for support of this nature. With this in mind, it’s crucial you’ve considered some of the best providers of research paper writing services – and our reviews and testimonials today may help you to find out more about the 6 best research paper writers and whether they could fit your requirements.

Why might you want to hire professional research paper writing services online? There are many reasons you could consider hiring a professional to write your full research paper, which contributes to the popularity of these companies. After all, completing research paper writing on your own without accidental plagiarism during the literature review, or creating a final report that’s easy to read and understand, can be a challenge. Why not take the pressure off and choose professional services instead?

Of course, one of the most obvious reasons behind this decision has to be the time involved. Indeed, writing a research paper (likely when you already have a lot else going on) can be an incredibly time-consuming process. If you are not an experienced research paper writer personally, the difficulty of this task is even further amplified. And, as such, research paper writing services may be a valuable option to consider in this case.

Research paper writing services are completely legal options. With this in mind, you could consider this as a viable option for your own needs – and today, we’re on hand to help you find out more about the best research paper writing services online. Hopefully, this may help you make the right decision for your own research paper writing needs; after all, writing a research paper is tough. Why not take the pressure off, instead, and hire a professional research paper writing team to compile your results into a well-presented, valuable document while you get on with more important matters?

Below you can find the TOP 6 best research paper writers reviews:

  1. 99Papers

99Papers is one of the most highly-rated research paper writing website available, and the team is notable for its simple ordering system and reliable delivery times. Overall, the site provides on-time deliveries and achieves excellent ratings from past customers for its service, value for money, delivery, and quality overall. As such, 99Papers is absolutely a top choice to consider for your own research paper writing needs, along with the other sites on our list.


How Much Does 99Papers Cost?

The 99Papers service is absolutely one of the best on the market, and this makes them an excellent choice for many students. Indeed, most students will have a limited budget for essay writing services, but at around $9 per page, 99Papers is a well-priced team that most students are happy with.

Indeed, past reviews even mention that the clients would have been happy to pay more for the service overall; as such, 99Papers is well worth considering if you’re looking for a good value essay writing service. Plus, there is also the potential to save around 15% on the price of your order through the 99Papers reward scheme. As such, you may want to consider looking at these money-saving options to help cut the cost of your own essay writing service requirements.

While you may be able to find some other essay writing services available for a cheaper rate overall, it’s generally likely that these won’t be finished to the same high standard as the 99Papers team provides.

What’s more, if you’re not completely satisfied, then the 99Papers team provides coverage with their 100% money-back guarantee. As such, this helps customers ensure they get a reliable solution for all of their essay-writing needs.

Does 99Papers Provide High-Quality Content?

When it comes to choosing a high-quality and reliable provider of essay and research paper writing services, it’s critical that your chosen team can offer quality solutions. But how does the 99Papers team perform in this regard?

A key benefit of the 99Papers team is that they provide premium results for their clients, which is highly valuable, of course. Indeed, not only do the writers provide a fully proofread and error-checked copy before delivering the work, but they also offer a plagiarism report for customers so you can be sure that the work you turn in is original and unique. Many other essay and research paper writing services do not offer this type of support, which is part of what makes 99Papers one of the top choices for research paper writing services.

As well as the high-quality content, there’s another reason why 99Papers is our top choice for professional essay and research writing services in the United States. Since 99Papers offers several premium features completely free, you can be confident that your research paper will be completed to a high and professional standard; these features include a free title page, bibliography page, outline, and unlimited revisions on the content.

Turnaround Times

A notable benefit of choosing the 99Papers team for your essay writing services is that you can get discounts on the final order price for ordering in advance. Indeed, the handy online ordering form allows users to input details such as the deadline, the type of paper, the academic level, and the number of pages/words required. This provides an instant price estimate, and users can choose the most suitable length, delivery time, and the like based on their requirements and budget in this manner.

  1. PaperHelp

If you have been looking for high-quality and reliable research paper writing companies, then PaperHelp could be an excellent option to consider. Indeed, the PaperHelp team is highly regarded as an excellent destination for top-quality content and services. Their rapid turnaround times, coupled with their expertise and experience in the research paper writing field, ensure that customers enjoy excellent services. With this in mind, PaperHelp is undeniably one of the best research paper writers and will likely provide you with high-quality, reputable, and reliable services.


Will I Get High-Quality Content from PaperHelp?

If it’s premium quality content and research paper writing services you have been looking for, the PaperHelp team is undeniably one of the best. Indeed, as far as quality goes, the team works tirelessly to offer quality solutions. Though the research papers occasionally have minor spelling errors that haven’t been detected during the proofreading stage. Nevertheless, the quality of the final product was still high. The writers always conduct thorough research to ensure that the final delivered content is reliable and as factually accurate as possible. All research papers are delivered with full referencing, where required.

In addition to research paper writing services, the team also offers support for rewriting, admission support, problem-solving, presentation development, editing and proofreading existing content, business document writing, and more. Furthermore, if you want to ensure that the delivered content is free from plagiarism, the team also offers a plagiarism report.

Unfortunately, while the PaperHelp team does offer excellent quality content, you will often have to pay for these services. Indeed, for research paper writing services with PaperHelp, the rate per page can be anywhere up to $56 each; this cost is quite a significant expense, particularly compared to some other teams, and could be well worth considering as it may alter the affordability of the services for your needs.

How Soon Does PaperHelp Deliver Content?

When it comes to delivery times, PaperHelp is one of the quickest service providers, offering delivery times from as low as 3 hours from the time of placing an order; of course, this depends on various factors. Some of these include the type of content and the length of the final report. Nevertheless, you can be confident of reliable delivery with such rapid turnaround times, even for last-minute orders.

However, we should raise an important point here. While the PaperHelp team is highly praised for its rapid turnaround times, support from the agents is often delayed; moreover, the website uses poor-quality black SEO marketing methods, which is worth considering.

Nevertheless, users can expect the highest quality content within a short delivery time when partnering with PaperHelp. Hence, it may be a good option if you have been looking for high-quality, reliable services.

  1. EssayPro

If you have been looking for affordable writing services, Essay Pro could be your go-to destination. Generally speaking, the consensus is positive regarding the quality of services offered by EssayPro; however, customers have reported that some submissions have been missing data tables and the like, which may need to be entered manually.


What’s Quality Like for EssayPro’s Research Paper Writing Services?

If you’re looking for the highest quality essay writing services, there’s little doubt that PaperHelp should be the number one choice. With that being said, EssayPro is still an incredibly reliable team, and the writers with EssayPro offer good results in the majority of cases, with most provided papers requiring only a little tweaking and proofreading on the customer’s part to ensure their quality. In addition, every order comes with seven free revisions and a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the quality of work.

Most customers are satisfied with EssayPro’s quality of research paper content provided as a result. While the quality may not be quite as stellar as other research paper writer teams on this list, we’d be wrong to say they’re not still a good solution for the most part and the final result only needs a little tweaking to make it suitable for submission usually.

EssayPro: The Top Choice for Value

EssayPro may not offer quite the same standard of quality as the other writing services, but their content (with a few additional edits by the client, in some cases) usually yields good results nevertheless.

However, the main selling point of EssayPro’s research paper writing services is that their writers are incredibly affordable and offer some of the lowest rates for essay writing services in the United States. In fact, if you’ve been looking for reliable, top-quality essay writing services, essay pro’s pricing is certainly worth considering.

This is especially notable when considering that all of EssayPro’s writers hold a pH.D. Degree. As such, no matter the level of research paper writing services you require, EssayPro may be able to offer valuable solutions. They even offer discounts and pricing opportunities that can potentially be as high as 1/3 off the listed price for writing services; as such, you could save a substantial sum of money on your essay writing services on top of the already fair pricing structure.

  1. EssayBox

Have you stumbled across EssayBox to help with all of your essay writing needs? If so, you may have been wondering whether this team could offer high-quality research paper writing services.


As a Ukraine-based company, EssayBox is not a native United States company; however, that’s not to say that their services couldn’t still provide a quality experience – and indeed, from the first glance at the past customer ratings, you might assume this to be true. However, the reality may be a little less favorable, and the EssayBox team is actually a little more questionable in nature compared to some of the other choices on our list today.

Are EssayBox’s Services Affordable?

When it comes to price, EssayBox is definitely one of the more expensive research paper writers. They also charge higher prices for extras such as top writers and English writers – something other teams may include as standard.

Does EssayBox Provide High-Quality Research Paper Writing Services?

We’ve clarified at this point that the EssayBox team asks slightly higher prices than some other competitors – but what about the quality of their services? This, unfortunately, is something that can vary a little, with some customers reporting excellent results from the services; meanwhile, others have reported mediocre results with essays having poor structures. This likely depends on the writer’s experience overall, and it’s something to be aware of before placing an order with EssayBox.

What’s more, it should be noted that not all of their writers are actually native English speakers. Indeed, though the website claims that it only hires English speakers, there is actually an additional charge for customers who want their content written only by a native writer. As such, buyers should be cautious before placing an order with EssayBox to be sure that they will be delivered a quality result.

Overall – EssayBox has received good reviews from past customers for the quality of their research paper writing service, and as a result, may be a good option. However, buyers should be cautious that quality results may not be consistent; moreover, not all of the writers for EssayBox are native English speakers.

  1. 1Essay

How Does 1Essay stack up as a research paper writer? Generally speaking, 1Essay is a decent option, with most people receiving a good (if not exemplary) experience with the team.

Does 1Essay Offer Value-for-Money Paper Writing Services?


1Essay’s strongest point is likely its pricing structure, with papers typically starting from $9 per page – that’s one of the lowest rates for professional research paper writing services, and so could be more student-friendly than some other options. Discount coupons are also available, and the team provides a 100% money-back guarantee on their services in addition.

What’s the Final Quality of 1Essay’s Research Papers?

Quality is crucial when deciding on a research paper writer – and luckily, 1Essay is usually praised for its good results. While the papers may not compete with the quality typically offered by PaperHelp, our pick for the highest-quality research paper writer, they nevertheless appear to be a solid team who know what they’re doing and offer clients reliable services.

We also factor in their lower pricing structure, making them a team you may want to consider for your own research paper writing solutions. However, since some customers have reported that their research papers were delivered with frequent spelling mistakes and typos, we would recommend you check all content before submission to ensure it’s finished to a high standard.

A Word of Caution

While 1Essay appears to provide good-quality services for a lower price than most, there is very limited information from past customers about this brand. Hence, if you are looking for reliable essay writing services, working with a different, more well-established team may be a safer solution.

  1. EssayFactory

It’s vital for UK customers to have support from a dedicated UK team that will offer reliable services. Fortunately, with this in mind, EssayFactory could be the team you need. As a UK-based writing team, they hire around 50 staff members, and while not all of their staff are native British speakers, you may be able to find support with the team.

How Does Pricing Look?

As far as UK-based research paper writing teams go, EssayFactory is likely one of the most affordable. Their prices typically vary depending on the final turnaround time, and new customers also get a 15% discount on their first order. Therefore, if you’re looking for rapid deliveries or affordable essay writing, EssayFactory may be a viable contender to consider.

What’s the Final Research Paper Quality Like?

When ordering a research paper through EssayFactory, we highly recommend that you check the paper for plagiarism and spelling errors before submission. Indeed, past customers have reported these appearing within their papers.

However, most past ratings are praising of the service overall. Therefore, while not every submission will be perfect, it’s still worth considering EssayFactory as a viable contender for those customers looking for research paper writing services in the UK.


If you have any additional questions, then the following FAQs may help you to find the information that you need.

What is a research paper?

Research papers are exclusively written papers that are intended to outline your argument to a research question, usually including a literature review, study, or the like. As the name would suggest, good research papers should always be well-researched and should include aspects such as analysis and interpretation of the available data.

All research papers, regardless of their level, must be thoroughly based on data. And, with this in mind, it may be worth considering whether you could implement additional research and data within your research paper. Moreover, since the research paper should thoroughly analyze the research question, you must always dedicate enough time to write this. However, you should always ensure that the content isn’t allowed to become overly elaborate or “wordy” which could limit its impact.

For many researchers, writing a research paper can be difficult, and this challenge often means that they approach professional research paper writing service providers instead. Professional research paper writers should provide a fully researched, in-depth analysis of your chosen research question that’s correctly cited, free from spelling errors, plagiarism, and the like. However, we should note that not every research paper writer offers fully comparable services.

Top 30 research paper topics

Some excellent ideas for research topics include the following (but remember – your chosen research topic must be related to your niche!)

  1. How big data has impacted your field
  2. Recent innovations in your field and how they are playing a big role in new development
  3. The pros and cons of a chosen aspect of your field, and opportunities to improve this aspect
  4. Key strengths and weaknesses of companies/individuals/organizations within your field
  5. Security and information privacy and how your field could enhance these systems
  6. How an event triggered a change in your field and the resulting factors
  7. The opportunities for your niche to make a change relating to staff happiness, with examples
  8. How has the role of your field/niche evolved over time, for example, since 2000?
  9. Could your niche implement new
  10. The causes and consequences of a certain event within your field – for example, Covid
  11. How do customers perceive your field, and opportunities to improve customer perceptions
  12. What is the public’s overall understanding of your field, and could this be improved?
  13. How do recent changes within your industry correlate to a specific event?
  14. Could a product help enhance education about your industry?
  15. What are the existing customer perceptions of your field, niche, or industry?
  16. What are the upcoming opportunities within your field for the next X years?
  17. What are the most sought-after qualities for staff within your field?
  18. Common traits and trends within your field and how these relate to success.
  19. Create a new technology/system and discuss and how these could be relevant for your field.
  20. Are cultural factors a key influence within your field?
  21. Could your field focus more on targeting racism etc, to ensure a representative workforce?
  22. Analyzing and discussing the opportunities for minorities within your field
  23. How has your field contributed to the rise of an event? For better or worse?
  24. Key challenges facing your field in the next X years and opportunities to overcome these
  25. How legal changes impact your field and opportunities presented by legal changes
  26. Efficiency optimization opportunities within your business or field
  27. Advantages and disadvantages of investing in new marketing opportunities for your field
  28. How global warming and net-carbon-zero goals impact your field and opportunities here.
  29. Does mental health play a significant role within your field? How can it be combatted?
  30. How remote working has helped or hindered your field.

Is it legit and ethic to buy papers online?

Have you been thinking about writing a research paper but find yourself stuck on the first page? If so, then you may want to buy papers online instead. Indeed, according to a wide range of sources, buying research papers online is fully legal; this is since you are the owner of the essay, and as such, copyright laws are not being breached. This trend has led to new businesses launching to provide high-quality research paper writing services.

Of course, with research papers, you will still need to support the writer to ensure that the final product is finished to a high quality. You may need to provide the relevant data relating to your study and support the writer. What’s more, we always recommend that you check the delivered research paper to ensure that it is free from plagiarism. This is crucial, regardless of whether you write your paper or pay for a legitimate research paper writer to help; submitting a plagiarized research paper will still be penalized harshly and could result in a bad grade or even more significant actions being taken against you.

How to hire the best research paper writers?

Choosing a research paper topic is undeniably a daunting and somewhat stressful process. After all, for so many people, this could immediately determine your final grade. A poor research paper topic could limit your ability to conduct a thorough analysis, in turn limiting your final grade potential. As such, you should always look to hire the best research paper writers you can find – and we’ve summarized a few key points to look for as follows.

First, you may want to consider the price of your chosen research paper writing services. Indeed, professional research paper writing services can come with high price tags in some cases, and these often may not be “student-friendly” solutions. As such, unless you have a high-paying job or plenty of savings to support paying for research papers, you may want to consider choosing an affordable research paper writer team.

What’s more, quality is paramount. Unfortunately, not every research paper writing service is created equally, and some writers will deliver lower-quality content than others. This could mean you are delivered with work that is plagiarized (which is in breach of copyright laws) or otherwise features spelling mistakes, poor grammatical choices, and the like. If your chosen research paper writer is a non-native-English speaker, you might even get content that, at the end of the day, doesn’t make much sense! Of course, this will translate to poor grades and inferior results – and, as such, you should manually check every delivered research paper before submitting the work. If you find errors, make sure to request revisions from your research paper writer to correct them.

With this in mind, working with a research paper writer who is reliable and reputed for offering quality content is crucial. Always check past customer reviews and ratings to get a clear picture.

Is it safe to buy research papers online?

Is it safe to buy research papers online? This, unfortunately, depends on the team you choose to provide research paper writing services, as not every team will necessarily be a safe choice. Moreover, the definition of “safety” can also vary here; some teams will be a risky choice for your final degree grade; meanwhile, other scam teams could even be looking to steal your personal information!

As such, before you hire any professional research paper writing services, you should ensure that your research paper writer is reputable and experienced. Always look for a team that is fully registered to provide research paper writing services. Moreover, you should check that they are also known for delivering quality, well-researched, and unplagiarized content to ensure you’re not risking the final results of your degree. Don’t take the chance; check all content with tools such as CopyScape to ensure your content is finished to a high standard and isn’t plagiarized.

In summary: research paper writing services offer many benefits. However, they may not always be a safe option for your financial information or grade. So, you should always look for a reputable, reliable team that is known for providing quality services.

Research paper writing price

If you are looking to hire a professional research paper writer, it’s worth knowing the price of research paper writing services. Of course, these services will vary wildly in price based on many factors. Some businesses simply charge more for their services; meanwhile, others may ask for higher prices because they offer premium services. Some examples of factors that can put the price of your research paper higher include:

  • Native English writers (non-native writers are much cheaper but offer lower-quality results. It’s also worth noting that UK writers are likely more expensive still compared to an American or Australian writer, due to the higher costs of living)
  • More in-depth research (which takes longer and so demands more time by the writer)
  • Reputation and experience of the writers (inexperienced writers will likely charge less)
  • Your requested turnaround time (longer deadlines usually provide generous discounts)
  • More words-per-page (if your chosen team offers more words per page of content, they’ll likely ask a higher rate than other teams – but you will end up with the same amount of work regardless).

These are just several factors that may impact the final research paper writing price. Typically, most research paper writing services will start from around $10 per page for a high-quality result. However, price alone doesn’t necessarily indicate you will get a high-quality paper. So, you should always check this first to be sure you’ve been delivered premium services.

And in conclusion…

If you have been looking for the best research paper writing services online, then the options we have listed today could be good ones to consider! Indeed, professional research paper writing services can take a large amount of pressure off of you at a time when you’re likely already feeling overwhelmed with work. Furthermore, if you choose a reputable and experienced research paper writer, you should be delivered with high-quality content that will help you to achieve a good result on your paper!

Overall, we highly recommend 99Papers as the best research paper writer for the US, closely followed by PaperHelp for the highest quality papers and EssayPro for the most affordable research paper writing services. Naturally, since every customer’s unique requirements will differ, the ideal choice of research paper writer for your needs may hence vary.

Before getting started with any research paper writer, make sure that they clearly understand your requirements, and always check delivered content before submission to ensure there is no plagiarism or spelling errors. This will help give you the best chance of achieving a good grade on your paper – so, it could be an excellent option to consider.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

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