Kent woman claims husband choked, poured beer on her

Dispute starts after man gets home late from work

A woman told Kent Police her husband tried to choke her and poured beer on her face during a dispute about the husband getting home so late from work.

Officers arrested the husband for investigation of fourth-degree assault after they observed scratches on his wife’s neck and beer in her hair, according to the police report. The incident occurred at about 2:16 a.m. Feb. 26 at an apartment in the 700 block of Second Avenue South.

The husband told officers he had worked later than usual at his DJ job. He said his relationship had been in a bad place since he started the job and became popular with the ladies. The man denied he tried to choke his wife. He said she pushed him in the chest so he put her in a bear hug and that a beer got knocked off a table and splashed in her face.

The wife told police she pushed her husband to get his attention because he tried to walk past her without answering her questions about the reason for getting home so late. She said he shoved her onto a couch and grabbed her around the neck. She said he also poured beer in her face as he held her down.

After officers arrested the husband, the woman showed up later at the Kent Police Station and told an officer she wanted to take back her earlier statements and that it was her fault they were in a dispute. She said her husband never put his hands on her.

The officer took the wife’s statement and told her it would be given to prosecutors and that the woman could explain her side of the story in court.

Slow getaway

Police arrested a man for investigation of eluding and cited him for interacting with an electronic device while driving after an officer spotted the man driving slowly along downtown streets at about 12:42 p.m. Feb. 23.

The officer saw a driver in an Audi eastbound on West Meeker Street who stopped at the intersection of Railroad Avenue even though there is no stop sign, according to the police report.

The man then continued driving eastbound and the officer noted he was on a cellphone. The officer pulled out behind the Audi and put on his siren and emergency lights. The driver just kept going and went northbound on Central Avenue North. The driver was going about 20 mph in a 30 mph zone before accelerating to about 35 mph.

A couple of times, the driver would slow way down and then speed up, with the officer behind him the entire time. Finally, the officer used his vehicle’s pit bar to ram the Audi’s rear quarter panel and stopped the vehicle. The driver got out of his car and moved his arms in an erratic matter, the officer noted. The officer then drew his gun and ordered the man to put his hands up and told him to get back inside the car, which the man did.

The driver told police he was new to the country and that’s why he didn’t pull over. He also said he didn’t speak English.

Who are you?

Police arrested a woman for investigation of obstructing an officer after she reportedly gave a false name after being pulled over for speeding Feb. 23 in the 10900 block of Southeast 236th Street.

The driver was going at a high rate of speed northbound along Southeast 236th Street, according to the police report. The officer pulled the Nissan Pathfinder over near Southeast 235th Street and 108th Avenue Southeast.

The woman said she had just been to the store and was heading to her mother’s house. The woman had no identification on her. The officer used a mobile fingerprint scanner to identify the woman.

She apologized to police for lying about her name. She said she thought she had a warrant and didn’t want to give out her true name. The woman did have a suspended license.

Man won’t go away

An initial report about a vehicle theft from a car parked at the Sounder Parking garage, 301 Railroad Ave. N., turned into much more at about 9:25 p.m. Feb. 26 in downtown Kent.

Officers stopped a man near the water park across the street who reportedly matched the description of a man seen running from the garage, according to the police report. A witness later said, however, that it wasn’t the same man, so police released him.

But rather than leaving the area, the man started swearing at a bystander and the two started to get in a fight. Police again told the man to leave the area, but then he began to swear at officers.

Police arrested the man for investigation of obstructing an officer, making a false statement and possession of drug paraphernalia. The man initially lied about his name and age.

While at the city jail, the man began to fight with an officer and it took four officers to control him. A glass pipe that fell out of the man’s sock during the struggle had white residue on it, possibly meth, according to the report.

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