Ken Griffey comes home to roost at Safeco

As anyone who has ever met me will tell you, I am not primarily a Mariners fan. The large box of 2008 World Series Champions… Continue reading

School board needs our input

In case you missed our front-page stories in today's print paper (and online), the news is about the Kent School District - and it isn’t… Continue reading

A solution to false alarms?

Have you ever been driving in traffic and seen a police car rapidly go by and wondered where they were going? Or seen someone drive… Continue reading

  • Feb 17, 2009
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Love is more than romance

So we’re on the brink of another Valentine’s Day.The lovers’ holiday strikes again, with boxes of candy and cards that play songs when you open… Continue reading

Gangsta rap paints vile picture of our society

To understand the soul of any society, listen to its music.I grew up listening to what is commonly referred to as “old school music.” Music… Continue reading

Schools lawsuit needs to happen

The Kent School Board last week pulled out the stops and did something you never hear: They joined forces with school districts across the state… Continue reading

Editor’s note: Army Corps deserves our thanks

Several weeks ago I wrote a column thanking all those emergency-services workers who put in long hours of toil through our state's flooding disaster. One… Continue reading

Local firefighters want to aid Kent

During the month of February, the Kent Fire Department will participate in hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes screening events where firefighters will provide opportunities… Continue reading

Breaking through the myths of gangs

This week I’d like to try to provide some insight and some context to the perplexing problem of gun-related incidents involving young people. It’s a situation that affects every city around the Puget Sound, and in almost every area of the nation.

  • Jan 29, 2009
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Hard to put this picture in neutral

See the picture of the goofy-looking guy that accompanies this column? Well, that’s nothing. You should have seen his first Costco card. Now that photo… Continue reading

This is a message that bears repeating

Every holiday season you start hearing the public messages about drinking and driving, almost becoming “background noise” for some people because we hear it so… Continue reading

  • Jan 20, 2009
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Drama usually a big part of inauguration

There’s enough inherent drama in next week’s presidential inauguration that you might think it wouldn’t be necessary for the TV news networks to hype it.… Continue reading

Use care with unemployment insurance

When legislators come to Olympia later this month, they will not only face a $6 billion budget deficit, they must also change our unemployment insurance… Continue reading

Don’t forget who helped during region’s floods

Just when we thought the worst of the snow was past...the rain started coming down. And it continued coming down, in buckets.

Radio announcer’s remarks not tolerated

KUBE Radio personality Rob Tepper, also known as T-Man, recently made derogatory remarks about Native Women on air. His remarks demonstrate his complete lack of knowledge of the realities of Native Women, tribal casinos, race and culture.

Making weight loss a life’s plan

You may be sitting at home right now, looking at my picture and thinking, “wow, rugged good looks and a writer too?” But besides modesty, I also carry an extra 40 pounds of biscuits and gravy, pizza and beer, known collectively as “fat.”

For Kent, ShoWare Center is more than just an ice rink

When the Thunderbirds won their first game on ShoWare ice Saturday, it wasn’t just a win for the team.It was a win for Kent.In fact,… Continue reading

Note to Seattle: A little salt goes a long way

An open letter to Seattle:Hello again. I know it has been a while since we’ve spoken, and that has probably been in the best interests… Continue reading

Day in Kent classroom was an education

Recently I had the extraordinary pleasure of spending some time helping out inside Ms. Smith’s third-grade classroom at Carriage Crest Elementary. To start off with,… Continue reading