Growth Investor’s Louis Navellier Warns Possible Looming A.I. Bubble Burst: Here’s What We Know

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Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has caught the attention of many industries, seeing as the technology may contribute to the betterment of different issues, streamline processes, and promote learning, among other things. The stock market, for one, has enjoyed the rise in AI, with many people making unimaginable gains from small—and large-cap companies.

Surprisingly, the AI craze has persisted for some time, with many wondering when the excitement will subside. Seasoned investor Louis Navellier believes a possible bubble burst is looming.

For the record, Navellier is all for technological advancements. In fact, during some of our lifetime’s most significant movements, he identified them much earlier. Using his system, he identified NVIDIA in 2016, and members who held onto the stock would have made a whopping 4,100% gain. All this is to say that Navellier has an impressive track record in the growth sector. But today, he’s come forward to issue a warning about “an A.I. market meltdown.”

In particular, he believes the meltdown might be similar in magnitude to the dot-com bust, emphasizing that failing to act promptly will result in significant losses. Many stocks will tumble when this happens, while a handful will triumph and remain at the top. How can people identify the good and bad in A.I. stocks? This is probably a good time to introduce the Growth Investor.

What is Growth Investor?

Growth Investor is a membership-based investment newsletter led by Louis Navellier. He aims to uncover the latest market trends, namely opportunities likely to produce gains in the intermediate to long term. As the title suggests, his investment recommendations will mainly consist of high-growth options; however, his portfolio has some space allocated to “elite dividend players.”

All in all, this service is very conservative, emphasizing mid- to large-cap stocks. Every month, the expert plans to provide his analysis on a new recommendation and updates on existing holdings. With that, it is time to explore the membership incentives.


What does the Growth Investor membership include?

Those who join today will access a number of special reports, followed by a customary list of member incentives, as outlined below:

Special Report #1: 13 A.I. Stocks to Sell Right Away

To reiterate, Navellier argues that he is permanently bullish about technological advances. But, he isn’t always bullish on stocks, which, as we’ve seen in the market, consist of ups and downs. Using a proprietary algorithm that assesses eight key factors (one revolves around earnings growth, sales growth, and positive earnings momentum), raw data, logic, and probability, the expert identified 13 A.I. stocks that investors should consider selling immediately.

The rationale behind the sell recommendation takes us back to the dot-com bust. To put things into perspective, it took 15 years for the market to recover from this bubble burst. As for the common denominator across the board, all 13 stocks share two things: a stock price that has risen substantially during the A.I. craze and the absence of profit or earnings to justify high valuations.

Growth Investor: Your guide to smart investing – sign up now!

Special Report #2: Millionaire-Makers: 16 A.I. Accelerators Set to Skyrocket

Conversely, Navellier has pinpointed 16 A.I. stocks that are poised to skyrocket in the near future. These stocks belong to the “Second Wave” of stocks, which the expert calls the age of digital twins. He explained that digital twins of any innovation allow individuals to perform billions of tests of different versions of that innovation. In the simplest of terms, he describes “a digital twin [as] a digital version of a physical thing [whether] a molecule, a new battery design, a nuclear reactor, an experimental drug [etc.].”

This principle is central to A.I.-powered supercomputers, and to think that 16 companies are paving the path is promising. This special report will summarize more on what each one is and their contribution.

To add to these reports, members are automatically entitled to one full year of:

  • Monthly issues (12) of the Growth Investor newsletter, through which Navellier aims to introduce innovative companies and warn investors away from dangerous stocks
  • Special reports, podcasts, and flash alerts
  • Monthly portfolio updates, accompanied by a recap of the latest issue and what investment actions members should consider taking
  • His proprietary Portfolio Grader tool allows users to plug in a stock of their choice to receive a letter grade from A through F
  • 90-day full-purchase price refund

How much does it cost to join the Growth Investor membership?

Typically, individuals are asked to pay $299 per year; however, as a limited-time offer, Navellier offers everything at a discounted rate of $49 for the first year.

Get expert stock picks with Growth Investor – join for only $49!

Every year after that, the membership will renew at a minimum of $79 per year (plus applicable charges and changes as required). The 90-day money-back guarantee also allows members to hear out what he has to share before fully committing to it. For the particularities of the refund policy, the InvestorPlace team can be reached through the following channels:

  • Email: feedback@investorplace.com
  • Domestic phone: 1 (800) 219-8592
  • International phone: 1 (717) 207-9729
  • Mailing address: InvestorPlace, 1125 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201

Meet Louis Navellier

Earlier, we introduced Louis Navellier as the editor of Growth Investor. Well, it turns out that the expert accidentally stumbled into this field, lasting him over 40 years. Specifically, he is said to have built a market-beating stock system while working toward his graduate studies.

A system that is said to have outperformed even Warren Buffett’s track record at some point. Growth Investor is unlike any investment newsletter we’ve seen: it has been around since 1998 and has managed to beat the S&P 500 by a margin of 3-to-1 in 17 years. Regarding methodology, the expert has voiced his goal of uncovering Wall Street’s inconsistencies and helping investors beat the market with less risk.

As someone who earned the title of the icon by the New York Times in growth stock investing and has appeared on several media outlets, including, but not limited to, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal, Navellier is still a prominent and relevant figure in this space. After digging further into his background, here are some examples of his accomplishments:

  • One of Wall Street’s renowned growth investment advisors
  • Founder and chairman of the money management firm, Navellier & Associates
  • Specialization in behavioral finance and advanced quantitative and fundamental analyses
  • Editor of Breakthrough Stocks, Accelerated Profits, Platinum Growth Club, A.I. Revolution, and Growth Investor

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Concluding Remarks

To summarize, Louis Navellier believes the current A.I. bubble might burst within the next month to a year. This viewpoint isn’t a reflection of pessimism towards the A.I. industry but a cautionary viewpoint on the stock market. Since A.I.’s rise, several stocks have skyrocketed with no substantial backing, whether in earnings, growth expansion, or profit margins. Although these stocks are unquestionably attractive now, they might cause havoc to a model portfolio in the intermediate to long term. This was the case during the dot-com bust, which left investors in a hold period of 15 years only to regain what was lost.

Navellier aims to leverage Growth Investor as a platform to introduce members to potential A.I. and other transformative tech stocks and protect them from losses. Once again, risk is inevitable, but the expert tries to play it safe so that members are not left with unrecoverable losses. In this respect, his proprietary tool has maintained Growth Investor’s track record for decades.

This is something that many money managers cannot say about their mutual funds. The fact that members can play around with the tool described above is excellent, as it might encourage them to dig further into a company with an A or B rating.

Growth Investor offers members many resources to help them make informative investment decisions. Each monthly issue is accompanied by Navellier’s complete investigation, navigating each company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and his reasons for investing in them. Special reports, podcasts, and the like are helpful tools for keeping up with the ever-changing markets. How could anyone neglect the refund policy, allowing members 90 days to decide between continuing and discontinuing this service?

Finally, it is essential to remember that Louis Navellier is a financial journalist, not a financial advisor. Put differently, he isn’t allowed by law to respond to specific investment inquiries outside of his research.

To find out more about Growth Investor and Navellier’s contributions that drove its success, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>.


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