Amyl Guard Reviews (NutraVille) Real Benefits or Fake Claims?

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There is a solution if you are struggling with weight loss and not motivated to diet or exercise. Introducing Amyl Guard supplement, your weight loss friend, helps you shed extra pounds without complications.

The following Amyl Guard review will help you discover how it works, its ingredients, benefits, pros, cons, and pricing.

What is Amyl Guard?

Amyl Guard is a special dietary formula by Neutraville that reduces weight using natural amylase inhibitors. It has nutritious ingredients that help lower blood sugar levels and promote healthy weight reduction without restrictive diets or exercise.

The weight loss formula is ideal for anyone who wants to keep off excess weight, reduce blood sugar, and regulate metabolism. Amyl Guard contains 100% organic-based ingredients that stimulate the metabolic switch, causing drastic fat loss.

Amyl Guard prevents the production of new fat cells and enables you to continue eating carb-rich foods without worry. The formula contains glucose-blocking agents that increase insulin production and help maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

The amylase-inhibiting supplement improves metabolic functions while increasing energy levels. Amyl Guard works for everyone regardless of age, weight, or body type. It gives you positive results in one week, making you feel lighter and happier.

The veggie capsules in Amyl Guard are 100% safe and do not cause any risk of side effects. Neutraville manufactures each batch of Amyl Guard in an FDA-compliant and GMP-certified facility in the United States.

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How Does Amyl Guard Work?

Studies revealed that the root cause of stubborn weight gain is high amylase levels. As you age, the body starts to produce high levels of amylase, causing you to switch to the fat-storing phase, which makes it difficult to lose weight.

Amylase enzyme supports the digestion of starch in the mouth and stomach. It boosts the breakdown of carbs into sugars. The body then converts the sugars and stores them as fat. Amyl Guard contains natural ingredients that block the production of amylase enzymes in the pancreas and salivary glands, reducing fat storage.

Amyl Guard uses its compounds to balance insulin production, reduce blood sugar levels, and prevent the formation of new fat cells. The formula also keeps away excess weight by reducing appetite and sugar cravings.

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The Ingredients in Amyl Guard

Amyl Guard contains super ingredients that help block amylase enzymes, thus causing effective weight loss. Every element is backed by scientific research and clinical trials that prove its efficacy.


Here are the active ingredients in Amyl Guard and their working mechanism:

Bitter Melon Extract 200mg

Bitter Melon is a rare Japanese vegetable that has various health benefits. It is an amylase regulator that inhibits the enzyme up to 69%. An NIH study revealed that bitter melon extract reduced waistline compared to placebo.

The extract helps normalize blood sugar levels and reduces the fat-storing activity in the body. It helps fight cancer and lowers cholesterol levels.

White Kidney Bean Extract 300mg

A 2020 NIH study shows that white kidney bean extract is a potent element in Amyl Guard that supports weight loss by reducing body fat. This amylase inhibitor reduces fat mass and stubborn fat in the hips and thighs.

White kidney bean extract can help shed up to 15 pounds in 12 weeks. It helps suppress appetite and promote sustainable weight loss. White beans contain low calories, high fiber and protein content, and high nutrient density.

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Chromium Picolinate 400mcg

Chromium is a fat-erasing compound that reduces fat by up to 553% when used with other amylase blockers in Amyl Guard supplements. It helps reduce belly fat, regulates insulin production, and increases the release of fat-burning hormones in the body.

Another NIH Study shows Chromium Picolinate supports blood sugar control and improves nutrient metabolism. It prevents food cravings, therefore causing significant weight loss.


Berberine works by stimulating the fat-burning switch in the body, thus causing tremendous fat loss. It prevents the growth of new fat cells and increases metabolic rate. According to WebMD, Berberine regulates blood sugar levels and prevents unexpected increases in insulin levels. Additionally, several studies have revealed that Berberine can reduce body mass index (BM1) by 15%.

The Benefits of Amyl Guard

  • Amyl Guard helps reduce fat storage and the formation of new fat cells;
  • It turns on the metabolic switch, causing the breakdown of calories;
  • Amyl Guard contains appetite-suppressing nutrients that help reduce calorie intake;
  • Amyl Guard helps increase insulin production and lower blood sugar levels;
  • It blocks amylase secretion in the salivary glands and pancreas;
  • Amyl Guard lowers cholesterol levels and boosts metabolic function;
  • The formula increases the breakdown of carbs and induces the thermogenesis process.

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How to Use Amyl Guard

One bottle of Amyl Guard has 60 capsules for one-month use. Take one capsule daily 15 minutes before consuming a meal with high carb content.

The components in the capsules prevent carb storage in the cells, causing weight loss. The formula blocks carbs from breaking down into fat-storing sugars. Use Amyl Guard for at least 3-6 months for best results.

Amyl Guard is designed for any individual who wants to shed excess pounds without exercise or restrictive diets. The fast-action formula may benefit anyone who wants to shed fat in less time. It works for everyone regardless of age, shape, or body type. According to the website, 134,567 women have already experienced the benefits of Amyl Guard.

Each Amyl Guard capsule contains clean ingredients that are 100% safe and natural. The formula works without risking your life and ensures you get the best possible results. However, the weight loss solution is not suitable for children below 18, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

What to Expect After Consuming Amyl Guard Formula

Week one- For the first time, you will show a new low weight on the scale. You will feel happier and lighter even in the mirror.

Week two- The makers of Amyl Guard claim that your waist will start to shrink.

Week three- You will have more energy, and your passion for life will increase as you lose weight.

Week four- Amyl Guard will give you a total transformation such that your friends and family will hardly recognize you, and if they do, they will beg for the secret.

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  • 365-day money-back guarantee– The makers of Amyl Guard provide a one-year satisfaction guarantee for any customer unhappy with the results only after trying the product for one month.
  • No diet or exercise– Amyl Guard is a fast-action formula that works effectively without restrictive diet or exercise.
  • Natural ingredients– the manufacturer only uses organically grown ingredients that have slimming properties.
  • Third-party tested– Amyl Guard goes through vigorous third-party testing to ensure the purity and quality of each component on the label.
  • Quality production process– The website claims that each batch of Amyl Guard is formulated in an FDA-approved and GMP-compliant facility in the United States.
  • Gifts– If you purchase six bottles of Amyl Guard, you get two gifts worth $114 and free shipping.
  • Safe ingredients– Amyl Guard is formulated using clean compounds free from GMOs, stimulants, or chemicals.
  • No risk of side effects– the manufacturer uses science-backed ingredients to ensure Amyl Guard does not pose a potential risk of side effects.


  • Available only on the official website– you risk getting counterfeit Amyl Guard if you purchase from other vendors apart from the official website.

Pricing and Money-back Guarantee

The only place you can find Amyl Guard supplements is the official website. The price options per package are as follows:

  • One bottle of Amyl Guard (Trial Package) at $59 per bottle + shipping fee;
  • Three bottles of Amyl Guard (Most Popular) at $49 per bottle + shipping fee;
  • Six bottles of Amyl Guard (Best Value) at $29 per bottle + free shipping + two gifts.

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For every six-bottle package, you get the following gifts worth $114:

Bonus 1: Skinny Carb Cookbook contains skinny carb recipes and snacks you can consume and still shed pounds. You will also discover three important nutrient foods that prevent carbs from accumulating around your waistline.

With the living nutrient foods, there are no off-limit foods. You can eat carbs and still slim down.

Some of the skinny carb recipes are:

  • Layered skinny Jell-O for your sweet tooth that eliminates belly fat;
  • Flaky, gooey, skinny double chocolate brownies that ignite your fat-burning furnace and metabolism;
  • Skinny grilled cheese sandwiches are delicious and help slim your thighs and arms.

Bonus 2: Skinny Solution Meditations– You will find four powerful meditations that support weight loss by reprogramming your subconscious. You will discover:

  • How to leave unhealthy patterns around food and your body, allowing you to see your natural beauty and forget about society’s unrealistic beauty standards;
  • Rewiring your brain to eliminate the urge of emotional eating whenever you are stressed;
  • Programming your mind to attain weight loss by removing stress from unresolved emotional blocks and unnecessary cravings.



Amyl Guard is a weight loss solution that blocks amylase production, thus promoting weight loss. It balances blood sugar levels, reduces cravings, increases metabolic rate, and boosts energy levels.

The supplement provides sustainable weight loss results without exercise or diet. It dramatically transforms in one week and maintains healthy weight loss as long as you stay consistent.

Amyl Guard contains super nutrients that help keep off weight and promote overall health. The ingredients are organic and backed by scientific research. You can enjoy Amyl Guard without the worry of dangerous side effects.

Neutraville offers a 365-day money-back guarantee on all Amyl Guard purchased on the official website. The formula is formulated in a safe, FDA-approved, and GMP-registered facility in the United States.

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