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Were you ever in a situation where faking an orgasm was called for? Did this ever cause a rift between you and your partner? The rift is justified since one person has yet to reach climax, while the other feels sexually aroused, but also defeated because they failed to please their partner. The absence of satisfaction and delivery will do that do any couple. Fortunately for women in dire need of a solution that might revamp orgasms, Alex Miller has everyone covered. The following review has been compiled to introduce Alex’s latest video series called The Female Vitality Blueprint.

What is the Female Vitality Blueprint?

The Female Vitality Blueprint is an informational video created to address the root cause of female orgasmic dysfunction. Female orgasmic dysfunction is defined as a phenomenon where a woman either fails to reach completion or has trouble experiencing an orgasm [1]. When a sexual encounter feels more like a chore than a joy ride, feelings of satisfaction are seldomly experienced. In fact, close to 10 to 15% of women have previously disclosed never having an orgasm and this could be due to several factors (i.e., previous abuse, boredom, fatigue, stress, medication intake, and vaginal dryness).

However, creator, Alex Miller avows that there’s yet another angle that is overlooked, and only when it is addressed can women expect a reduction in pain and vaginal dryness, an increase in sexual interest, tightening and toning of vaginal walls and a gradual halt to bladder leakage. Additionally, issues pertaining to posture, stress and anxiousness may be alleviated in the process. To grasp how the Female Vitality Blueprint might contribute to what seems like invaluable knowledge and health benefits, we must first examine the root cause under question.

What root cause does the Female Vitality Blueprint aim to defeat?

One of the root causes for orgasmic dysfunction is layer syndrome, a condition combining both upper (UCS) and lower crossed syndromes (LCS). Starting with UCS, people with this syndrome supposedly display rounded shoulders and a bent-forward neck, putting strain in the surrounding joints, bones, muscles, and tendons, explains one source [2]. LCS on the other hand is a result of muscle strength imbalances, later leading to tightness of hip flexors and lumbar extensors, and weakness of the deep abdominal muscles [3].

How do the two syndromes influence female sexual health? Alex expounded on the condition’s ability to push vaginal muscles into hibernation. Moreover, she stressed how the vaginal muscles are a fundamental component within the pelvic floor. Its absence is said to make urinating, passing stool and/or enjoying pleasure sensations quite a challenge. Specifically, she said:

“When these muscles are not functioning correctly, they make it impossible to achieve the levels of sensitivity and contraction necessary for an orgasm [and] that’s why it is so important you start using my most popular upper body technique that is going to promote healthy alignment and cure any chronic layer syndrome.”

How has the Female Vitality Blueprint been structured?

The Female Vitality Blueprint has been structured in such a way that informs women on means of feeling more open and aroused, while correcting posture, kickstarting libido levels and repairing the diastasis recti into its normal-narrow shape. Also, it delves into several variations of stretches that strengthen natural deep breathing patterns, physical comfort, and boost interest in lovemaking. As for the variations, she included stretches for bed, one to be performed in private, one at the desk and one specifically tailored for flexible people.

Taking everything into account, listed below is a preview of the learning opportunity presented:

  • How to do a proper kegel to strengthen weak vaginal canal
  • How to safely strengthen and repair the core to increase sensation and blood flow
  • How employing a 3-step movement sequence leads to a tightened and toned vagina, reduced vaginal dryness, and increased sexual desire
  • How to successfully execute the 30-second upper body alignment technique
  • How to release one tight muscle in the neck and shoulders causing layer syndrome in the core

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an abdominal canister?

The abdominal canister comprises of the diaphragm, transverse abdominis, the pelvic floor muscles and the multifidus. Speaking of the pelvic floor (i.e., the base of the core), disorders in this region have been significantly associated with reduced sexual arousal, infrequent orgasm, and dyspareunia [4]. Hence, the reason why Alex Miller plans to spend a considerable amount of time strengthening the entire abdominal canister.

What is an orgasm?

The moment women reach the peak of sexual arousal is the time where an orgasm is experienced. This is also the point at which the entire body and genitals become liberated from pressure. Other common terms used to denote this experience are cum (for men) or climax (for women).

In what forms of orgasmic dysfunction might layer syndrome be hidden in?

There are four forms in which layer syndrome might be hidden. These include:

  • Primary anorgasmia: A condition where women have never experienced orgasms
  • Secondary anorgasmia: A condition where experiencing orgasms is difficult
  • Situational anorgasmia: A condition where orgasms are only situational (i.e., oral sex, or while masturbating)
  • General anorgasmia: A condition where climax cannot be reached even when highly aroused

Does layer syndrome lead to belly fat?

According to Alex, belly fat has little to do with fat and metabolism and has everything to do with a condition called diastasis recti. Diastasis recti is the separation of abdominal muscles, where tissues are thinned and stretched (common among overweight or pregnant women) to result in either a dome or gap in the belly. This unwanted flab is an indication that a woman might have layer syndrome in the abdominal canister.

How often should the stretches inside the Female Vitality Blueprint be performed?

To start this journey off, women are recommended to perform the outlined stretches/exercises three to four times per week. Once a routine is formed, they can be performed once daily. It is important for us to mention that overexerting can lead to unwanted health implications, therefore, if the body needs a rest day, it should be taken!

What if I have shoulder injury, can I follow the Female Vitality Blueprint?

Yes, Alex created a special modification that works to heal shoulder injuries and/or nerve pains experienced.

Are the stretches listed in the Female Vitality Blueprint time-consuming?

No, in fact, Alex says she factored in busy moms and working women to produce a program that blends seamlessly into one’s daily routine.

Is age a determining factor for results?

While the Female Vitality Blueprint has been specifically designed to tend to women over 30 years of age, some of the modifications found inside can be enjoyed by those who are 60 and over.

Do I have to be fit to follow the Female Vitality Blueprint?

No, this program has not been designed based on fitness levels. In all honesty, the movements are gentle and in no way are they meant to be intimidating.

I had a child 15 years ago via C-section, is it too late to rectify my abdominal canister?

It is never too late to rectify the abdominal canister. Interestingly, it is a good thing to wait long before commencing the reparation processes, as the time gap is highly likely to free women of layer syndrome and diastasis recti. Regarding C-section versus natural birth, both introduce trauma to the abdominals, making this program a suitable candidate anyways.

Is the Female Vitality Blueprint necessary for someone who’s never gotten pregnant?

Irrespective of the fact that pregnancy plays a role in layer syndrome, this program is equally useful for women who haven’t bathed yet.

Is the Female Vitality Blueprint protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the Female Vitality Blueprint has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If this program doesn’t support set needs, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. Here’s how:

  • Product support: support@alexmillerwellness.com.
  • Order support: www.clkbank.com.
  • Toll-free: 1 (800) 390 6035
  • International: 1 (208) 345 4245

What else is the Female Vitality Blueprint supplemented with?

All Female Vitality Blueprint purchases will be paired with five bonuses. Presented below is a summary on each one’s influence on female’s sexual health:

Bonus #1. Female Vitality Blueprint Informational Handbook

This informational handbook contains the same material delivered through the video. However, for women who are more inclined to written manuals, this handbook is the way to go. Inside it, Alex listed the steps to naturally healing layer syndrome and vaginal sensitivity. The benefit of a handbook is its ability to promote record keeping. Specifically, a page has been devoted to a diastasis recti checklist to track one’s progress throughout the program.

Bonus #2. Vaginal Rejuvenation Method

The Vaginal Rejuvenation Method is a 10-minute quick start video routine encompassing Alex’s favorite vaginal toning exercises. Besides the potential these movements have in shaping the vagina, they can also extend to healing diastasis recti and flattening the waist. This bonus is a must for women wanting to push forward in their goal of attaining a slim figure and strong pelvic floor.

Bonus #3. How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm

After following the advice provided in the first two bonuses (and the main video program), vaginal muscles are likely to have strengthened. Now, it’s time to learn how to contract and release them during penetration. In this bonus, Alex intends to elaborate on the steps to getting penetration-only orgasms without any external stimulus (hint: vaginal orgasms are superior to clitoral orgasms).

Bonus #4. Libido Hormone Enhancer

Up next, we have the Libido Hormone Enhancer, i.e., a five-minute guided breathwork audio that aims to alter brain chemistry for increased libido. This process can also be employed during sex for maximum sensations.

Bonus #5. Back to Life – 3 Stretch Pain-Free Video by Emily Lark

Touted as America’s “leading back health expert”, Emily explained that women with misalignment issues also suffer from back pain. Her program supposedly includes three of her best at home stretches to help relieve lower back pain, and sciatica, middle and upper back pain, and neck and shoulder pain. Here is a direct quotation from the expert herself:

“This is a three-sequence stretching system that I have developed over many many years, and it has helped hundreds of thousands of people of all ages to get out of pain and back to life. The best part is that these three stretches can either be done right down on the floor or you can even do them in your bed which makes it easy for everyone.”

How much does the Female Vitality Blueprint cost?

Originally priced at $150, the Female Vitality Blueprint and the bonus resources can be purchased at a one-time price of $37. For people who are interested in a physical copy, an email requesting this must be sent to the customer support team.

Meet Alex Miller

Alex Miller is a fitness instructor and women’s health specialist based in Vancouver, Canada. To date, she has been coaching men and women on various exercise methods, including but not limited to pilates, prenatal and postnatal exercises, strength training, meditation, running and functional movement. During this time, Alex was also supporting women in dire need of healing from pelvic floor dysfunction. In fact, by combining her education and experience, and collaborations with pelvic floor physical therapists, she devised her first ever successful system called, “Pelvic Floor Strong®,” making the Female Vitality Blueprint her second launch!

Final Verdict

After analyzing the Female Vitality Blueprint from the inside out, our editorial team was able to gather that this is a program devised for women (over 30 years of age) struggling to climax. To prevent this issue from escalating into disinterest, dreadfulness, or worse, falling out of love for sexual arousal, Alex Miller compiled an informational video that guides everyone through simple movements. These are meant to gradually reverse orgasmic dysfunction by liberating women from layer syndrome.

The idea of targeting both UCS and LCS to eliminate the aforesaid syndrome has been accepted as a viable approach that may give rise to pelvic floor strengthening, all while keeping the abdominals intact. Some of the noteworthy benefits from possibly executing Alex’s advice taps into enhanced mental and physical wellness, which is as wholesome as it will ever get. In accordance with everything, investing $37 may lead to a multitude of satisfactory outcomes. To get started with the Female Vitality Blueprint, visit here! >>>


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