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It’s not uncommon for men to experience problems in the bedroom at any time. Men can have difficulty expressing themselves in the bedroom due to aging, nervousness, and physical health problems.

We know that the solutions in the market are available in bulk. But have you ever realized using that tiny blue pill may harm more than improve your sexual performance? Yea, they do, and there are a lot of people who used them, and are dealing with major side effects and health issues now.

The male enhancement pill market has many products in which some are good, and many are worst with no scientific ingredients and quality measurements. But what about the best ones? They too exist, and a lot of people use them on a daily basis. While talking about the best, the first name that customers are recommending these days is the Performer 8!

According to its official website, Performer 8 is a male enhancement supplement that works by improving the healthy blood flow to the penis. It helps in increasing the size of your penile and also increases the duration of erections. These pills can enhance overall sexual performance in men with the help of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts.

Performer 8 is the only male enhancement product currently on the market with an extensive track record. Thousands of men have experienced improved self-esteem, libido, and performance with the help of its clinically studied ingredients. Performer 8 may be right for you if your sexual life isn’t how you want it to be.

Now you might have numerous questions like, Should I buy Performer 8? How effective is this formula? Are there any side effects? And so on. We need not worry; this Performer 8 review article will expose everything. So keep on reading!

Before we begin and jump into the core details, let us not skip the crucial details about this natural male enhancement supplement:

Supplement Facts
Name:Performer 8
Manufacturers:Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited
Customer Ratings:4.4/5
Description:An all-natural male enhancement system to improve bedroom performance by 8 times
Working Ingredients:
  • Muira Puama Extract (3,000 mg)
  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha (500 mg)
  • Ferrous Bisglycinate (12 mg)
  • Maca Root Extract (30 mg)
  • Panax Ginseng (6000 mg)
  • Barrenwort (Horny Goat Weed) (1,000 mg)
  • Pine Bark Extract (300 mg)
  • Glucuronolactone (600 mg)
  • Grape Seed Extract (30 mg)
  • Form:Easy to swallow capsules
    Quantity Delivered:90 capsules per container
    Recommended Serving:Take 3 capsules daily with a meal
    Advertised Benefits:
  • Improve sexual function
  • Work as natural libido booster
  • Increase semen volume
  • Increase sexual desire
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Promote your overall sex life
  • Other Advantages:
  • Made with a highly effective herbal complex
  • GMO and gluten-free
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Great discounts and bonus eBooks
  • Side Effects:No side effects have been appeared in users by the day
    Prescription Details:To use Performer 8, there is no need to take a prescription from any professional physician. You can use it without a prescription
    Contact Details:
  • Email: support@performer8.com
  • Phone: +1 929 3357287
  • Whatsapp customer service support is available too
  • Where To Buy?Visit the official website Performer8.com

    What Is Performer 8?


    Performer 8 is a male enhancement supplement that works to enhance your sexual performance and sexual energy. This supplement also provides increased stamina and helps you to last longer in bed.

    According to the manufacturer, Performer 8 fills a substantial gap that has been caused by the circulation of inefficient, low-quality, and questionable male enhancement products on the market.

    As a result of combining premium and natural ingredients, the company created a nutritional supplement that responds to the needs of the modern man.

    This is an organic supplement that does not produce any side effects on the organism. Performer 8 is a supplement that provides many nutrients and strong action.

    It just takes three Performer 8 capsules a day to significantly enhance sexual performance within a few weeks. Various herbal extracts, vitamins, plant extracts, and other natural ingredients are utilized in the supplement to support your sexual desire and performance.

    Performer8.com describes the benefits associated with this supplement as follows:

    • Enhanced semen volume and flow.
    • Increased sexual drive, energy, and stamina.
    • Longer-lasting erections.
    • Better control of the climax.

    All purchases come with a lifetime money-back guarantee. Performer 8 offers a complete refund if you’re not satisfied with its effects for any reason.

    How Does Performer 8 Work?


    The Performer 8 supplement is a naturally made male enhancement supplement that has eight different ways to improve sexual performance. European Scientists, formulators, and specialists in male nutrition worked together to formulate this supplement for the male body and its’ needs in relation to normal sexual function.

    According to the manufacturer, adding Performer 8 to your daily regimen can boost your performance. Through its eight-point approach, men will be able to regain their strength, vitality, stamina, and endurance.

    Here are those eight ways:

    #1. Revitalize Sexual Stamina

    As we age, our sexual stamina diminishes. This makes it difficult for us to finish or even start in bed. During sex, your erections may not last as long as you thought. Most men face this after they reach their 50s. Performer 8 says it helps to revitalize sexual stamina, keeping your brain and body in sync and letting you satisfy your partner with more energy and excitement.

    #2. Skyrocket Sexual Desire

    It is all too common for men today to have low libido. With Performer 8, you can increase your desire for sex in a healthy way by using natural aphrodisiacs. Rather than forcing your body to be in a good mood, you can harness natural sexual moods and improve sexual desire regardless of your age.

    #3. Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

    Testosterone is a necessary male sex hormone. It is responsible for your muscle building, stamina, and energy levels. When it comes to sex, low testosterone levels can greatly affect your mood, sluggishness, and low self-esteem. Performer 8 can help you increase your testosterone levels for better performance, enhanced muscle definition, and an increased desire for sex.

    #4. Prevent Premature Ejaculation

    When either the orgasm or emission of semen occurs prior to or shortly after the beginning of sexual contact, it is called premature ejaculation.

    Performer 8 is intended to help those suffering from premature ejaculation. It allows your erections to last longer, enhancing your feeling of control while increasing your chance of crossing the finish line together.

    #5. Erection Hardness & Girth

    Blood flow problems contribute to poor erections. Performer 8 contains a powerful blend of herbal extracts that help you improve blood flow and stop blood where it belongs in order to maintain a longer and harder genital area.

    By improved blood flow, you will start experiencing bigger, harder, and thicker erections that your partner will notice fairly soon.

    #6. Improve Sexual Focus

    Males may not always be ready to have sex right away, as the society may portray them. As men age, they lose even more desire and focus for sex. In order to maintain sexual focus and relieve stress as well as support a healthy desire for sex, Performer 8 has selected the most potent natural ingredients possible.

    #7. Increase Sperm Volume and Motility

    A big climax is what every man wants, and Performer 8 helps increase the volume, concentration, and flow of semen. It is claimed by the manufacturer that many Performer 8 customers report experiencing more intense orgasms because of the stronger finish.

    #8. Boost In Confidence & Self-Esteem

    As your sexual appetite returns and your performance improves, you will be able to enjoy the level of sexual confidence you once enjoyed in your 20s or have always desired. As a result, you’ll feel more confident about your size, your energy levels, and your ability to satisfy your partner on command.

    What Are The Powerful Ingredients in Performer 8 Formula?

    Each serving of Performer 8 contains a significant dosage of multiple proven natural ingredients. According to the product labeling, each serving of Performer 8 contains:


    Muira Puama Extract (3,000 mg)

    Medicinal extracts made from Muira puama’s roots are popular in Brazil, where they are used as a natural remedy. Traditional medicine uses this herb to increase virility, sexual drive, and performance. Muira puama (Potency Wood) extract is most commonly known for its effects on sexual desire and function. Muira puama extract improved erections in 51% and libido in 62% of men in one study, though more research is needed to verify these claims.

    KSM-66 Ashwagandha (500 mg)

    Ashwagandha is one of the most popular supplement ingredients today, and Performer 8 contains 500mg of KSM-66, a highly-recommended version of Ashwagandha. It is a popular herb used in Ayurveda and has been used for centuries.

    As an adaptogen, Ashwagandha helps your body adjust to stress. When you’re stressed, your sexual performance declines. It can raise cortisol, which can make it difficult to perform. Among other benefits, Ashwagandha can also decrease cortisol levels, boost testosterone, and promote sexual desire, according to the creators of Performer 8.

    Ferrous Bisglycinate (12 mg)

    Ferrous Bisglycinate is a mineral supplement that is used to treat iron deficiency. It contains Iron, zinc, and magnesium. The type of Iron that Performer 8 uses makes digestion and absorption easier. Moreover, Iron is crucial to improve blood flow and the production of blood. Studies have shown that iron-deficient people have poorer circulation. The makers of Performer 8 claim that the Iron in their supplement supports natural blood flow, so you’ll stay energetic for longer.

    Maca Root Extract (30 mg)

    Maca root extract is a product that is derived from the Maca plant. It is believed to have aphrodisiac properties and has been used for centuries by the native people of Peru. In fact, it was used as a medicine for sexual dysfunction and impotence.

    Panax Ginseng (6000 mg)

    Panax Ginseng is a plant that is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and Ginseng is believed to be one of the most effective natural treatments for erectile dysfunction.

    The active ingredients present in Panax ginseng are considered to be aphrodisiacs as they boost sexual function, improve sexual performance and increase fertility.

    In addition, it has also been reported that Panax Ginseng enhances blood flow to penile tissues by dilating blood vessels which increase erection strength and duration.

    Barrenwort (Horny Goat Weed) (1,000 mg)

    A flavonoid-rich herbal extract known as horny goat weed has long been used for virility and sexual health by traditional Chinese medicine. Performer 8 asserts that horny goat weed inhibits PDE5, an erectile deflating enzyme associated with erections. Moreover, it helps to increase blood flow, so you can have firmer erections. Horny goat weed is renowned as a powerful agent of sexual enhancement because of these properties.

    Pine Bark Extract (300 mg)

    Pine bark extract is a potent herb that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It works by increasing the level of antioxidants in your body, which helps prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals. It is also said to improve male sexual performance. Study results on the official website of performer 8 indicate that diabetes patients significantly increased their sexual function.Glucuronolactone (600 mg)

    Glucuronolactone is a naturally occurring compound that reduces oxidative stress and protects blood vessels. Having healthy blood flow arousal may be supported when overall circulation is adequate.

    Grape Seed Extract (30 mg)

    The grape seed extract is a popular natural remedy for many health conditions. It has been used to treat gout, inflammation, arthritis, and obesity. It contains polyphenols that are very powerful antioxidants.

    Performer8.com claims grape seed extract in Performer 8 can boost blood flow, improve nitric oxide concentrations in the blood, as well as produce a thicker and fuller-feeling penis.


    The above ingredients are highly powerful and proven for enhancing not only sexual function but also overall health and wellness. As all Performer 8 ingredients are natural, you will have no side effects and reactions like taking with the blue pill.

    Does Science Back Performer 8?

    Each male sexual enhancement supplement maker in the market claims that it has science behind the working of its supplement, but when you ask them to prove it, they fail. Performer 8 is not like falsely claiming male enhancement supplements. Hare are some of the research evidence about the ingredients of Performer 8; let’s read them out:

    Maca is one of the potent ingredients in Performer 8. Researchers in this study investigated whether Maca’s effect on subjective report of sexual desire is due to its effects on mood or on testosterone levels in the body. After 8 weeks, people who took Maca had improved sexual desires, while the testosterone levels remained the same.

    In this 2013 study, researchers confirmed that Ginseng might be used to develop new therapeutics or to enhance the effectiveness of current treatment strategies for disorders related to male reproductive.

    A study published in 2018 claims that Bisglycinate Chelate and Polymaltose can fight off anemia. Researchers supplemented these compounds to 20 anemic children aged 1-13 years. After 60 days, they noticed that Bisglycinate Chelate was more effective than Polymaltose to enhance Iron and blood flow.

    In this 2010 study where researchers analyzed the effects of Horny goat weed on rats concluded that this ingredient effectively increased erectile function among all the rats.

    The above clinical trials are convincing enough to prove that ingredients in Performer 8 are not baseless. Each ingredient performs the activity claimed by the makers of the formula.

    Performer 8 Reviews And Testimonials – What Do Customers Say?

    A product’s customer reviews say all about its potency. Aren’t they?

    You must check out these Performer 8 reviews we found on its official website:

    John W. from Utah claims that he used to have low energy levels and no desire for sex. He was embarrassed and wanted to schedule an appointment with his doctor. Meanwhile, he heard about Performer 8 and ordered it immediately. The results were awesome. He felt his physical and mental energy levels at peak and had better, firmer, and longer erections.

    In another review, a woman named Stacy P. claimed that her husband was thrilled with Performer 8. This woman’s husband reported lasting longer in bed and getting a bigger erection after using Performer 8 for a week

    Another Performer 8 buyer Garry P. from Massachusetts, states that he was a bit nervous before using the Performer 8 formula. Then he read about the ingredients and science behind the capsules and decided to give it a shot. He has taken it for 2 months, and the results are quite apparent. He has more energy levels and better sexual endurance.

    The above review details shared by Performer 8 customers make one thing clear, that is, this supplement is legit. To check more details about customer reviews, visit the official website!

    Performer 8 – Pricing And Packages

    The effects of Performer 8 are unquestionable – it is one of the strongest natural male enhancement supplements currently available. If you suffer from low libido, decreased stamina, or poor overall performance, Performer 8 can help.

    You can choose one of these packages if you’re ready to perform as you’ve never done before via the official Performer 8 website:

    • Buy One Bottle @ $64.99 + Free US Shipping
    • Buy Three Bottles @ $129.99 + Free US Shipping + Bonus eBooks
    • Buy Six Bottles @ $194.99 + Free US Shipping + Bonus eBooks

    Whatever package you choose, you are covered by a lifetime guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with Performer 8 for any reason or do not believe it works, you are entitled to a full refund for buying Performer 8. The company is so confident in the product that it offers a full refund under its lifetime guarantee.

    Performer 8 Reviews – Final Thoughts

    No male enhancement product has ever been as potent or as effective as Performer 8. Due to this, thousands of men have already used it to restore self-confidence and boost sexual performance, despite the fact that it is a relatively new product.

    No matter if you want to increase your libido, stamina, or performance, Performer 8 is for you. Performer 8 can help you have the most fulfilling sex of your life! Order it today to experience natural male enhancements and sex like never before.

    Click here for a full discount on Performer 8 today.


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