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GDR Labs™ Phyto Test™ is a supplement that helps men achieve higher testosterone levels within a week of using and without side effects. This formula uses natural ingredients and a newly discovered form of testosterone that doesn’t require a subscription.

What is GDR Labs™ Phyto Test™?

Testosterone is an essential hormone for the male body, but it declines steadily throughout a man’s life, starting at age 30. Some men don’t even realize how much their testosterone has dropped until they notice weight starting to pack on and strength dropping. In some cases, this change isn’t obvious until the individual’s sex life starts to suffer from low virility and passion.

Increasing testosterone production is one of the easiest ways to help men return to feeling like themselves. However, finding the right way to do so is hard. Some people swear by a few changes to their diet, but consumers don’t often eat enough of these ingredients to make the changes. Seeking out medication from a doctor can also help, but synthetic testosterone is quite dangerous. That’s why consumers are starting to see how Phyto Test can help them.

Clint Winters made the Phyto Test™ formula after extensive research as a medical scientist. As he explains on the official website, he’s responsible for developing a natural pain reliever that surpasses others for the first time in a century. He also patented a device that uses non-thermal FAR Infrared to improve blood circulation, the first device of its kind. His launch of this testosterone-boosting supplement makes it possible for anyone to improve their strength, sexual stamina, and overall health.

Consumers who want to get the desired effects of Phyto Test don’t need to fit any particular criteria to ensure that this remedy is a good match. As long as they are adults, they can revive their sex life and feel like themselves again.

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Why Not Use Synthetic Testosterone?

One of the most effective but riskiest ways to increase testosterone is synthetic testosterone, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best idea. Older men have many existing health risks that prevent them from safely using testosterone in any other capacity, risking their heart health. Using synthetic testosterone increases the risk of developing high blood pressure, accumulating cholesterol in the arteries, and having a heart attack or stroke.

Men who start using this medication need a prescription to purchase it. However, they soon experience such heightened testosterone levels that their pleasant moods are replaced with fluctuating irritability and anxiety. Some men even have swelling in their chests, giving them the appearance of breasts.

Using a natural remedy to improve testosterone production is the easiest way to get the benefits of testosterone without the side effects of a synthetic medication.

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What Makes Phyto Test™ Effective?

The only reason the Phyto Test positively affects hormone production is due to its natural ingredients. These ingredients are compressed into the liquid within their own proprietary blend. Read on below to learn more information about how each one works.

Pine Pollen Seed

Pine pollen comes from pine trees, one of the ingredients that seemingly has made it to the supplement industry with limited research on its nutritional content. For that reason, it isn’t normally found in the diet, but lab tests show that the right potency has the power to help with many health issues. Researchers want to see the effects on blood sugar, cancer, cholesterol, enlarged prostate gland, liver, and skin.

Using pine pollen offers many different benefits than pine bark does. While both have been heavily studied for their health benefits, pine pollen is used in this remedy to provide amino acids, phytosterols, and saccharides for the body. With over three dozen studies on the impact on humans, pine pollen is seemingly helpful in preventing many health conditions.

Researchers currently have a working theory that the phyto-androgens in pine pollen have the potential to increase hormone production. The initial studies on this benefit are quite promising in studies with rats, but more evidence is needed before pine pollen can be used conclusively for this support.

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Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper extract is one of the most helpful ingredients in any formula, but it doesn’t have any surprising benefits for anti-aging benefits or testosterone production. Instead, research shows that using black pepper in a supplement can help the other ingredients in the formula to become more bioavailable. Without its protection, the digestive system would excessively break down the ingredients in other testosterone formulas.

Stomach acid can be destructive, but studies repeatedly show that including a black pepper extract in this formula is the easiest way to improve absorption. Consumers get a higher concentration of pine pollen and D-limonene than they would ever get without black pepper to support it.


The only other ingredient in the Phyto Test™ is D-limonene. This terpene is found in many fruits, including oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. The oils of these citrus fruits are extracted to prepare them. The most common reason consumers use D-limonene is its effectiveness against cancer, bronchitis, and obesity.

One of the main reasons that consumers use D-limonene is because it can dissolve gallstones with cholesterol buildup. Some people also soothe heartburn and GERD with it because of its potency. It works like an antioxidant, ensuring free radicals cannot subdue testosterone production. Some studies show that dietary D-limonene helps with oxidative stress and is an anti-aging remedy.

Purchasing Phyto Test™

The only way that consumers will have access to Phyto Test is by going through the official website. The website offers a few different packages and a $50.00 Gift Card good towards any product purchase. Ensuring that users get an incredible deal no matter what. For a limited time, the cost of Phyto Test™ has dropped dramatically, but consumers will need to act quickly to benefit from it.

The current options available are:

  • One bottle for $29.00
  • Three bottles for $29.00 Each
  • Six bottles for $29.00 Each

Every order is protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that consumers only have to pay for Phyto Test™ if it works. If you have questions or comments about this product, you may call the customer service team with any questions or concerns at

  • 888-975-8615
  • help@gamedayready.com
  • GameDay Ready Products, LLC 1360 Union Hill Rd Alpharetta, GA 30004 United States

Frequently Asked Questions About Phyto Test

Q. What benefits will consumers get from Phyto Test?

A. The most notable change that consumers experience is improved testosterone production. This improved production creates other effects, like improving muscle tone and strength. Consumers start to shed extra weight without making any diet changes and sleep better without waking constantly. It promotes better sleep, increases energy levels, and increases focus. Men who improve their testosterone levels with the Phyto Test tend to feel more confident.

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Q. Does the company offer other perks with a purchase?

A. Yes, they give customers who purchase Phyto Test a $50.00 gift card good towards other products the company also makes. These are:

  • Carditrol™ + Heart Tissue Regrowth.
  • Wearable FAR Infrared for Pain Relief
  • Clinically Proven Sexual Support
  • Patented Skin Creams for Fighting Age
  • Conolidine CONOCB2™ Pain Relief
  • Nutra IGF1™ + Natural HGH
  • Phyto Test™ + Natural Testosterone
  • Sirtuin™ + “Youth Gene Activation”
  • Liponine™ + Blood Sugar Management

Q. How long does this formula take to work effectively?

A. Most consumers must use the Phyto Test formula for at least a week to see the changes, and it works for men of all ages.

Q. Does this remedy involve any shots?

A. No. Consumers get the Phyto Test formula as a liquid, but they take it orally. Consumers who want to get the benefits only need to use it sublingually.

Q. How do users get the maximum benefits from using Phyto Test?

A. Users must measure a dropper full of the liquid as the serving size. Then, users hold the liquid under their tongue for 1 minute. Most people start to feel a difference in their bodies within seven days.

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Q. Will consumers have to get a prescription?

A. No. This formula only uses natural ingredients, so there’s no need to get a prescription. As long as the user is an adult, they can order and use it.

Q. What’s in Phyto Test™?

A. Phyto Test is made of its proprietary blend, including pine pollen seed, black pepper extract, and D-limonene.

Q. How long does Phyto Test take to arrive?

A. Since orders go out within 72 hours of the purchase, most people get their order within a week.

Q. What’s the return policy?

A. If the user decides that Phyto Test is not a good product for their needs, they have up to 90 days to request a refund from the creators.

  • To reach the customer service team with questions or concerns, call 888-975-8615.


Phyto Test™ is made in the USA and provides consumers the easiest opportunity to promote better testosterone production, even if they have just started noticing the drop. The remedy doesn’t work the same way as a medication might, ensuring that users won’t have any side effects with its use. With only three ingredients, consumers don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed with dozens of compounds to make a difference. With a 90-day return policy and fast shipping, consumers can see how well Phyto Test™ works, plus customers can keep the 50.00 gift card.

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