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Pineal XT is a daily remedy for better cognitive awareness, helping consumers to support the development of their spiritual life. Made to help users open their “third eye,” this formula only includes proven ingredients that eliminate toxins and supports the pineal gland.

What is Pineal XT?

Toxins constantly build up in the body. Whether consumers are exposed to the world around them or directly through using medications and unhealthy foods, they accumulate until they start impeding other parts of the user’s life. Consumers everywhere struggle to keep these toxins under control, but using the right remedy could be everything that the user needs to make a difference. These toxins can influence everything, including the ability to manifest. That’s where Pineal XT comes in.

The all-natural Pineal XT formula instantly gets to work to eliminate toxins that accumulate near the pineal gland, increasing its electrical field. It also helps users to reduce toxic chemicals, helping with heavy metal buildup as well. Unfortunately, many solutions don’t fight back against these toxins, which is why it is so difficult to take action towards manifestation. Instead, they leave the toxins to calcify the pineal gland, impeding all kinds of progress.

According to the creators of Pineal XT, everyone’s ideal lives already exist in another realm, and then the only thing that keeps them from recreating it is manifestation. Allowing this gland to decay and become more calcified will only put consumers further from their manifestation goals. It also puts them at a bigger risk of major dangers, like the growth of cancerous tumors, development of neurological disease, and cluster headaches. Detoxification is essential, and the Pineal XT formula is the best option for it.

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What Can You Expect?

During the initial stages of using Pineal XT, consumers will notice that they start to have deeper intuition, helping users to achieve a better spiritual connection with their surroundings, giving them more vivid dreams and improving manifestation abilities.

By the time the user keeps up with Pineal XT for about a month, they’ll see that their thyroid gland gets the right support through new weight loss. The hormones produced by the thyroid gland control metabolic function. They also help users to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure levels.

As consumers stick with this regimen, the health benefits intensify. Some people even say that they have less anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. By the time that the user has maintained this regimen for several months, they’ll easily manifest the future progress that they want to make.

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What Ingredients Are In Pineal XT?

This formula is exclusively made with natural compounds, helping consumers to cleanse their pineal gland properly. To give consumers these benefits, consumers will get the support of the following ingredients:

  • Purified iodine
  • Burdock
  • Chaga mushroom powder
  • Chlorella powder
  • Turmeric
  • Amla fruit extract
  • Schisandra powder

Read below to learn more information about each of these ingredients and the role that they play in healing.


Using iodine is part of the first change that consumers need to have to eliminate toxins properly. As the creators explain repeatedly, consumers with tons of exposure to pollutants need to purge them, and the iodine helps users with the same powerful effects that the military uses it for. In fact, iodine is often the reason for consumers to use anti-radiation pills called potassium iodine.

When consumers regularly take iodine, they help the thyroid gland to function properly and regulate the hormones it produces. One of the most common hormones that it produces helps metabolism to function properly. It also helps users to properly purge fluoride and heavy metals. Consumers need to get iodine in their body every day because lacking iodine could be fatal.

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Burdock root is necessary extract, helping consumers to purify their blood effectively so users don’t sustain the same damage. This extract supports the pineal gland, allowing users to truly purge the toxins that can be unhealthy for manifestation and every other function in the body. It is often used to help with decalcification of the pineal gland, which is necessary to manifest and spiritually connect with the universe.

Chaga Mushroom Powder

With natural chaga mushroom powder, users get a tried-and-true method that has been an Egyptian method of boosting health that has been proven through thousands of years. It helps consumers to lower high blood sugar levels, and it reduces high cholesterol in some consumers. It reduces the toxic bacteria that builds up in the gut, causing issues like irritable bowel syndrome. Some research indicates that it can be used to reduce the growth of cancerous tumors.

Chaga mushroom powder helps users to produce more melanin in a way that other ingredients cannot. It is important to this gland because this hormone is specifically found within the pineal gland, and nourishing it helps users to awaken energy levels and improve intuition. It can also promote better awareness.

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Chlorella Powder

Chlorella powder, which also goes by the name super dust, has a bluish-green color. It has a high concentration of chlorophyll, providing the body with omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and other nourishment as well. It is used to eliminate the toxicity near the pineal gland, reducing heavy metals throughout the body.


One of the most important ingredients in the entire supplement industry is turmeric. It comes from an Indian root, helping users to alleviate toxins with curcumin that isn’t found anywhere else. Found in multiple scientific studies, helping users to prevent toxic damage to the pineal gland and reverse what it has already gone through.

With a decalcified pineal gland and a purified body, consumers can easily connect to the Universe around them. It allows users to finally manifest what they want without holding them back.

Amla Fruit Extract

Amla fruit extract is a rare ingredient, helping consumers to get a level of care that consumers don’t ordinarily have from other ingredients. It has been used in Buddhist tradition for hundreds of years, helping them to finally reach enlightenment. According to the creators of this remedy, consumers can increase the conductivity of certain crystals that are on the pineal gland. Most people find that it improves manifestation and provides the body with gallic acid that isn’t found anywhere else.

Schisandra Powder

Schisandra powder is one of the biggest ingredients in Chinese medicine nowadays, helping to keep the Chi in balance. It is just as rare as amla fruit extract, and most consumers wouldn’t be able to get it on their own. Using it in a detoxification supplement like Pineal XT helps users to improve the pineal gland’s electromagnetic field. It promotes a healthier liver, ensuring that toxins easily flush from the body without binding to this essential gland.

Purchasing Pineal XT

Pineal XT is only offered on the official website, ensuring that consumers won’t have to go far to get their order. The website is currently running a promotion to help users get more of the formula at once. Choose from the following packages:

  • One bottle for $69
  • Three bottles for $177
  • Six bottles for $294

Orders with at least three bottles instantly qualify for free shipping, helping consumers to save even more on their purchases. Plus, these orders also qualify for bonus guides that make the entire Pineal XT experience better.


Additional Guides

Along with the packages of three or six bottles, consumers get a 19-page guide – The Top 5 Ways to Manifest. This guide shows users what they need to do in the form of visual exercises and manifesting with the spiritual third eye.

The next guide is Awaken Your Psychic Powers, which helps users to learn more about the true calling they have in their life. With different exercises to strengthen these powers, users won’t need to do much more to fully experience this change.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pineal XT

What is the best number of bottles of Pineal XT to order?

Due to the severe discount of stocking up, the creators explain that users should purchase six bottles at a time to get the desired effects. Ingredients also can be difficult to source, so consumers might not get the chance to order it again anytime soon.

How does Pineal XT work?

Using natural ingredients, this remedy helps users to support their pineal gland. It helps users to improve how well they connect with the world around them to help with manifestation. The ingredients are carefully balanced to help users maintain their energy levels, fat burning, and kidney health. Some people also experience better sleep.

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How do consumers know if Pineal XT is right for their needs?

Ultimately, this product works for anyone. It doesn’t matter how old they are or where they live. It doesn’t even matter if they are constantly surrounded by pollution. This formula only uses ingredients that are already researched and verified through clinical trials, and the formula has already proven to be effective with 160,000 customers.

If the customer currently has a medical condition or takes any prescription medication, they will need to speak with their doctor first.

What is the best way to take Pineal XT?

Users will need two capsules a day to get the desired effects, but the best time to use them is the morning. Some customers use one capsule in the morning and one at night to keep the remedy working all day long. Since it can be powerful for the body, some people find that it is easier to have a meal with Pineal XT to improve digestion.

What is the return policy?

All orders have the protection of a money-back guarantee for up to 365 days after the purchase was made.

How many times will consumers be charged?

All orders are no more than one-time transactions. Users will need to place a new order when they want the next shipment to arrive.

How long does it take Pineal XT to arrive?

Most purchases arrive within 5-7 business days. Consumers who get their order delivered internationally might have to wait longer for it to arrive.

To reach out to Customer Service, send an email to support@pinealxt.com.


Pineal XT provides consumers with a way to eliminate toxins and support manifestation. This remedy is easy to use, helping consumers to eliminate toxins and decalcify the pineal gland without the risk of further damage. This remedy helps users to improve their ability to bring good fortune into their life, healing them in a way that no other product can.

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